1. Tuomo L

    Installing extension freezes program

    I'm trying to export my old scenes from the 720p action ui to 1080p ui but the program's freezing each time I do that. Can I run multiple instances of VNM because it would be simpler to just copy and paste and use that as reference instead of this whole extension nonsense?
  2. Tuomo L

    Black screen of death

    Deleted globaldata and settings and still getting black screen at start of my project.
  3. Canini

    Two custom character expression changes (mouth)

    Hi! I was wondering if someone is willing to do expression changes for the following characters: What I need is a small smile/neutral and open-mouthed surprise for each. A wide grin and sad expression would be great as well but I do not know if it is possible without changing the eyes? Even...
  4. Tuomo L

    Stuck on a loop for no reason

    Help, I can't figure it out but for some reason the sleep scene doesn't come to play in this it instead constantly loops the "kiss her some more" choice.
  5. Tuomo L

    External libraries are missing

    I followed the documentation and made a lib folder in my project however, when I deployed my game, the additional libs were missing from the lib folder. The lib folder I had created was missing in the deployed version. What is going on, where did my apis go?
  6. Tuomo L

    Massive lag in transitions

    Sometimes, changing between scenes may take really long time. But only sometimes, there's huge load time that may last a very long time, when transitioning to scenes with a lot of commands and conditionals.
  7. LRDean_Socks

    Question about resources

    I feel silly for asking (sorry if its already been asked), but I like being extra sure when it comes this stuff. From what I understand we can use RPG Maker resources in VN Maker. Is that exclusive to the rtp resources that comes with the rpg makers themselves or can we also use resources...
  8. Tuomo L


    Hey, how do I incorporate Steam achievements?
  9. Tuomo L

    How to run multiple instances/copy events

    Hi, I was fooling around doing tutorial but want to make a fresh project without the placeholders but I noticed that I can't have multiple VN Makers active. How do I best copy the stuff that I did on the other test project over?
  10. Archeia

    Visual Novel Maker Official Video Tutorial Series

    Introduction This is a series of videos on how to use Visual Novel Maker. It is currently a work in progress. We are taking suggestions and hope that this will help you create your Visual Novel! We also enabled Community Contributions so if you want to translate our videos or tutorials in...
  11. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome


    Ok, I'm having some issues with choices. First of all, do I have to have a common event to make the choices show properly, like in the sample game? Because what I'm doing is Show Choices Choice -go to tavern -if selected jump to label Tavern Choice -go to market -if selected jump to label...
  12. SumRndmDde

    Javascript Super Message Editor - SumRndmDde

    Super Message Editor by SumRndmDde Installation Download the ZIP file. Within Visual Novel Maker ~ Tools -> Extension Manager -> Install -> Location the ZIP File and Select OK Explanation This is extension provides developers the ability to use a “wysiwyg” style text editor for creating Show...
  13. NarikoStudios

    Visual Novel Maker

    Hey, does anyone know when Visual Novel Maker is out it says Autumn on Steam but we're already in Autumn for ages so does anyone have a specific release date? thanks Id like to know roughly when its out so I can save up my money to afford it.
  14. LRDean_Socks

    VNMaker Maggie Unto Darkness

    This project was started ways back in on a different engine during college, but with the release of VN Maker I restarted the project again fresh!! Fill free to follow and support me on my game making adventure! You can use this to support if you would like ^-^ Game Play [/spoiler]...

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