1. Dribio

    RMVXA Jento Chronicles: Reawakening (1.0.4 UPDATE) - English and Italian

    CONTEXT: The project started a few years ago. It all started by chance, wanting to tell a story at all costs. At the time, I was helped by a friend of mine, but he decided to abandon the project. So I decided to pursue the project on my own, largely rewriting the entire story of the game. I...
  2. MintyKaru


    Mentality... A weird and surreal and touching horror game developed in RPG Maker Vx ace by Minty Karu about getting over depression, loving yourself, and to figure out the person you are. Though everything may seem sad life has its ups in this world with many wacky and heart felt moments. Travel...
  3. bxb777

    Creating a PK Thunder like attack

    Hello! I am currently working on a spell that is similar to PK Thunder from Earthbound. This spell requires me to make a common event to make it work since the normal RPGmaker Skills tab isn't enough. I am having some problems with this ability though. The spell itself works well, since it...
  4. bxb777

    [ACE] Thorns Effect Help.

    Hello! I am relatively new to RPGmaker, but I am getting used to it rather quickly and I am having a lot of fun playing with it! Anyway, I am unsure if I should post this in the VXace thread of the Scripting thread, but since my problem requires custom scripts, I'm going to post it here. Apology...
  5. Ademax

    Apellonyx's Survival System + KMS Generic Gauge

    Hi everyone, this is my first forum post. I recently dowloaded RPG Maker Vx Ace and have been working around visual customization for my game. My scripting knowledge is basically 0, but if given clear instructions I can find a way to make things works via trial and error. What brings me here is...
  6. Semiclassics

    [VX/ACE] Barber's Pole

    Resource Type: Tile/Animated or not Maker Format: (VX,Ace) Makers I Own: (VX,Ace) Art Style: Mack/RTP Description: Looking for a Barber's pole to use in my game. I would like it exactly like the reference image (red casing). Bonus if it's animating but all good if not. As for the size, 20px...
  7. miiktoon

    Renaming the class individually

    In my game, I use classes to define if a character is infected or not and I'd like to individually rename the class for some characters. Is that possible or is there any script around to do that? The thing is, in my native language grammatical genders are very important and it feels odd when...
  8. miiktoon

    Executing the script before game closing

    I send the value of a variable to the .ini file, and I need it to be set to 0 when the game closes by any reason. Is this possible?
  9. ChershireHatter

    Writing 2 variables in move route

    Hello! I want to change the movement speed of an event in his move route. But with variables, and I need 2 of them. (like to get an 3.5 or 4.9) Each variable is set random before and I tested that the move speed can be 3.5 (for example) I think I don't write it down correctly and tried alot of...
  10. Technical404

    Press Turn Battle System

    Im making a game, and i wanted to use the Press Turn Battle System battle style, but i didn't find it for download/use. Is there a place for me to get it? (Im trying to learn how to use/call scripts, lol)
  11. CloudTheWolf

    [CloudTheWolf] DoctorTodd's Auto Save Addon: Enhanced Auto-Save

    This script is an Addon for DoctorTodd's Autosave. It improves on DoctorTodd's Autosave by making it use the last slot and not updating the Save index. If using MOG - Monogatari, this also hides the auto-save slot from the Save screen. Compatibility with other systems may differ. Script...
  12. CloudTheWolf

    [CloudTheWolf] Event Sounds

    Something I recently wanted to add to my project was Event sounds that get louder the closer you were to them. I found ways to do this in Event functions using regions, however this felt clunky and a pain to implement, so I turned to scripts. I couldn't seem to find any that would work so ended...

    RMVXA DIME A DOZEN (Demo Available)

    Dime A Dozen is a semi-traditional turn based RPG taking inspiration from the 1980's. The setting is an unnamed Japanese city in the year 1985. Twenty years earlier, scientists discovered that another dimension existed. They named is the Zero Dimension, as it is an infinite void, covered in a...
  14. JPlaysan

    RMVXA QuestBound: A Brother's Tale

    Synopsis Screenshots Main Characters Setting & World Development Download Link
  15. Looking for simple mini-games

    Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place, but do any of you know where I can find minigame scripts or tutorials for how to make minigames through eventing that are accessible to beginners? I'm trying to make a set of events in my game for when the player goes to work. I want them to do a few...
  16. Rapid-Fire QTE?

    I'm attempting to make an event that is a series of quick-time events. The player will be prompted to press one of the arrow keys (it would be nice if the specific key was random but I can accept having to plan it out). It should move to the next prompt if the player presses the right key...
  17. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Dividing HP between two actors

    I want to make a skill that divides hp between two actors. The way it would work would be like this. Actor A has 1000 HP. Actor B has 500 HP. Actor A uses the skill on Actor B. Both Actors now have 750 HP
  18. sofia_drawsmore

    Flat Damage Formula Help

    Heya! I'm trying to figure out a way to make a basic attack skill that deals 1 point of damage consistently, and scales flatly with weapon upgrades (so barehanded you do 1 damage, with a sword you do 2 damage, etc etc) It's supposed to be a short and simple game, and I really don't want to mess...
  19. Spice up base game tiles

    Hiya! I'm quite new to this, so please let me know if there are any issues. I was wondering if anyone had any tilesets I can use to add more options to the base game options for VX Ace. I want to be able to decorate buildings better, making like bakeries and nice house interiors.
  20. Luna117

    Can I force a player to use a skill only on a specific enemy?

    Hi! In my RPG one of the player character works kind of like a constructor snake. It's actually a slime that attaches to an enemy. During its turn, it can use one of its abilities to attach to an enemy. Once it uses this ability, it has to use its turn to either keep constricting the enemy or...

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