1. aestheticfreak

    my window doesnt work

    This is how the windows looks ingame and this is the windows i made. What's wrong?
  2. gaydarade

    Walk Behind Transparent Foreground

    Intro. Hey all, I'm a longtime lurker, and these forums have been a huge help to me in the past so I wanted to give something back. This is a tutorial for how to selectively fade out foreground elements! This question has been asked a few times throughout the forum, in different contexts, so I...
  3. dreamfall887

    Question about the DS+ Resource Pack

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask a question about the DS+ Resource Pack. In the description it says the DLC comes with a "Character generator, importing guide and 2 video tutorials". I wanted to ask what does the character generator look like? Is it generator parts, does it allow you to...
  4. dreamfall887

    Does anyone know who made this script?

    Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. I wanted to ask who made the script in this screenshot? It looks like Yanfly's Battle System but the hud is designed for one character. I saw that the script came with the RPG Maker DS Resource dlc. The description for the DLC on steam mentions...
  5. Lonewulf123

    Actor base stats in damage formula

    Hello, is there anyway to pull an actors base (before weapon or armor bonuses) parameters into a damage formula? I know in MV it’s possible using actor.paramBase, But wasn’t sure if VX Ace had an equivalent. thanks!
  6. Szibes

    [VACE] Compapilty issue with Ace Battle Engine and Tsukihime's Skill Change

    The issue being, both scripts overwrite use_item method. My main issue with this is the fact that it disables "one animation" notetag functionality and "Screen position" method in default engine. I also changed part of Thuskihime's script (or more accurately, rearranged lines positions, because...
  7. Solr

    Solr "Modern Medicine" / Drink Icons VX/VXA/XP

    It's not very much, but I want to give something back to the community; so many great people have helped me here time and time again. A few years ago, when I was in high school, I was obsessed with making an RPG about my town/school. You see, my central Texas highschool had a bit of a problem...
  8. FirelordMaria

    XAS Hero Ace - Enemy HP condition

    Sorry if I ask too many questions about this script, but I want to know if it's possible to make an HP condition for bosses that runs some events depending on their HP, like dialogues and pattern changes. I've been looking for scripting help on this but I can't find anything, and unlike on my...
  9. Roninator2

    Show Damage Value on Enemy

    Display Damage Value v1.05 by Roninator2 Introduction A script I made for my game, but I like to share my work. Features - Display potential damage to the enemy for the skill selected - Accounts for element weakness or defense - Set text colour How to Use Put below ▼ Materials Images...
  10. Roninator2

    Solved - Attack Element modifier - multiple scripts tried

    *LAST UPDATE I set the conditions for passive skills with Victor Engine Passive skills script and it worked. VE Passive Skills adds the state not just the features, so the notetags get processed. Problem resolved. I just changed all the notetags to VE's.
  11. CrasheR

    Crashykk's Workshop (MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace, 2003)

    Note: Tiles shown on this page are still work in progress and are subject to change. Usable in: MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace and 2003. Style: Retro Resolution: 16x16 Release date: (Demo available) Info: These tiles are created with RPG Maker MV/MZ in mind, although thanks to 16x16 (16 pixels per 16...
  12. opaattack

    Checkpoint System?

    I'm making a game, but don't want players to worry about game overs. In it's place, I decided to use a checkpoint system, having players interact with specific objects to set a new respawn point to appear at when they die. I thought I would be able to achieve this using variables and a bit of...
  13. Requesting assistance/clarity regarding specific event planning

    I'm new and working on an incredibly slow computer, so I apologize if this isn't posted in the right place. I'm sure someone will complain or move it. Again, sorry. I'm working with the basic VX Ace software with no scripts. Here's what I am trying to accomplish: Player talks to NPC -> NPC...
  14. ScytheX

    need help witha moded script [Mode 7/Vehicle interiors]

    hello i'm making this to see if anyone would be willing to help me out with a mod script or remake one i'm using mixed mod that uses both MVC's mode 7 Script and CSCA's Vehicle Interiors links down below the modded versions that i'm using down below in text files. Original unmodded versions...
  15. Robert Trent

    [VXACE] Neon Black's Victory Results/Aftermath compatible with Victor Engine

    Hi everyone, I got a little of a problem with Victor Engine Battle System and Neon's Black Victory script. At the end of battle, I get a fun bit where the Commands window is opened adove the victory window, showing the battle commands (Attack, Items etc) and that's quite annoying as sometimes it...
  16. yeetMyDudes

    Fullscreen Interpolation - pixel precision?

    Hello, I have been using Zeus81's Fullscreen++ script, in order to get my game (scaled at 544x416) to adapt nicely to my screensize. In order to nicely scale up the game size, I implemented a feature, which would allow the game to be scaled to the largest integer, whilst remaining smaller than...
  17. Roninator2

    Bonus Codes (Cheat Codes)

    Bonus Codes v1.10 - VX Ace by Roninator2 Introduction A script made to recreate the cheat code system in games of old. Features - Have as many codes as you want the player to use - Each successful entry will activate the corresponding switch - Use the switch to perform whatever actions you...
  18. RMVXA Abdogtion

    Abdogtion is a short-lengthed RPG in which you guide a dog boy through the snowy moors on a quest to get his best friend back, who has been abducted by an unidentified flying object. An action...
  19. Roninator2

    Shop Stats

    Shop Stats v1.00 - VX Ace by Roninator2 Introduction A script made to recreate the Yanfly Ace shop Redux for VX. Features - Choose what values to display stats for the item selected for purchase - Specify how many lines to have/use for the window. Should be dependent on how many stats you have...
  20. Can't find the old Living Town tutorial

    I've been trying to find an old tutorial for making a town with a day/night cycle, but it's gone. Where do I find the old tutorials for VX Ace?

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