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  1. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have the scripts and addons for Ramiros Battle Engine?

    Hello, I was looking for battle system scripts and I found this one by Ramiro I liked. Unfortunately all the links are gone. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find them? Thanks. :) https://ramirormvxa.wordpress.com/scripts/ramiros-battle-engine-rbs/
  2. dreamfall887

    RMVXA Escape The Haunted Forest! [One Map Challenge]

  3. Roninator2

    Dispose @bg_sprite and restore

    Hello fellow Luna Engine users. I have a question. In one of my scenes, I'm looking to close/ make invisible / openness = 0 the @bg_sprite for one of the windows. then restore it later. By later I mean while still in the scene. I can make the data in the window close, but the @bg_sprite I can't...
  4. AloneForLong

    Dark Theme for VX ACE

    I was looking at one of the script support threads and noticed someone had been able to give their script editor a dark theme. I cannot simply explain just how much my eyes are straining from the original light theme. Does anyone know how to give VX Ace's Script Editor a Dark Theme? I've...
  5. kn1000a

    Is it possible to have VX Ace create a .txt file upon the player finishing the game?

    I’m looking for a way to have the game export a .txt file into the game’s folder when the player reached the end. I would prefer not using script if possible; I don’t mind complex events. However, if there’s absolutely no way, I will look into scripts as well. I also don’t mind if I have to...
  6. remainderstudios

    lose item by script call? VX ACE

    Hi all. I was looking for a script for the player to lose an item randomly when an event occurs but I can't find the script call. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you
  7. The_Sarah

    Creating additional Actor Command Windows in Battle (now with pictures!) [VX Ace]

    Hello All! I am trying to make an additional Actor Command Window for a subset of "quick" skills that you pick from after you've picked your Actor's primary action for that turn. Then, when the turn plays out, your Actor will do both their Primary Action followed by their "quick" Sub Action...
  8. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Actor Specific HP/MP Bar color

    Hello, I’m looking for a script or snippet that will let me choose what color an actor’s HP and MP bars will be. The only twist is, I would like the colors to be specific to the actor. for example, actor 1 could have green hp and mp bars, while actor 2 would have red ones. the only compatible...
  9. Only have .exe file, no Game.rvproj file. Can I edit my game still?

    Hello all, I used to use RPGMaker 2003 and VX Ace a lot but I'm so far out of the loop lately with everything. I need to know if it's even possible to open and edit my original RPGMaker VX Ace project when I only have access to the .exe file and a few others? I made a playable demo years ago...
  10. Mhin Ra

    FREE Players Wanted for Alpha! (Long Journey to Farewell)

    Hey everybody! I am looking for folks to playtest a game I’ve been working on. Demo Dropbox Link Story Pitch Watch knights, mages, orphans, warlords, princesses and fishermen struggle to stay true to their hearts. Explore a world of castles and empires, built on the ruins of a civilization...
  11. a4 tilesets cut off

    Hi folks, Im at wit's end here. I finally picked up my project after almost 3 years and ready to give up again. I was trying to make my A4 tileset and only a few pieces of the set are showing up image size is 512x480 (Ive tried placing it on a 512x512 as well) I've also tried using 2 different...
  12. Devildimos

    Player Jump to pos variables [VX ACE] (Solved)

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct board. I am a noob in this. I am trying to make a player jump to a stored variables [X,Y] without using transfer_player. What I am trying to create is a Warp skill that stores the player's X and Y and when using the skill again the player will jump to that...
  13. Gravemaster

    State Library Script Request

    Hi. This script is meant to be used in Broken Reality RPG (https://lord-rutsah.itch.io/broken-reality) for its newest upcoming update. Credits will be given properly of course. In-game, I try to provide the players with as much of the technical details as I can. One of the most problematic...
  14. How should I balance stats and damage formulas when I'm aiming for a "small numbers" game?

    I'm making a game that is inspired by Dragon Quest, and I want to use small numbers throughout the game. It's not gonna be a super long game, so I'm thinking that the level cap will be 30, or something around that. At level 1, my four party members currently have the following HP: Hero - 16...
  15. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have Hime's Skill Power Modifier Script (VX ACE)?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has Hime's Skill Power Modifer script (VX ACE)? The download link is not working. Thanks. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7684-skill-power-modifier/
  16. Need help with a skip turn script.

    Hi, I'm making a game, and I'm having a bug. iI use a script(Fomra0153-Ticking HP) that works like this: When a character looses HP it ticks until it's dead. But if the player dies while in the actor command menu you're still able to make a move, and snce you're dead it crashes. I had the idea...
  17. redcachalot

    [RGSS3] Random Encounter Events

    Hi, This is a neat script that lets you CANCEL RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! The script can be obtained from Himeworks: Random Encounter Events It says that it can be done with a message from a common event with the variable in the script being the same as the ID of the common event. As much as I could...
  18. dreamfall887

    Looking for weapon generator parts (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find sword/staff/shield/bow and arrow generator parts for RPG Maker VX ACE? They make it look like the sprite has their weapon sheathed or carrying their weapon? I remember finding some weapon generator parts awhile ago but I cannot remember who made...
  19. dreamfall887

    Could someone make me "damage" and "behavior" sprites please? ( ・ω・)ノ

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make the cutscenes in my game more engaging. So I wanted damage sprites, thinking sprites and arms raised out sprites for my main characters. MY SPRITES :) I was wondering if someone was interested in helping me? Thank you! :D
  20. Display variable array in text/item description

    hello, so i want to ask about variable array. here is the example: V[5] = [0, 1, 2, 3] i want to display the second index (which mean index with value=1) in a text or item desc. i tried to use this on show text or item description: variable array 5 index 2 is \V[5][1] but the result is...

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