1. Goldscuttle

    VXA: Can't specify Equipment for Battle Test

    Everything else seems to be working. No error messages. But Equipment drop down slots all have (none) selected and no options for other equipment. Tried giving main character equipment with an event on the main map but it has no effect there either, with or without battle test. Does work for...
  2. QueenTeaYT

    Himework's Connected Map Script (Help!)

    I'm using this script (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/connected-maps.10509/) and I'm having trouble making it work. In script manager, it is the first thing under Materials. Brief explanation of the rules: there are four #'s I'm using. ID, X, Y, and recursive. The ID is the...
  3. QueenTeaYT

    Taking more damage than I program?

    I made an enemy sprite with these contents: The player has 10 HP and the other party member has 10 HP as well. However, when I play in-game, the enemy sprite will touch the player and they will die in less than 10 hits! Sometimes it takes 2 hits, other times it's 4 or something. I allowed...
  4. QueenTeaYT

    How to create mirror effect?

    Is there a way to do this in VXA?
  5. QueenTeaYT

    Action Battle System like The Crooked Man?

    Is there a way to fight sprites on a map instead of enter a battle system? I looked around and saw people calling this kind of fighting "action battle system," so I hope I used the right term. If there's a script to allow this, that's cool, but a vanilla VXA way would be nice. EDIT: On my own...
  6. Cuddlebuns

    Conditional Branch for MP Regen is dysfunctional. Please help!

    I have this common event running as a parallel process. The common event is a very simple, three-step process: Step 1: Define the variable "Joy" as the player's MP. Step 2: If "Joy" is greater than 0, heal the player's MP by 1 every 120 frames; otherwise move on to Step 3. Step 3: If "Joy"...
  7. Solr

    Small Question

    So, I am pretty new to these forums, but I have been using various rpg maker engines for a long time. In the item menu, how would I go about drawing an "X" instead of a colon to display the amount of an item? I have little knowledge of ruby code and I would very much appreciate it if someone...
  8. Queerpg

    Changing background music on multiple maps after event

    Yo! So I have a boss battle where afterwards the island starts shaking and falling apart. I want to change all of the background music (Boss battle map, exit boss battle map, island map & inside houses maps) to something more intense before the player character escapes, but not sure how to do...
  9. ekhartpl

    One save per character, with autosave/save&quit

    I was wondering how to get around creating a system where player has one save file per "new game". Basically, Player creates a new character, names him "Guts", makes him a barbarian. Save #1 is created upon starting new game - whenever player ends game, the only option is to save and quit...
  10. sebulon

    [VXACE] [Yanfly:Aftermath] Request for Language-variable

    Hi, I am using the Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath v1.04 I want to translate my chosen victory quotes. Depending on the game's variable 10 (0 = GER, 1 = ENG, ...), I'd like to give different victory quotes. I figured, it would be easiest to create VICTORY_QUOTES for var10 = 0 and...
  11. Gamingstar

    VXA Animal Sprite Request

    Hello, I am looking for a specific RMVXA sprite for my game to be used as an easter-egg. The sprite I'm looking for is a white cat with a wizard hat. Thanks in advance! (PS. with your reply please include the name you want to be displayed in the credits crediting you for making the sprite, or...
  12. FishStickMystic

    RMVXA [R13] Dubventure ACE (Game Available!!)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story follows YouTuber Dubious D as he ventures through Australia, Tasmania, and other various islands to find his missing scientist...
  13. FishStickMystic

    Multi-Hit Skills Are Being Cut Off!

    Hello! I have a problem with skills and death messages... :kaocry: So, in my game, when an enemy dies, they say something. However, if you were to use a multi-hit attack on a group of enemies, and one of them were to die in the middle of the multi-hit attack, there's a weird chance the attack...
  14. FishStickMystic

    [VXA] Problem with Skill-Based Scripts

    Hello! :LZSsmile: Sorry for the vague title. I have an issue with Hime's Casting Time script and a script by GreatRedSpirit (on rmn) that is supposed to remove states on skill usage. Here are links to both if you need them: GRS': https://www.pastebucket.com/566038 Hime's...
  15. ShinGamix

    Database/Map Limit Breaker

    I am looking for a good database/Map limit breaker for RPGMVXA. Any help with a working script would be excellent. Thank you.
  16. Mooshry

    Livideer and Moosapocalypse sprites

    I need battler sprites for these two monsters: Resource Type: Battlers x2 Maker Format: VX (From 90 x 90 to 130 x 130) Art Style: Dragon Quest Sprites (Preferrably DQVI DS) (Examples: ) https://i.pinimg.com/originals/02/c7/9e/02c79e7e1cac7e2bbcfd5d213a342b81.jpg...
  17. Skytor

    Fishing Rod

    Hi, I made a fishing mini-game and am looking for some fishing rod icons that i can edit into an icon set. If you would like to make it, I need one mv style icon and 3 vxa style icons, all to fit mv. The 1st vx style would be wooden the second wooden with metal braces and the third would be...
  18. Leon Kennedy

    Waifu2x now has options

    Originally waifu2x didn't have options for the streching of pictures it was 1.6x or 2x only now it does have the options. Seeing so many asking for vxa to mv conversion I decided to make this short thread but can be used for any maker basically. My example will show vxa to mv but this can be...
  19. Shefflox

    Bought a VXA pack, doesn't work

    I bought a VXA pack from steam entitled 'RPG Maker VX Ace - Shrouded Wonder Music Pack' I found the dlc folder extracted it, and put it intio my MV audio BGM folder. I put the MP3 and .ogg files in as I normally do from any audio pack. Started my game up, it shows the songs on the BGM list. But...
  20. CavaliereHoScudo

    How to import MV RTP (resources) into VX Ace?

    Hello everyone. I just registered to the Forums and it's nice to see y'all. I have a question and I hope it doesn't sound too crazy. Has anyone here tried importing the base resources from MV to VX Ace? I have recently tried using MV but the graphic style and the scarcity of base resources...

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