voice recognition

  1. MrMemento

    RMMV Voice to Text Plugin

    Are there any plugins for RPG Maker MV that can detect speech interpret that speech into a string of text, and then save it as a variable? From my research, I found that there is a web API for Chrome that recognizes speech, but I have been met with little success implementing it into MV. I would...
  2. shinichi999

    Voice recognition?

    Hello everyone! I'm developing a videogame with RPG Maker MV to learn and practice foreign languages (Spanish for English speakers and English for Spanish speakers), where the player takes the role of a college student. I designed my own university along with my teachers and classmates and you...

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The thing that stinks about parallax mapping is the time investment it takes to make one map, but it does help sell the art style of my game so... In for a penny, I guess.
chapter one of the demo is almost done i just need my protag's va to get me his lines
Who else is excited for RPG Maker Unite? I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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