1. Nenen

    VX ACE prefix missing.

    The VXAce prefix is missing (I was specifically trying to make a thread in 'Game Ideas and Prototypes') @Kirri has this problem too, https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?members/kirri.152248/#profile-post-134215
  2. AmbiguouslyAnonymous

    Help with Modern Algebra's Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    I've been trying to figure out a workaround for this all day and it's nearing 6 AM at this point so I figured it was about time to ask for help. Essentially, the script (found here) works just fine, but I can't find a way to let me change the graphic being used for armour under different...
  3. Jon_Doe

    Changing the length of the post-battle fade.

    Whenever I start a battle with an event, and put something after that battle, something very janky happens when the battle is over. After the battle is finished, the game does a fade out from the battle scene and fades back in to the map, but the problem is that the event waits until after the...
  4. [VXACE] Remove enemy emerged

    Hello RM Members, could you help me please, how to remove enemy emerged message when player enter to fight without yanflyBS. I use default BS (Battle System) Thank you!
  5. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  6. [VXACE] How to put BGS in title menu?

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to put BGS in title menu? So there are 2 music, BGM and BGS. Thank you!

    Hello RM Members, I need help for my project. is there any script for slideshow title screen? I need my picture of title menu can change/move like slideshow. Note: its okay though if the script also have smooth fade in/out transition. :ehappy: Thank you!
  8. Daphne04

    Check if actor 2 has the same name as actor 1

    Hello everyone, :kaohi: I have a quick question. I want to create a conditional branch to check if the name of actor-1 is the same as actor-2. More specifically: The player (actor-1) types their own name at the beginning of the game. When the player meets actor-2, the game asks them to give...
  9. Metthink

    (SOLVED)How to set a specific background to the battles in CSCA Colosseum?

    This script sets the map's background/battleback where it is called. Is there a way to add a specific image at the background of the battles in the colosseum? My script is like this at the moment: I already have the image I want to put as the background, but is not in the game yet. First of...
  10. Taiki16

    Minimap bitmap script problem [VX Ace]

    Hello everyone. I'm using Azraven's minimap script, the problem is that sometimes in game, on the map, an error message appears all of a sudden: "Error line 361 (or 362 sometimes too) RGSSError occrured. failed to create bitmap". To be honest, I don't really know how this error is triggered...
  11. gjoynerjr

    Question on porting a line of VXA Ruby to RMMV JS

    Hello everyone. I'm working on porting a VX Ace Ruby plugin to RMMV JavaScript and came across the following line: $game_self_switches[[@map_id, ev.id, PearlKernel::Enemy_Sensor]] I don't have a lot of practice with Ruby, so I'm curious as to what this is specifically doing. Is the 3-element...
  12. GalaxDev

    Using VX Ace on Linux via Steam. I keep getting an error. Help?

    Hello, I recently bought RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam. I am using Linux. I keep getting an error about the RTP, even though I installed it. Does anyone have a fix for this? For more context, it keeps saying that the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is not installed. Is there a certain way to install the RTP...
  13. Daphne04

    Script panic meter

    Hello everyone, :kaohi: I'm looking for a script to create a panic/sanity meter in the right corner of the screen. The idea is to use variable 23 to change how the meter/counter behaves. When the variable is 0, the meter is also 0. As the meter goes up to 100, the color gradually changes from...
  14. Daphne04

    Script call Break loop [Solved]

    Hello everyone. :kaohi: I have a quick question. Does anyone know a Break loop script call? (I'm aware of the break loop option in the event comments. But I'm setting up a conditional branch through a script call, so I can't use it.)
  15. Daphne04

    Help variable script call: QTE [Solved]

    Hello everyone. I ran into some issues while following the Eventing a QTE: Time Hits Minigame tutorial by Hiddenone. (I use VXACE, but the tutorial is for MV.) For most of the tutorial, everything worked the way it was supposed to. But at the 'Checking if the player hits the goal' part, it...
  16. remainderstudios

    Hunger and Thirst script error (VX ACE)

    Hi how are things. I am using the hunger and thrist script from ForeverZer0 and LiTTleDRAgo and it happens that it does not allow to use the command "add members to group" With this script, if in an event I use that command to add other members to the party, I get this error in "hunger hud"...
  17. Daphne04

    Event based, pressing sequence of buttons puzzle. [Solved]

    Hello everyone. I need some help creating a puzzle for my game. The idea is for a letter/arrow key to slide across the screen from left to right. When it hits the middle, the player has to press that specific key. When you press the key outside of the box or not at all, you will fail and start...
  18. dnel57

    How to Change Actor's Graphic without changing anything else.

    This is how to change the appearance(disguise?) of an Actor in your party in a way that you will not lose your level, equip, gold or anything else because you are only changing the graphics. It is done through an event. You don't need to change your equipment for this unless, you want to...
  19. nekuzx

    Custom damage formulas that I can edit all at the same time?

    Say I want my attack formula to read something along the lines of [a.atk - X], where X is a custom defense formula stored somewhere else in the editor, maybe in a placeholder skill ID. So if [X = b.def] and I want to change it to [X = b.def*0.5], this change happens to every single skill that...
  20. RaxecV

    Intelectual rights?

    I'm not sure if this is the right title. Hi guys! I'm fresh here but some friends and I have been making a game in VX Ace for some weeks. I've run into a bunch of tilesets from Celianna and I absolutely love them. I'm using some of them ... My doubt is, how do I credit her/him when the game is...

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