1. DSBwizzard

    Help with adding "Low Health" alert

    Hello all, I am working on a project and would like some of the community's help figuring this one out. My goal is to have a sound effect fire off any time an actor's HP drops to, or below, a set threshold - maybe 25% - as a warning to the player. This warning sound would not sound off again...
  2. FoxySeta

    Warning when loading a save file

    An alpha's tester of mine got this warning when loading a save file. How can I solve this?
  3. ts50

    Warning points?

    I have a question. I got a warning point on my account for making too many status updates in one day. So I have some questions. What is a warning point, what does it do, and what does it mean?
  4. astrocurl

    Warning Labels For Your Games!

    :kaosalute:Hello Fellow Gamers !:kaosalute: I was recently browsing around the web, and playing a few classic horror RPG Games when I came across the thought that someone may find this useful . I've created a PSD Template for your RPG Warnings ! You can edit the text, colors, even add some...
  5. Warning to all artists: users that don´t pay for art - how to avoid

    Warning to all artists: How to avoid users that don´t pay for art. This can happen if you don´t have careful, this time I was stupid and made a mistake, learn from me. ------ User Ocedic <snip> don´t pay for art. http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/user/2792-ocedic/ Hi im new here...
  6. Aceri

    Virus from a Facemaker

    Hey everybody, I just got done talking to the staff on here because I kept getting a popup to download RPGVXAce 5, and after further investigation with the staff they surmised it was a virus, trojan, and or malware so I scanned my system and yup, there it was. Apparently the cause or source was...
  7. Mako

    Warning system has glitchs.

    Hello All! I have mixed feelings about reporting this bug, but Mako likes to be helpful and I will make the most of the warning. When making a post a get a 'confirm warning screen' seemingly at random. Now in IPB 3.3 I thought you only had to click this once. In this case it happens very...

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