1. Gabbypie64

    GTBS Characters not showing up on the battle field

    they are custom sized is that the problem
  2. Momochy

    Help me find this?

    Does anyone know which tileset this stone floor tile came from? I've looked & can't find it. I'd like to give proper credit, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. tammie

    Music track not playing

    Hello. I have a music track I want in my RPG Maker VX Ace game. However, when I imported it and played it, no sound came out. I checked my volume and it was normal. Then I tested another track the same way and it played fine. Both tracks were MP3s. I thought the file might be corrupted so I...
  4. Moghunter Damage Popup Elemental Ettacks

    Anybody have any idea if this script can show elemental weakness, resist, ect? Taking a look through it, it looks like a no but I dunno much about coding. Just doesn't seem very fair if the player isn't told when they find an enemy weakness or not. Script found here...
  5. declan999

    RMVXA Perpetual Chains (An old fashioned RPG game with voiceacting)

    INTRODUCTION Hello! I'm Declan, the creator of Perpetual Chains. Like many people here, I grew up on the RPG games of the 90's/00's. It probably became a contributing factor to the career I landed in. I became an actor, touring all over Europe and eventually doing commercial voiceover. During...
  6. tammie

    Deploying to MacOS

    Hi. My question is simple. I can deploy a game in VX Ace to Windows, but I dont see an option for Mac. How would I deploy it to Mac?is it possible?
  7. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE]Drawing a Filled Rectangle behind Character face in Yanfly Battle HUD

    Hello, Can anyone help me create a snippet that will create a filled rectangle behind the characters faceset in Yanfly Battle Engine Status window? It would appear behind the faceset, and behind the "selection cursor". I've mocked up an example below: Something like the black square behind...
  8. tammie

    Request-Stat System Revamp

    Using VX Ace. I am looking for a stat system that functions totally differently from the default. The user gains attribute points on leveling up, 3 or so, and assigns them to the following stats: Speed (SPD) – Speed defines combat order and your chance of dodging. Fortitude (FOR) – Might is...
  9. DGNNY

    Items not working in battle at all.

    Every time I try to use an item in a battle, it gets consumed, no animation plays, nothing gets restored, nothing happens at all. How do I fix this?
  10. tammie

    Limited Shop Inventory Script

    Hi, By default VX Ace allows the user to buy infinite amounts of a certain item (if they have the money for it). But I want the shopkeeper to only have, say, 5 potions, and once the user buys 5, no more can be purchased from him. Does anybody know of a script for VX ace that does that?
  11. Gravemaster

    Pacman's Enemy HUD Small Fix

    The script works great, but it shows enemies with the "appear halfway" tag as targetable. Because of this, the element of surprise is often lost, and it also gives the player the ability to attack enemies that have not appeared yet. I believe/hope it is easy to fix, but I have no idea how. Can...
  12. Window Skin Retro for RPG MAKER VXA ACE

    Hi there! I just started on this page! I came because I wanted to see if someone ... someone ... could make me a Retro type window skin for RPG MAKER VX ACE please?
  13. BCj

    Script compatibility

    I was rummaging through some of my scripts and stumbled upon a demo of this one: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/2191-saba-kans-galge-conversation-system-07/ However when I added YEA Message System to the demo, it crashed: I think it has to do with the namebox. Any clue how to fix...
  14. BCj

    Need help with this script

    Hi! I was fiddling with some Japanese scripts and I found a pretty nifty encyclopedia script which I'd like to tinker with. http://www4.plala.or.jp/findias/codecrush/material/vxace_rgss3/1-dictionary/index.html I managed to get the base scripts to work - the 3 characters are shown, however the...

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