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  1. Devildimos

    Player Jump to pos variables [VX ACE] (Solved)

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct board. I am a noob in this. I am trying to make a player jump to a stored variables [X,Y] without using transfer_player. What I am trying to create is a Warp skill that stores the player's X and Y and when using the skill again the player will jump to that...
  2. Gravemaster

    State Library Script Request

    Hi. This script is meant to be used in Broken Reality RPG (https://lord-rutsah.itch.io/broken-reality) for its newest upcoming update. Credits will be given properly of course. In-game, I try to provide the players with as much of the technical details as I can. One of the most problematic...
  3. How should I balance stats and damage formulas when I'm aiming for a "small numbers" game?

    I'm making a game that is inspired by Dragon Quest, and I want to use small numbers throughout the game. It's not gonna be a super long game, so I'm thinking that the level cap will be 30, or something around that. At level 1, my four party members currently have the following HP: Hero - 16...
  4. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have Hime's Skill Power Modifier Script (VX ACE)?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has Hime's Skill Power Modifer script (VX ACE)? The download link is not working. Thanks. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7684-skill-power-modifier/
  5. Need help with a skip turn script.

    Hi, I'm making a game, and I'm having a bug. iI use a script(Fomra0153-Ticking HP) that works like this: When a character looses HP it ticks until it's dead. But if the player dies while in the actor command menu you're still able to make a move, and snce you're dead it crashes. I had the idea...
  6. redcachalot

    [RGSS3] Random Encounter Events

    Hi, This is a neat script that lets you CANCEL RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! The script can be obtained from Himeworks: Random Encounter Events It says that it can be done with a message from a common event with the variable in the script being the same as the ID of the common event. As much as I could...
  7. dreamfall887

    Looking for weapon generator parts (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find sword/staff/shield/bow and arrow generator parts for RPG Maker VX ACE? They make it look like the sprite has their weapon sheathed or carrying their weapon? I remember finding some weapon generator parts awhile ago but I cannot remember who made...
  8. dreamfall887

    Could someone make me "damage" and "behavior" sprites please? ( ・ω・)ノ

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make the cutscenes in my game more engaging. So I wanted damage sprites, thinking sprites and arms raised out sprites for my main characters. MY SPRITES :) I was wondering if someone was interested in helping me? Thank you! :D
  9. Display variable array in text/item description

    hello, so i want to ask about variable array. here is the example: V[5] = [0, 1, 2, 3] i want to display the second index (which mean index with value=1) in a text or item desc. i tried to use this on show text or item description: variable array 5 index 2 is \V[5][1] but the result is...
  10. Finneess

    Actor generate item via leveling up

    This one is a little complex, not gonna lie Basically, what I need is to emulate P3P's skill card system, which consist in when an actor gets to x level, they generate an item you can use to learn new skills (The skill learn can be done via eventing, so only the system itself is important)...
  11. Nightblade50

    Battle System Where Player is Involved

    Hi So I'm using VX Ace, first of all. I'm looking for a partial battle system in which after selecting a skill, the player him/herself does something involved. For example, presses a button at the right time to hit, or moves the arrow keys to aim at an enemy before firing, or something similar...
  12. Roseredpinball

    Complimenting Sprites Dump

    Hey all, it's been awhile! Over the years I have gathered a number of awesome facesets by various people but sadly not all of them had a matching sprite to go with it (or it was taken down, or I didn't like it lol). So I made some of my own using Game Character Hub, various custom generator...
  13. EmmaB

    Picture Common Event Script

    Hi everyone, I really liked Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin for MV as it gave me the ability to make special menus created with pictures. I was wondering if there happened to be a plugin like that one for VX Ace? If there isn't, would it be hard to make? (I don't have much scripting...
  14. dreamfall887

    Monster Kids!

    Hello everyone. I'm making a game in VX ACE and I'm trying to make non-human races. So far I've made dragon people and fish people :D But I've been having trouble making child sprites. For some reason I find them hard to do. -_- So I wanted to ask if someone would be kind enough to make a...
  15. EmmaB

    For Commercial Use? Editing?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at some packs on the RPGMaker web store and was wondering if anybody knows if these packs are allowed to be used in commercial games? PVG Sci-Fi Tiles School Tiles Bundle Sci-Fi Tiles Resource Pack Sci Fi Battlebacks Royal Tiles Resource Pack Dungeons &...
  16. Carillon-Nightmares

    RMVXA Otherland, a Visual Novel (Ep. 0 Demo)

    Otherland is an interactive visual novel made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a whimsical horror based on Alice in Wonderland (book) and inspired by other horror titles like Little Nightmares, Fran Bow, Ib, and Pocket Mirror, while still having its own personal charm. It tells a story about how...
  17. dreamfall887

    Yanfly Stat Upgrade Scripts, Need Help! (VX ACE)

    Hello everyone. I wanted to use this stat upgrade system for my game. But I wanted to know if I could do the same thing in VX ACE instead of MV? Could someone help me to make this system for my game? Thank you! :) http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Stat_Upgrades_(MV_Plugin_Tips_&_Tricks)...
  18. Renee

    Help swapping game characters

    Hello, everyone! I'm a huge newb to rpg maker vx ace and I need some help. I've looked through multiple threads but haven't found much of a solution. I'm trying to swap characters after they join the party (not mid-battle, but where the characters are wandering around the map). I want the main...
  19. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] Visual Equip - Trouble figuring out a feature

    Script link: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/visual-equip/ Requires: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/basic-module/ There's a feature written within the help guide that I'd like help with. The description is: "It's possible to have some...
  20. Looking for some new tiles (Blood, Road, Prison) - VX ACE

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: I have no preferred style at the moment perhaps sort of cartoony but if this request is accepted I will leave it up to them to decide Description: Hey I am looking for some more tiles to give my project some variety of environments...

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