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    Deilin TE: 365 calendar and weather

    Deilin's TE: 365 Calendar and weather HOW IT WORKS: Manage weather and time by using the in game turn system, other then real time. Setting and instructions are within the script. DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU DON'T WANT IT'S TINTING: For now there is no override. I will make a non-time...

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Today is my Birthday, LOLOL!
I just hope I get to see the Mario movie while I'm in Fort Myers next week. I'm super hyped! Anyone else planning to see it when it comes out?
Brace yourself. We are approaching that time of the year again.
I once said, "I definitely want to be done with this project before my 40th birthday." At the time, I was about 50% done with the project.

With under 365 days to go now, I'm about ... 30% done.

What a sweet, innocent fool I was.
can anyone tell me how to edit my pfp it isn't obvious and I'm new here

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