1. Setting different scene for different language in multi language game?

    Hello. So I want to ask if I can set different scenes for each language like... The multi language system allows me to translate text into many languages but I want to know if I can set the menu and language screen and such into different languages as well so like I want it to be menu En_US only...
  2. How to make Random image displayed in title screen/scene?

    Hello. So I am wondering if I can display a picture, or like animated gif or maybe just a string of pictures played in loop randomly in a scene or title screen? Like... I want my title screen to have an animated text under it different from text in text box and I want the text to be random...
  3. Skip button stops working in web version?

    As far as I can tell, the default skip button is assigned to the ctrl key and it works on all versions except for the web version. Is there any way to enable the skip function in the web version? Either with the ctrl key or another way?
  4. Is randomizing scenes/events possible?

    Wanted to ask if there's a way to have a random chance of choosing between several choice branches. Example: I wanted to have a thing where the player can walk into a location and have a random chance of finding different characters there. So, would it be possible to have something like an...
  5. Is there a way to lock main menu options at the start and have them unlock through game progress?

    I know the CG gallery has options to have images locked then unlock them through actions in game but I wanted to ask if there was a way to do something similar with menu buttons on the main screen. Examples: The whole CG gallery locked until reaching a certain point, or having an "Extra mode"...
  6. How to disable/change the ctrl key to skip

    Is there any way to disable or change the "hold ctrl key" to skip through the game? I went into common events for "toggle skip" "toggle log" and "toggle auto message" and tried editing them but that didn't impact it and I don't see anything else that sounds like it'd effect it. Does anywhere...
  7. Plyastudio

    negative variable on screen

    hello, I have a problem, for the game I'm creating I have to show some variables on the screen,I wondered if there was a way to prevent the variables from becoming negative, managing to stop them at 0. in another program I was enough to insert in the script entry: [if exp="f.var<=0"] [eval...
  8. Is there a library for the code required for a character creator?

    Looking for code for a character creator at the start of the game for the player. Ideally to make a generic character but mainly so created characters can have differing stats based on certain things like questions and point allocation.
  9. How Do I use the base assets when i create a new empty project?

    I would like to use the base assets as place holders and just for experiments however i only seem to be able to access these features when i use a sample project/ one with ui in some way. also Just wondering if cuz i bought the game on steam is it possible to get a standalone version since that...
  10. Vanessa

    Vertical Screen resize

    Hi, in short i tried VNM in my free times, and i was thinking about a super lite VN which is fit to vertical mobile phone size. Out of curiousity, i have questions regards things mainly for customizing screen element's default orientation. Here's following the screenshot, I need the Dialogue...
  11. How to make "shake screen" work?

    Trying to have the screen shake to show scenes of extreme emotion etc, but the function labeled "shake screen" doesn't seem to do anything on testing. I tried adjusting the variables but no matter how large or small I make them nothing seems to happen. This doesn't seem to impair other aspects...
  12. l8rose

    L8rose's VNMaker Resources

    Commercial and Non-Commercial While a credit is nice, it's not necessary Need a valid VNM Rusty Dialogue Box - Includes PSD for tweaking - - Done for 1280 x 720 resolution - - Font: Agency FB - [ Link ]
  13. Text is not showing right on Android & Gauge System

    *not a native speaker, sorry for my English* # 1st Problem : Text on Android I just exported my game to android and it worked almost fine unless messages/text/font is not showing its whole character. The upper part is cut away. I already tried to change the font names and also its settings...
  14. How can I set the minimum digit of input text?

    I'm completely newbie. I want to let the player uses the user name directly through the input text. I'd like to show message that 'You should input at least one character' if nothing is entered. but I don't know how to check and control the digit of text variables stored in the input text. What...
  15. somenick

    If I buy VN Maker can I use its graphics and sounds/musics in RPG Maker MV? (Which I bought)

    Can I legally use VN Maker resources in RPG Maker MV? * I bought RPM Maker MV here. * I might buy VN Maker from Steam, to take advantage of some giftcard balance.
  16. Tuomo L

    Installing extension freezes program

    I'm trying to export my old scenes from the 720p action ui to 1080p ui but the program's freezing each time I do that. Can I run multiple instances of VNM because it would be simpler to just copy and paste and use that as reference instead of this whole extension nonsense?
  17. Tuomo L

    Black screen of death

    Deleted globaldata and settings and still getting black screen at start of my project.
  18. Canini

    Two custom character expression changes (mouth)

    Hi! I was wondering if someone is willing to do expression changes for the following characters: What I need is a small smile/neutral and open-mouthed surprise for each. A wide grin and sad expression would be great as well but I do not know if it is possible without changing the eyes? Even...
  19. Tuomo L

    Stuck on a loop for no reason

    Help, I can't figure it out but for some reason the sleep scene doesn't come to play in this it instead constantly loops the "kiss her some more" choice.
  20. Tuomo L

    External libraries are missing

    I followed the documentation and made a lib folder in my project however, when I deployed my game, the additional libs were missing from the lib folder. The lib folder I had created was missing in the deployed version. What is going on, where did my apis go?

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