1. Vlue

    Basic Quest System

    Basic Quest System v1.1a By Vlue Introduction Is your RPG too boring? Do people get lost easy? Do you want to make a mock MMO? You don't have to answer yes to any of those questions, but it helps if you want to use... Basic Quest System! Which gives you quests and junk. Yay. Features - Create...
  2. Vlue

    Popup Window

    Popup WIndow v1.1 By Vlue Introduction Message boxes are nice for displaying information, but they can be just so bulky and unwiel.. uh unweild.. hmm.. unyielding? I give up, you win spell check. This script let's you popup up a window that's only as big as it needs to be and displays whatever...
  3. Vlue

    Animated Icons

    Animated Icons v1.0 By Vlue Introduction This script lets you set up animated icons using 'frames' of icons from an icon set. Wowie! Of course you'll need to provide your own animations... but I do have a couple (five) for you to peruse at least, which are already set up for use by default in...
  4. Vlue

    Field Abilities

    Field Abilities v1.0 By Vlue Introduction Someone asked for this, so I made it! I can't remember who though, might have been me. I also couldn't think of a better name for it other than field abilities, but without much further ado: This script, Field Abilities, gives you options for throwing...
  5. Vlue

    Pets and Summons

    Pets and Summons v1.1a By Vlue Introduction This script allows you to create skills that temporarily add actors into the party. These actors (or pets, summons, whatever) will last until the end of the battle, unless they die first... or their turn timer runs up (optional). Summoned pets will be...
  6. Vlue

    Formation Bonus

    Formation Bonus v1.1a + Actor Sprites v1.0 By Vlue Introduction Allows actors to be rearranged in a 3x3 grid to form some sort of formation. Set formations can provide percentage bonuses to all actors when they are achieved; For example, you can set a bonus of 20% atk when three actors are in...
  7. Vlue

    Advanced Recipe Crafting

    Advanced Recipe Crafting v1.0 By Vlue Introduction It's like Basic Recipe Crafting, but advancery! This script allows you to implement a crafting system into your game, complete with many options including different crafting categories each with their own skill levels. Amazing! Features - Craft...
  8. Vlue

    Extra Enemy Drops

    Extra Enemy Drops 1.0 By Vlue Introduction Pretty simple. You can normally only set up to three drops from one enemy. That's boring (I don't like limits). So this script lets you avoid that by allowing you to set as many items as you want to drop from an enemy, as well as a max number of...
  9. Vlue

    Trading Posts

    Trading Posts v1.0 By Vlue Introduction We have here a Trading Script, Trading Posts. This script let's you set up price ranges for items (not weapons or armors), so that they can have a random price per location. Now buying rice in Celonia and selling it in Tritany can actually make a...
  10. Vlue

    Steal Ability

    Steal Ability v1.1 By Vlue     Introduction Grants you options to set up skills to steal items or abilities, as well as gold, from the enemy. Originally just a steal ability, I thought the name might be confusing, so I added the ability to steal abilities... Yah. Stolen abilities last until the...
  11. Vlue

    Hero Roster

    Hero Roster v1.0 By Vlue   Introduction A simple scene that shows you information on all actors, known or unknown. If it reminds you of a certain thing from a certain game, then it certainly should.   Features - Call a simple scene that shows information on each actor. - Actors are...
  12. Vlue

    Appraisal Shop

    Appraisal Shop v1.0 By Vlue   Introduction Allows you to create unidentified items that can be appraised for a cost in a special shop, or an option to appraise them at no cost from the inventory. Includes support for W/A Randomization.   Features - Create items that have a chance to...
  13. Vlue

    Interesting Stats and Formulas

    Interesting Stats and Formulas v1.0 By Vlue   Introduction This script let's you change up the formula for things like hit chance, crit chance, etc, without having to dig through scripts. As well, you can give your stats more life by making them add to secondary stats. Maybe have every...
  14. Vlue

    Sleek Gauges

    Sleek Gauges v1.0 By Vlue Introduction Transform your gauges (hp/mp/etc bars) with different looks and special effects. Styles include regular, rounded border, or fancy slant. Oooh, ahhh. Features - Slightly different gauge styles! - Special effects like non-static numbers and gradual fall...
  15. Vlue

    Basic Combo Attacks

    Basic Combo Attacks v1.0 By Vlue Introduction Allows two heroes to combine their attacks together to preform a mega ultimate attack! Or just a regular old attack, it's up to you. Features - Declare certain skills to combo with others, provided each hero using the skills target the same enemy. -...
  16. Vlue

    Basic Damage Popup

    Basic Damage Popup v1.1 By Vlue     Introduction Just a simple stand alone script that makes damage numbers appear over enemies in battle.   Features - Visual damage number popups - Change color of popup based on elemental damage - Change size of popup based on resistance/weakness   Screenshots...
  17. Vlue

    Advanced Select Item

    Advanced Select Item v1.0 By Vlue Introduction Selecting Key Items is fun, but sometimes you might want to select other things! This script will let you set up categories for Select Key Item based on whatever you can think of. Even notetags that you can make up on the spot! Also included is the...
  18. Vlue

    Basic Options Menu

    Basic Options Menu v1.1 By Vlue Introduction Ever had people complain your sound effects were too loud? Or music maybe? If they have, or if they haven't, there's this script now. Provides your players with an options menu to do things like... change the volume of bgm and se and etc... woo...
  19. Vlue

    Basic Message SE

    Basic Message SE v1.0 By Vlue Introduction If you ever played a game that has a sound effect played every letter or so while a message is in the process of being displayed then you know what this script does. That. Even comes with script calls to change the se, volume, pitch, frequency in game...
  20. Vlue

    Basic Autosave

    Basic Autosave 1.0 By Vlue Introduction Simply put, just saves to the first file every time a map transfer is preformed. Can't get any simpler! Compatible with Basic Options Menu to give the player the option of disabling the autosave. Features - Autosave on map transfer. Screenshots How to...

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