1. Banjo

    Make a balloon wait until completion with a script call?

    Using the normal Event option, you can make the game wait until a balloon completes its animation, but I need to use a script call for this since I'm using a variable for the event id. This works fine, but the game doesn't pause for the balloon to finish and I can't figure out how to make it do...
  2. Trying to "Show Animation" on a random timer.

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to figure out a way to to play an animation randomly. It's just bubbles coming from the ground, and I'd like them to happen at random times, but I can't seem to figure it out. I've got as far getting a "Control Variable" but I'm not really sure where to declare the...
  3. tale

    MKR_ChoiceWait (Delay when showing choice)

    MKR_ChoiceWait - 1.0.4 2016/11/26 Creator name: Mankind Overview Adds a delay when choice display before select cursor shows up Gives a moment for the choice to be shown instead of instantaneous selection. Note: player can start choosing a choice without delay by moving up/ down key at least...
  4. ndcomix

    $gameScreen.fadeOut(), interpreter.wait(), and others not working.

    Hi there. I am experiencing issues with certain plugin commands executing in javascript. To isolate external factors, I created a brand new game with no plugins and wrote this simple code: Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) { if (command === "testFadeOut") {...
  5. dotKuhn

    'Wait' Battle command

    I'm using Moghunters' ATB Battle system and Cooperation Skills (Link: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-active-time-battle/) The thing is, there are 3 avaibles ATB: -Wait: ATB Stops during player turns -Semi: ATB Stops ONLY during a command window or target selection) -Full: ATB never...
  6. CodeHunterEx

    Scripting assistance please

    I am looking for help with using Common Event calls and Move Routes in RGSS3 Scripting. $game_temp.reserve_common_event(4) ^ That is used to call an event, but does it? ^ Also if I have text message in my scripts to see what is happening, it seems to run by them without stopping to breathe. I...
  7. Lapraniteon

    [RMMV] Execute event commands while displaying text.

    Hi. I've been searching for this for a while now but couldn't find anything that worked. So basically I want RMMV to not wait with executing commands until a text message is finished displaying. I want the program to continue the event while the text is busy displaying. Is there any way to do...
  8. tale

    Skip Text Wait

    Skip Text Wait 2012/12/07 Creator name: Nana Overview With this script, it is possible to skip text wait "\." or "\ |" by pressing C button (Enter key) Features Fast forward the text with Enter key without wait slowdowns. Installation Paste this script above Main. Or mirror post Credit...
  9. tale

    Fade-in Title Screen

    PD_DelayTitle (2017/06/26 Ver.1.01) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Title screen with a fade-in effect. Features - Parameters for adding delay/ fade-in to each image per frames - Command window included - Fade sequence can be skip by pressing confirm key Preview Terms of Use-...
  10. ty66kill

    how to delete turn-end wait delay?

    I tried https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/battle-log-speed.5301/ modifying battle log speed. and I tried SSEP speed up plugin, YEP battle speed opt plugin. but I cannot delete "turn-end wait delay" , the waiting when enemy's turn end how can I modify or delete it? :LZSbleh:
  11. Problems with the wait event

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong thread. I'm new to the site. Second, I need some help, whether it be an simple fix or a script. I'm making a game strongly based off gathering resources, and I want them to respawn over time using the wait command, but I've noticed an issue. Once you've...
  12. Changing Wait/Idle animation for item use in battle

    Hey there! I am utilizing SV actors for the game I am working on. By default, whenever using an item in battle, the "wait" animation that plays before performing the turn and using the item is set to the the sprite_actor.motion "wait". I attempted to browse through the JS files in hopes of...
  13. Isabella Ava

    Wait by Variables?

    Hello, i want to ask what is the script to make the game wait by a variable value? I tried this but received undefined error: $gameInterpreter.wait($gameVariables.value(1)); Thank guys :)
  14. Tok.wa

    [VX ACE] Slight delay before opening other windows in the menu?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is something that I could add into the Scene_Menu (or any script in the game) that makes the game wait n frames before opening other windows in the menu? For example, when I press X to bring out the menu, I'd like the game to wait 5 frames before opening the gold...
  15. _ENTER

    Events don't activate after teleportation

    Hey all, first post so I will try to make this as understandable as possible. After a certain events teleports me to a certain tile, which also has an event on it with player touch enabled, the event doesn't play and I need to walk a tile in another direction, and then return to the event tile...
  16. Indsh

    Applying Wait

    I'm using a show animation script $gamePlayer.requestAnimation(8); And I would like it to wait until finished. In the script calls it shows this.setWaitMode('animation'); I have tried a few things but don't know how to apply this practically. Any help would be appricated.
  17. Indsh

    Applying Wait

    I'm using a show animation script $gamePlayer.requestAnimation(8); And I would like it to wait until finished. In the script calls it shows this.setWaitMode('animation'); I have tried a few things but don't know how to apply this practically. Any help would be appricated. Edit. Wrong...
  18. Vetmora

    Wait event command - make it affect one event not all

    Having trouble trying to figure out how to make an event wait instead of all events when using the wait command. I have an event that when a variable = 2 then it waits 200 frames before switching the variable to 0 where it can then move again. However the wait affects the player as well as this...
  19. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movies?

    A couple of days ago I discovered the 'fast forward' feature that would speed up the game/events if you held down the space-bar/'accept' key (even during move routes/etc. without messages) But there is a problem. If you play a movie file and set the appropriate wait time in frames, you can...
  20. AdamSakuru

    Confused on how to figure out 'Wait' time for movie files

    Can someone explain to me how to figure out the correct wait time to use in the editor after playing a movie file? (if you're not sure what I mean, RPG Maker MV will still process your event while a movie is playing, the workaround is to use the 'wait' command to match the length of your movie...

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