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  1. Gabrelik

    Makapri's Werewolf Portrait

    Hello,  This was completed as a request and I thought I would share. These portraits were done to match Makapri's Werewolf sprites, so please add Makapri to your credits when using. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

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I don't know where to put my self in my demo credits like rly ? directed by aniaaous ? i didn't made a single pixel or code .-.
Making progress on the pathfinding plugin:

That's a 1000x1000 grid (i.e. a map with 1 million tiles), finding a walkable path in ~1ms. Still have lots more testing to do with more complicated maps, but I'd say that's a pretty good start :kaopride:
It's good to be back making First Impression videos.
That sigh when a roaming chicken blocks your move event :/
Poryg is still alive, just did somrthing else to kill the time he cannot be productive. Minecraft - 10 tips & tricks on improving your base defence against pvp.

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