1. Pearl ABS - a few tweaks/extensions

    Hello, I'm working on a game that would use the Pearl ABS battle system. Here is what I'm hoping is possible through scripting: 1) Only one character can be controlled by the player. Though up to three other party members can join the party and be sent to battle (using the "K" command, as is...
  2. Windowskin

    Hello. I just bought the tiles Time Fantasy and i love it. But, i'm in two days searching for a windowskin that fit in with it, i failded. So, anyone for the love of every god, please, know a windowskin that fit with this tiles? Please, please... (VX ACE)
  3. Hero_Claive

    Adding in limitations to 8D movement system

    I recently implemented 8D movement in my game which is great, however Game_CharacterBase is one of the classes I've studied the least and I'm finding it difficult to navigate because the tile/x,y disparity. What I want to do is prevent diagonal movement if the character would clip through a...
  4. dreamfall887

    Child Orc Sprites

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could make me two orc child sprites (a boy and a girl)? I would like them to be in RPG Maker VX ACE RTP style. If you would like me to go into more detail, let me know. Thank you. :smile:
  5. Momochy

    Help with "Shake Screen" event?

    I use Photoshop to add tiles & lighting to maps, but I've run into a bit of an issue. I'm currently using Seer's Fixed Pictures script to ensure that the light overlay moves with the camera, & it works perfectly, up until I added a "Shake Screen" event to the map. The background moves as it...
  6. Momochy

    Chaise lounge tile?

    I'm designing a map made to resemble the interior of a therapist's office, & I'm looking for a tile resembling a chaise lounge chair. I could've sworn I saw one a while back, but I can't find it now. I'm fine using just a regular couch tile if needed, but if anyone knows where I can find a...
  7. Frain

    [VX Ace] Power Generator Tiles

    Hello! I'm looking for the Power Generator Tiles for VX Ace. The art style can be optional, but not cartoony. Here's how the Power Generator can look like or just something similar to this:
  8. Cuddlebuns

    Making a skill repeat more than nine times?

    It seems like a simple thing, but I haven't found anything that lets a skill be repeated more than nine times. If someone could point me to script that does this it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Momochy

    Camera Movement Script?

    I'm developing a game that starts off with the main character riding a train, & what I'm trying to do is add some shaky, continuous, left to right camera movement to make it appear as if the train is actually moving. I'm a noob, so what I first tried doing is to create the movement using the...
  10. Hero_Claive

    Best way to avoid redrawing text during Scene updates?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I haven't yet found a good solution for this problem. I'll start off with a screencap here: Essentially I've created a pretty detailed stat window on the right using a large series of draw_text methods in a custom Window_Base child class. In...
  11. Hero_Claive

    Simulating a Skill Formula oustide of battle?

    Been experimenting trying to create a window in Scene_Skill that shows hypothetical damage output of a given skill. This is easier said than done, however, as I'm having an increasing amount of trouble getting the program to return a numeric value from the skill's formula outside of battle. I'm...
  12. Momochy

    VX Ace : Modern Train/Subway Tiles?

    I've been searching all over for a modern-looking train tile for Ace, but so far, I've found next to nothing aside from Celianna & Lunarea's steampunk train (gorgeous, but not the look I'm going for unfortunately). I've searched the forums, but most links I've found don't work anymore. If...
  13. Christopher Riel

    Show Animation in specific Follower?

    Hi, I've been practicing a bit more with the RPG Maker VX Ace script, but I have a problem with animation. I would like an animation to be shown on a specific Follower. I know there is a command to show an animation to the player that is as follows: $game_player.animation_id = n but I would...

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