1. OmnislashXX

    Looking For Carriage/Wagon Tiles

    I'd like to show a Wagon/Carriage stopped alongside the roadway, but I really wouldn't know where or if someone has made any tilesets for them. If anyone could point me in right direction, that would be great. The engine I'm using it for is RPGMMV is that helps.
  2. Johan86

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread with all the resources I've edited or created for MV so far... Updated 11/02/2018: Added Castle Walls Updated 05/01/2018: Added Game-Icons-Net Iconset for MV Updated 20/10/2017: Added Wooden Fence Updated 08/10/2017: Added Extra Fence Updated 28/06/2017: Added...
  3. Johan86

    Static Behemoth Wagon

    Hello everyone! I made some edits on PandaMaru's lovely Market Tile and after adding some RTP pieces I created a Wagon! Lastly I added Whtdragon's amazing behemoth sprite after edditing it a bit! TERMS OF USE: Since most of this work is made by edits, I will link bellow PandaMaru's and...
  4. Kes

    Wrecked wagon - any engine

    Has anyone seen a wrecked wagon? No horse required, just the wagon itself.  It doesn't matter which engine it is for as I have them all, and I can edit an XP graphic to make it more suitable for Ace.  Thank you
  5. Alkorri

    Animated Open Wagon challenge

    Hello lovely people,  Here's a challenge for anyone who is interested. I would love to have an animated cart or wagon where actors sit in it and talk while the background moves. Does anyone have any idea how that can be accomplished? The closest resource I can see is this person CeruSkye...

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