1. Parallax Panda

    [Exit Event Processing] from inside another event?

    Is it possible? I'm trying to fix something not easily fixable with eventing in MV. It's a bit complex but I'll try to explain it best I can. I have a VN styled segment in this game and I'm trying to make it as VN friendly as I possible can inside MV. Which is not very easy because of how MV is...
  2. Parallax Panda

    RM made visual novel(s) and menu access?

    This thread is to discuss alternative ways (and hopefully find a good method) to allow the player access to the menu (especially save/load feature) when playing a pure VisualNovel or text adventures made in RPG Maker MV. If you don’t understand the dilemma, consider this. Making a VN (or text...
  3. Ant1989

    Auto-Text System For VX Ace

    I'd like a VX ace script for an auto text system similar to what they have in visual novels. The player should be able to set and stop the autoplay anytime during a dialog, and if possible set the speed. I looked everywhere but I didn't see any script like this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  4. How to make "shake screen" work?

    Trying to have the screen shake to show scenes of extreme emotion etc, but the function labeled "shake screen" doesn't seem to do anything on testing. I tried adjusting the variables but no matter how large or small I make them nothing seems to happen. This doesn't seem to impair other aspects...
  5. Geovid

    latest dlc: VN characters usage

    I just saw OTOKO YUKAKU COLLECTION & BELIEVER! COLLECTION... am I understanding these usage icon things correctly?? you can't make use them for commercial use... you can't edit them, you can't use them in a game with adult themes or even... violence?? all the characters in BELIEVER! COLLECTION...
  6. Voz

    VNMaker Chronicle of Beast [Fantasy x Adventure]

    Chronicle of Beast is a Fantasy Adventure and mostly kinetic visual novel featuring a vibrant world with unique characters. At present the script is 16,412 words and is only just getting started on the introductory arc to the grand adventure still to come. The VN will feature custom artwork for...
  7. chumon

    Just a basic character model

    I have a picture for you to go off of. Just like a basic VN sprite I guess, like what would show up behind the text when they're talking. I'd say for clothes like what hes wearing in the picture with matching pants. Thanks! <3
  8. FoxySeta

    How do you make your VN catch people's attention?

    So, I've found this thread here very useful when advertising my own project, but I'd also like to get some visual-novel-related suggestions about making people pay attention to your game. That's because I find very difficult to achieve this in a community which is mainly into RPGs. Initially, I...
  9. hiromu656

    RMVXA Digital Chain

    DIGITAL CHAIN is a short, mystery visual novel about 3 kids who explore a haunted school. The game focuses on a supposed 'Haunted School' and an Incident that occurred there in the past. Using Key Words that you learn through dialogue, you move the story along at your own pace. The game is a...
  10. RPG Assets, VN Assets?

    I know this has probably been answered before, but I'm not finding it, so I'll ask here. (And hope this is the correct spot.) Is it legal to use RPG Maker Assets in Visual Novel Maker, and vice versa? As far as I can tell, it's not, and normally wouldn't ask, just... it seems both are here on...
  11. FoxySeta

    Problem while building for Android

    I'm just gonna leave the debug console log here (way too heavy to be uploaded as draft). These errors occured while I was trying to build the blank project template, so it probably has something to do with some installation done uncorrectly (cordova, sdk etc...). EDIT: I think I might have...
  12. Parallax Panda

    What font(s) are available?

    In a VN the look of your text is something I'd consider a fairly important but minor detail. So I have a few questions... Will there be font(s) ready and available in the program that can be used in any project, even a commercial one? If so, is it maybe the very same font we get with RPGmaker...
  13. MushReen

    Scariest VN?

    Hello! So, I've heard about a new VN around steam. It's called Doki Doki Literature Club or I'll just make it short to DDLC. Some of my friends had played it and they said it's a scary VN. I tried to browse DDLC's playthrough on Youtube and it does scary. The VN itself breaks the fourth wall...
  14. BoredSoul

    Bust Generator?

    Will we have a generator which can generate character art,like busts? And if so,can we add generator parts to it?
  15. nio kasgami

    Problem with making a certain part of my AI

    Hi people I work on my AI and this begin to works wells just for not confuse people this not a Battle AI but a Scene AI who create a character who react on your action  here the thread :  http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/40656-nkea-basic-ai-module-v01-beta/#entry405217 now I...
  16. jaypee

    Fate Extra CCC anyone?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here plays faith extra game on psp don't care if its with Vita or psp 3xxx series. I have played a lot of games with psp and this game Fate Extra is one of those reasons I keep my psp with me. I have finished 2 characters in there except for archer and really love...

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