1. [VX Ace] Call Common Event in Battle through a Party Command? (Using Yanfly Battle Command List)

    Hi everyone, I would like the player to be able to view detailed explanations on attributes, status ailments and other game mechanics while in Battle. I already had a Common Event set up for use outside of Battle, but I think it would be great if players could access that common event while in...
  2. RMVXA Astronomer & Witch

    Short-story RPG with unique, celestial mechanics! The Evil Star's influence waxes. Any astronomer worth their salt knows that its summoning heralds the coming of disaster. And disaster can reach even a noble like Noah, who secluded himself in the mountains. Noah has the company of his lovely...
  3. DeyJay5

    Script to calculate attack success rate by skill

    Essentially what I need is a script that allows certain skills to have a success rate calculated by the characters stats. For example, I would like a skill that has a hit success rate of 100% - victims luck. So for example if the players luck was 47, the skill would have a 53% chance of hitting...
  4. Kes

    When The Light Dies

    Rick is a mercenary – but even a mercenary can be a hero, especially if it involves his self respect. After a commission goes wrong he has to fix the resulting mess: a woman’s life in danger and the loss of his fee. The party he eventually leads is no dream; a woman with no battle experience...
  5. VX Ace Script Window_Selectable Error

    I start a battle then it says this error :( Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError occured divided by 0 This is Window_Selectable line 61 def row_max [(item_max + col_max - 1) / col_max, 1].max end
  6. Autorun event continues to loop even when using the "Self Switch + Blank Page" trick (VX Ace)

    I'm trying to make an event in a bar where the bartender walks out and the protagonist automatically walks to the left and takes his place. However, every time the bartender leaves and the protagonist takes his spot, he continues to do the automatic walking to the left. The event is set to...
  7. ddejan90

    Little help with a script if possible

    Hey all. So, I've been thinking of adding readable books in my game and I found a great script for that. It's EST-Notebook System it's working fine and everything is ok. Now, I have issue figuring out how to place a book in a category when it reads from game folder "Notebook". I can't figure it...
  8. remainderstudios

    storage boxes (move from inventory to box) - vx ace

    hello. I am using the storage boxes script by imp. everything works fine but there is something that I don't like, and it is the following: When you open a chest or closet , your inventory is shown on the left and the box on the right. to move between the box and the inventory (vice versa)...
  9. remainderstudios

    Equip option (inventory script)

    Hello. I am using Theo limited inventory script for my project. (vx ace) Theo limited inventory I want to know if it is possible to add an option to equip the item or weapon from the inventory. I am using falcao pearl abs script and it allows you to use a key to open a window and there you...
  10. Is there any way to make Timed Attacks on VX Ace?

    If you don't know Combos are like if you push the A button at the right time you get another hit Example: Thanks!
  11. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE] Help with Map Image as Battleback

    Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue because of an interesting way I'm utilizing battle transitions. Basically, I want to use the current map the player is standing on as a battle background. This typically isn't a problem, as their are tons of scripts and snippets that allow you to do so...
  12. BurnOutsUser

    RMVXA Deliver the Last Pizza of the Restaurant on the Last Day that You are Alive in "Final Delivery"!

    WARNING: Will contain elements of Jewish and Christian religion (Example: mentions of God, the afterlife, the Angel of Death, esc) The premise: Final Delivery is a game about a pizza delivery guy named Anthony who is trying to deliver the last pizza of the restaurant before it shuts down. The...
  13. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have Moghunter's Monogatari Menu script? (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Moghunter's Monogatari Menu script for VX Ace. I have a Master Demo but the script was not included so I think I have an old version. (https://mega.nz/file/XEh2HBha#UeoroGaJl9uj__H1q5qdM0r48EvRsmhzl-AQPKnqvn0) I also tried using Wayback Machine but the download link...
  14. Szibes

    Script call for enemy appear and "enemy is; appeared" condition

    I need a script call for "enemy appear" command, and "enemy is; appeared" condition.
  15. AeroPergold

    So I bought some of the older RPGMs and...

    So recently I took advantage of the Lunar New Year sale on Steam to pick up RPG Makers 2k, 2k3, and VX. Mostly just to have the RTP rights to the music since I have OGG versions of their midi soundtracks and just needed the legal rights to do so (even if I made a game without them...Oops). But...
  16. Szibes

    Is there a way to check if ANYONE has a state?

    There are separate script calls for checking states of player and enemies: $game_party.members.any? { |m| m.state?(x) } #For player $game_troop.members.any? { |m| m.state?(x) } #For enemies Is there one for checking BOTH groups at the same time? The systems I use these for work just fine. The...
  17. remainderstudios

    show state icons names (Falcao Pearl ABS) script

    Hello. I am using the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script (RPG Maker VX Ace) and it works great but when the character acquires a state (poison, blindness, confusion, etc) the icon is displayed on the left of the screen but the name of that state is not displayed. is there a way to display the name...
  18. FeiLin

    Sideways or Diagonal Stairs

    Hi, guys! I've been trying to find some sideways or diagonal stairs for Rpg Maker Vx Ace but I still haven't found one.. I did found some but it's not the one I need :'( Anyone who where I can find one? I need something like this one: But for Vx Ace instead. I'm not good at drawing so...
  19. nekuzx

    Need help with a blank menu in combat when returning from skills.

    I am having a bit of trouble with a minor, but annoying bug that i've been unable to identify. Basically: Whenever I enter the "Skill" menu during combat, and then return; It leads me to a blank menu, from which I have to return again to show up the Fight/Escape menu, so I can then return to the...
  20. Displaying HP Bars via skill? (Enemy HP Bars script)

    Hi, I've been having some trouble with HP bars. In my game, enemies don't have visible HP bars. However, I want a party member to have a skill that makes an HP bar appear underneath the enemy it is used on, like the Tattle skill in the Paper Mario series. Since HP bars require scripting, so...

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