1. Darkness Void

    OGV Freezes After A Few Seconds

    I don't know why VX Ace only uses OGV for movies, but it really is frustrating. A friend was able to convert a short animation I made into the OGV format. Tested it with VLC PLayer and it ran perfect. Once I imported it into VX Ace, though, it freezes after 2 seconds. To note, the audio plays...
  2. Jessrond

    Instant Death State (DOOM spell)

    I have a weapon that has a 15% chance of causing instant death. I created a new state called "Death..." so the message says, "X has died from a special ability," so the player knows their enemy was killed from the weapon rather than losing all their HP. To achieve death through this state, I...
  3. Kakis

    Sprite Help

    Hello, I am using Modern Algebra's extra movement frames, hence why there are more sprites than a typical sprite sheet. I am having trouble aligning and centering my sprites as well as finding the right size for my sprite sheet. In this example, the size is 152x255. If possible, I would...
  4. Convert damage in gold loss.

    I'm creating a thief enemy that "steals" your money using a damaging skill, whose damage is converted into gold loss. So, to do this, I need a script that works this way: This skill has any damage formula (like the a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2), but instead of dealing damage, it makes the character...
  5. opossumtotal

    need feedback on my game's graphics

    this is what my game currently looks like: my main concern is that i feel like the background just blends in with itself. I want to highlight the door, desk, and journal as they are interactive objects but it all looks very same-y to me. edit: thanks for your feedback!! i can't reply to...
  6. Carboy45

    RPG Maker VX Ace (Better Levels, Stats & XP Randomizer) Calculator Spreadsheet

    So uh I know I'm pretty new here, I have been here quite long, but I'm quite the introverted person so... anyway I'm getting off-topic a month or so ago I started working on a calculator spreadsheet for better Levels, Stats & XP Calculation after being inspired by another user that made a...
  7. Suggestion Much needed QOL feature from RPG MAKER VX ACE

    Description of the Feature: Rpg maker vx ace transfer map zoom added to Rpg maker mz for much needed QOL. Images below :L) Mockups: Below images i am not good at editing sorry Why is this feature good? make the transfer map smaller for qol purposes. This feature is great because of the...
  8. RPG Maker VX Ace heroes, actors and enemies busts in VX Ace style.

    I need busts of all actors, default playable heroes and enemies from VX Ace. I tried to found by googling it, but the search results are infested with MV material and do not show any Ace portrait. Also, I found some links and threads with the resources I need, but all of them are with links and...
  9. CloudTheWolf

    [VXA] Force charact Battler Pose on skill selection [RESOLVED]

    Hopefully this is something you guys can help with. I want to have it so that when the player uses a skill that has the "change pose" tag tag in the note block, it changes the pose in Yami Engine Symphony - Add-on: 8D/Kaduki Battlers Eg, player selects a Spell that has "<change pose...
  10. TheOFCMedia

    Victor Engine Actors Battlers 552 Error

    Is Victor Engine compatible with Yanfly Engine? I tried adding Victor Engine Base Module and Victor Engine Actors Battlers script to my game. I started a new game but I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the instructions or if it's just not compatible. I get this error message. Script...
  11. CloudTheWolf

    [FIX] Status Effects Removing Incorrectly in MOG - ATB System

    So I have been using the ATB System by Moghunter and noticed that the Poison status effect would be removed from the player after a short while, even though this is set to never auto-remove. After some digging in the code I think I found the issue and fixed it. Note, this worked for me...
  12. atoms

    Request for VX/VX Ace Actor 3 3 for MZ/MV, if there isn't one already

    Hi, could I make a request for Actor 3 3 from VX/VX Ace in the sprite style for either MZ/MV so it matched MZ&MV sprites? It's the one called Elmer in the VX database, with the purple hair. I've been looking for an MZ or MV version of him but haven't been able to find one so far. Edit: May...
  13. Nanotial_D

    Fomar0153 ATB/Stamina bar on enemies

    Heya, I know I just posted a thread few days ago, but I need your help again Finding an ATB script was a nightmare after hundred of dead links and threads I've stumbled across, so finding specific answers would be even worse. Is there a way to display the stamina bar (the purple bar) on the...
  14. Nanotial_D

    Making checkpoints/respawn points

    Henlo I'm completely new to using RPG Maker engines or making games in general so I'm really unfamiliar with this kind of thing I wanna know how to make a system where you are respawned to the last checkpoint you interacted with (similar to Toro's Black Souls Dark Souls bonfire system) instead...
  15. Darkness Void

    Theolized Sideview Battle System Enemy Defeat Animations

    I want to give the enemies in my game their own animations for being defeated rather than just simply fading away. With Theolized Sideview Battle System, the characters can have a 3 frame defeat animation. I've found that I can extend these animations by making a new sheet. By default his script...
  16. VX ACE Young actor 2-7 faceset

    I have the bust picture: REMOVED IMAGE UNTIL CREATOR AND TERMS OF SERVICE CAN BE IDENTIFIED - MODERATION Looking for the faceset if there is one, thank you.
  17. PolvoT_GamesVX


    HELLO! I am makin' a game with pictures only, and you can write your name in the game, so, I would like to know if I can make the name appear in the screen, without a bubble text, somethin' like this: The player name in the picture is obviously made with Paint.net, I'm lookin' for help to know...
  18. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for "enemy transform" and "change enemy state" within battle?

    Hi! I'm trying to create a system within my game that requires some uses of "enemy transform" and "change enemy state". It would save me so much time if a could do this with a script call and substitute the enemy number with the value of a variable ($game_variables[n]), so i don't have to...
  19. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for setting a variable to an enemy's EXP amount?

    Hi! Is there a way to get the exp of an enemy with a script call? In the normal Variable command, the enemy EXP value cannot be referenced, the drop down menu is restricted to enemy's HP, ATK, DEF, AGI, LUK etc, not EXP. I'm creating a system where, the player can raise fallen enemies as...
  20. How do you add a skill that boosts the power of another skill but resets after battle

    I am working on a game and have run into an issue. An possible party member has a skill that is supposed to boost the power of another skill (fine, easy enough). However, I need the counter to reset at the end of battle since otherwise someone could grind the counter on weak enemies and then...

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