1. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Any Voice Actresses Available For Some Simple Clips?

    Hi I'am Kumori Cloud and I'am 95% done with my newest "hopefully smash hit" game "Planet Stuck 3!!!" The game is great so far but, I would love to have some simple grunts and phrases for the main character I.E "The N64 Zelda Games Or Shantae And The Pirates Curse" don't worry it'll only be...
  2. KOC-316

    Voice acting Sprites. Film and Animation

    It`s sprite anime using rpg maker! Be sure to like, share, and subscribe! It`s good! It`s not a game. - KOC - 316
  3. KOC-316

    FREE Looking for voice actors or anyone willing to lend their voice

    Hello, everyone. I am KOC-316. I am looking for voice actors for a special project that I am doing. I am interested in using your voice. This is voluntary but I will pay you back!! This special project is a YouTube channel that I`m doing in form of episodes and I have characters, music, and a...
  4. Bowmanimmortal

    Voice Line Request, Please Read!

    I'm re-uploading this due to the fact that nobody saw the last one, FYI. Hey, so I'm making a game called , and I need some VOICE LINES! Requirements: You have to be male, have a deep voice, and not mind your voice being in my game. You will have to record the voice line in two formats. The...
  5. Nightblade50

    FREE Need voice actors for a few characters

    NOTE: At the moment, I am actually not currently looking for voice actors. Voiceovers will appear in the game later. Original post: Hey there! I need voice actors for a few people for my game Delta Origins...
  6. Isabella Ava

    Any kind girl help me voice some fairy tales?

    Well, i want to have some voice for few small animation projects. It will be great to have a girl read the script and record her voice for me :) If you have free time ... please help me Example script: Brown bear, brown bear , what do you see? I see a red bird looking at me Red bird, red bird ...
  7. Kokoro Hane

    Kokoro's Custom Voice Pack workshop !

    Hello there, RPG Maker community! I thought I'd offer my services as a voice actress to give your game that extra something. Currently, I am offering partial voice acting services, which include; - Battle packs [fighting grunts, battle cries, skill call, death noises/dialogue, etc.] -...
  8. shinichi999

    Additional information in dialogues?

    I was wondering if there is a way to access to additional information in a dialogue. Something like in Golden Sun Dark Dawn: That if you tap certain words, then the game shows you additional information about that word or item. I'm a Spanish native speaker and I'm developing a videogame to...
  9. Strawberry Bubblegum

    Berry Time Voice Acting

    I thought I'd put up a voice acting thread for anyone who needs it! I was an opera major in college, so I'm fairly good at singing and acting. Just let me know! :kaoluv: I can do female voices, low and high. I specialize in cutesy voices, though :kaothx:
  10. Almightypebble

    Custom voice sound effects, similar to Don't Starve?

    Hello, everyone! I've recently started working on a game in MV and had the thought, since I can't hire any voice actors or do any good voice acting myself, maybe I should give the illusion of speech. So I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to create sounds similar to that of Don't Starve or...
  11. Rei Yumesaki

    I Distribute Free Materials (BGM, SE, Girl Voice, a few Graphic)

    Hello! My name is Rei Yumesaki. I'm a Japanese indie creator. I distribute free materials at my site. Yesterday, I made the English Menu and the Terms of Use. Re:I Materials Because I wanted to give this news to overseas people, I wrote in here. I’m sorry if it was a mistake...
  12. JLowther

    never mind, please delete

    never mind: I figured it out myself. Please delete.
  13. holydeva

    RPG Maker VX Ace Immortal Souls Recruiting

    *** UPDATED (18/05/2016) ***     UPDATE 6:  In need of a Concept Artist (for general game based concept art). In need of a Concept Artist (for designing character weapons). Also,  in need of Voice actors (still open). We are going to attempt to add some voice acting to...
  14. Simon D. Aelsi

    Iron Croc will lend you his voice for your IGMC SUBMISSIONS... FOR FREE !

    @Mods, I looked over the forums and I hope I put this in the right spot. If I didn't, I humbly apologize. Greetings.  If your IGMC ENTRY needs a narrator, or character voiceover, or what have you. I CAN HELP YOU! :D Starting on 7/22 I will be recording voiceover or narration for your IGMC...
  15. Kaimen

    Kaimen's Audio Showcase

    Greetings fellow forumers and welcome to my audio showcase where I present to... basically everything I upload to Soundcloud, or at least an example of what I am capable of composing-wise and voice acting-wise. :) So, without further ado, let's get going with some of my original soundtracks...
  16. Female voice (single laugh)

    I'm looking for a female voice for a villain character.  While an adult, she's got a very childish personality, and is generally very mirthful about what she does.  She has a fairly soft, relatively high voice (think something like Midna from Twilight Princess), and I'm looking for a childish...
  17. Rishabh Varshney

    Voice Workshop

              Voice Workshop hello I am rishabh varshney and this is a shop of voices... The voice you get from here is not for commercial games without my permission.. Rules: 1-Your are not allowed to use this in commercial game 2-You have request below 50 words 3-credit me in your game as...
  18. Dacuna

    Male Indie Voice Actor

    I've never actually thought about using my voice, but I'll give it a try. Here's a passage from The Raven(I really didn't know what to do), and if you would like me to try a message from your game, you can post below. :D I can pretty much do anything, with the exception of cursing or racism...
  19. vindaca

    V's Variable Voice Over System v0.1

    V's Variable Voice Over System v0.1 Written by Vindaca Introduction This script voice over system. It allows you to easily set up actor voices and still allows for easy randomization. For example if you wanted to have a sentence and just change one word from male to female, or maybe just have...
  20. Titanhex

    1 Male and 1 Female Voice Actor available

    Hey all! I have two voice actors that are looking to spread their wings, motivate themselves to voice act, and get some work out. They're offering their services for free, as they're just beginners. We contacted each other over facebook and talked about voice acting. They'd love to voice-act...

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