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  1. Web Version of Games doesn't work on Microsoft Edge?

    I've gotten some complaints about a web version of my vn on newgrounds not loading in certain browsers or getting stuck in textboxes, specifically Microsoft Edge. When I tell them to switch to Chrome the issues go away but is there any way for the games to not have issues in these other browsers?
  2. Vaena

    Unimportant NPCs in visual novels- how to portray them?

    The title sums this up, but I am curious what all of your thoughts are on those extra NPCs. The ones with only a handful of dialogue. Does it change based on what type of game you are building/reading/playing? Do you have a different stance as a dev vs a gamer? For example: I am building a...
  3. Character names sometimes don't appear

    I've noticed that in certain instances that character's names don't appear in the textboxes. For reference, the common event I've been using to show the message box is identical to the default one, except for switching out the image for a semi transparent gray rectangle and changing the name...
  4. Finnuval

    Any good tutorials?

    Hey there, So I recently bought VN on steam sale and I've been playing around with it some. Thankfully it has a good help text that comes with it so a lot of the basic stuff I'm starting to get :D However some of the more in depth stuff is less clear to me (also because I'm someone that learns...
  5. Parallax Panda

    What's the specific presets of each template?

    So when you create a new project you can choose from using one of several template as well as starting with an empty project. Reading the guide it only says "Template - A premade project that provides you various options to set up your game easier.", but that's not very specific (and I want...
  6. Parallax Panda

    Male/Female voice acting (short phrases)

    This is not really a request as much as me asking where I can find (and possibly buy) pre-recorded sound libraries recorded by professional (or semi-professional) voice actors/actresses. I've bought the "Japanese Schoolgirls Vol.1, 2 & 3" DLC for VN Maker already - and it's great. And while I'm...
  7. Parallax Panda

    Can't seem to open the Manual/tutorial?

    Okay, so I've tried to open both the tutorial and the manual inside the engine. But what happens is the engine opens a .TXT file with what looks like some HTML code (not a lot of it), and that's it. So... what to do? Is there an online version of the tutorial/manual maybe? Also, this is what it...
  8. Parallax Panda

    About the "__STaR__" Folder in the DLC...

    I'm using the STEAM version of VN maker and I found that there's a folder (in the DLC folder) called "__STaR__". It seems to include all the assets that come pre-installed with a new project, but some additional stuff as well. Namely a few color variations of the "Date Locations" and a "Fantasy"...
  9. Jordan_Winslow

    Challenge: Can You Combine a RPG MV Game With VN Maker?

    Hey guys! I'm Jordan, your Electronic Music Producer Friend, but this time I'm not here to talk about music. I know this is possible and I will have to figure it out one way or another (either the jerry-rigged way or professionally with your help haha!) but I have a large Visual Novel project...
  10. Tuomo L

    Advanced users tutorial: Unlockable Steam achievements

    Warning, this is for advanced users only. This is NOT a plug and play, you do need to know what you're doing or else your achievements won't work. If you still need help setting this stuff up and cannot make this on your own, I can offer assistance with my publisher services Prequisities...
  11. Ganimate

    How can I change the font of the choice boxes?

    Hi everyone! First time on the forums and first time using VN Maker! Enjoying it a lot so far! Now, here's the questiong that brings me here seeking for help: I want to change the font of the default choice boxes that VN Maker has. I found this script in the forums which is really useful...
  12. Tuomo L

    Steam achievements

    How do I incorporate Steam API to VN Maker to allow Steam Achievements? All commands that I've tried have been bogus.
  13. Title Screen Problems..

    Hello and thank you so so much for reading this thread. I, in fact, am very new to VN Maker and am just minding my own business and writing my own visual novel when I come across the Title Screen. I DID customize my title screen and added a customized picture-- both for base and hover. I got...
  14. Tuomo L

    Deployed Linux version missing executable

    Player had this error when trying to play the Linux version of the game. An error occurred while updating Border of her Heart (missing executable) : /home/amy2/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Border of her Heart/Game I know Game file is included in the game but for some reason it bugs? Do I...
  15. mattduleheart

    Changing "Players" Name in NameTag

    Hello everyone, This might be an easy thing to answer and I know I might sound like a noob when I ask this. Is there a way to change the characters name in the Name tag? To add a little context to this, I added the choice to change the main characters name in the game, I have found a way to...
  16. Tuomo L

    How to export to txt?

    As it says, I'd want to export to TXT file so it could easier be translated.
  17. Tomcat

    [HELP] Join List missing parameter SEPARATOR

    Join List missing Separator Parameter. After looking the online manual for JOIN LIST command I notice that the Separator parameter is missing from the Join List command. In the Text to List command appears correctly. What I'm trying to do is create a List, lets say with 3 items. Work with...
  18. Shiranui-kun

    New faces for basics Chara

    Aaaye, I will put here more faces for already in-game characters ;P The already in-game characters are already pretty good, but they lack expressions, I think. I will put here more faces for already in-game characters ;P Free of uses, just credits me ;P
  19. Tuomo L

    Project missing after reinstall

    I can't find my projects listed in the projects tab and there's no "open" button anywhere. My projects are still on hard drive, how do I open them? There's only "New project" and "Delete project" not "Open Project" options.
  20. Tuomo L

    Show actual volume levels

    Hi, this is a feature that I really think should be in the engine on default. When selecting a music or sound, you don't see the actual percentage of what the sound clip is playing at (For example, at 50%). For music, you can then after see what the actual percentage is but there's none of that...

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