1. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Death Timer

    Hi, I'm looking for a snippet that creates a "death timer" of sorts. In my game, when the death state is applied to the player, it (currently) has a three turn duration. When that timer runs out, the state is removed like any other state, and the player character is revived with half their...
  2. Issue with Marta map editor and MGC's FPLE

    I was interested in utilizing the First Person Labyrinth Explorer add-on for RPG Maker VX Ace discussed here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-to-use-mgcs-fple.18217/ But when I try to use the map editor for this add-on...
  3. OneManIndie

    The Rarely Typical Players Podcast

    Hi Gang! Just wanted to let you guys know that D7, Psychronic games, SGHarlekin and myself host a weekly review Podcast of RPG Maker games. We try the game out and give our feedback live on stream. If you'd like to hear it or have a game you'd like played, feel free to hit up either: DISCORD...
  4. Darkness Void

    Forest Destroyed By War Tileset?

    I've been trying to create a map in my game of a barren wasteland that used to a lust jungle. But I'm not seeing anything that would fit it in terms of tiles. Does anyone know of any tilesets that would work for this sort of area? I'm using VX Ace but I can edit tilesets from other versions to...
  5. Kitchen, bakery and food tiles that work with RTP (VX Ace)

    Hi y'all! My game is centered around a bakery/food shop, and I was wondering if anyone knew of good tiles for that. Anything that includes breads and cakes and stuff to be sold would be amazing, or any tiles with RTP style kitchen/bakery kitchen stuff. Thank you so much!
  6. Kingofdemons666

    [Shin Megami Tensei Project] Tsukihime's Enemy Talk Command Help

    Hello everyone. As the title says, im trying to make a shin megami tensei fan game and i want it to be as similar as the games as possible. If you don't know about this franchise, there's a mechanic which allows the player to talk to the enemy and request things such as money, items or even...
  7. PachucoCadaver

    How do i refernece the value of a variable in a script call?

    Hi! I need help referencing my variables in script calls, can't find anywhere how to do it? (weird, because i think it's pretty common to do that) In MV it's: $gameVariables.value(ID); But what is it for vx ace? Thanks!
  8. Knighteriius

    Altering Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Save Engine

    Hey guys, I really love the overall look and feel of yanfly's save engine for vx ace but I find it has a lot of info that my game doesn't really need. So I've been trying to find a way to omit playtime, total save, total gold, location and level from the script. I also find it annoying how it...
  9. Custom script in vx ace

    Hello everyone, I found a script for writing Arabic in ruby but don't know how to use it in vx ace, here's the link of script: Link I mean, what kind of changes does it need?
  10. Searching for Credit...

    This might not be a VX Ace tile set? I downloaded it a while back, haven't used it or tried it (but I'm planning to) and I can't find credit for it anywhere, could use some help.
  11. NoPiessadface

    RMVXA Swordsman - Pacman or Devil World clone in VX Ace!

    Swordsman VX Ace is a Pacman or Devil World on NES clone made in RPG Maker VX Ace with a mix of RPG elements. The game is 100% evented without any scripts implemented. You can play up to 3 levels in the game only and there will be more levels on the future updates. Features: * Playable up to 3...
  12. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle Frame?

    Let me be clear as this can be a bit confusing. What I am looking for is a script that can let me use a one frame for when the characters stop moving. For example, here is a sheet I found that works really well for VX Ace. I want to use the first frame of each grid there but so far all the...
  13. SelectOkay

    [VXAce] Window_MenuStatus Error. "undefined method 'hp' for nil:NilClass"

    Hi, I'm having an issue where the window status menu keeps giving me a NoMethodError when I remove a party member. It's telling me that "undefined method 'hp' for nil:NilClass". I think that means that "hp" is an undefined variable but I don't know how to fix it. Here's what I did... As you can...
  14. Need Oriental/Japanese Resources

    Hey friends, i am working on a samurai game on VX ACE and i need japanese and samurai graphics. i Already have the KADOKAWA samurai pack, but i would like more resources. can you guys help me? i really need more characters.
  15. Lonewulf123

    When does the enemy choose their target and action?

    I have a quick question based in targeting and action timing. So I know HOW the enemy chooses it’s target and action, my question is WHEN does this take place? For example, are all enemy actions selected at the start of the turn? So for instance once, the player selects all of their actions...
  16. Lonewulf123

    Yami Skill Equip and Forced Action

    Hello, I'm using Yami Skill Equip and i'm hitting a hurdle when trying to use Forced Actions with my party. Basically, the forced actions I'm trying to get the party to use are skills that they don't know in their movesets. So whenever I try to call this force action with a script call I get...
  17. SakuraMiya

    How to use jump and activate events?

    I'm working on a puzzle in which you jump platforms and when they do, they get damaged (the first time it gets damaged and the second time the platform collapses). Problem is, the graphics don't change after the player jumps, not even after putting it to "contact from event". And I don't want to...
  18. Cloud_Striker94

    Affinity-based combat?

    So I had an idea for a thing I might want to do in VX Ace: Pretty standard fantasy RPG on the surface, but the mechanics are going to be different. Instead of each character having unique stats, they have elemental Affinities, reaching from zero to ten. With each level up, the player can...
  19. Blackyu

    Retrieve an event's sprite to change its properties

    Hi! I'm looking to do pretty much what the title says on RPG Maker VX Ace. I have a big sprite, much larger than 32x32, and I had a problem with it being anchored wrong, which didn't look good at all. Thanks to this previous post, I learned that I could fiddle with the .oy value of the Sprite...
  20. Help with changing Mog Hunter's Boss_Hp_meter color

    I was able to get the boss meter hp to load but unfortunately the want to change the color and was wondering how I can do that? It seems the color is based on the battle_boss_meter.png image but unfortunately my png image has a health bar with undesired colors and would like to change them...

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