1. Xyonel

    suggestion about how to animate waters in parallaxes?

    the title tell everything ;D just propose different method and argue about those, in order to get the most memory and cpu efficient.
  2. kat821

    Bridge is acting like a bush tile, how do I fix it?

    I made the water passable and it's set as a bush tile, so the player looks like they're partially submerged in water when they're walking in it. If I put a bridge on the water, the bridge also works as a bush tile, even though it isn't set up like so. How do I fix that? Both water and bridge...
  3. Terozu

    RPGMaker Basic Tiles

    So I made some basic Grass, Water, Poison, Dirt, Sand and Brush tiles. The water is slightly translucent, this lets you show a parallax beneath the image to give it a reflection like quality. They all autotile properly. The actual tile images are here: The tiles also include and utilize base...
  4. Maldra

    Passive Enemies on Water

    Hey all. Hoping someone can help me out with this.. I am trying to make some passive enemies on the water (jellyfish etc) so they wouldn't attack you unless you touch them. However, I also want them to move around. I tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. I tried doing a...
  5. Pix3M

    I want water tiles with 012 animation instead of 0121

    (I think I posted this in the wrong section… oops) I'm making my own tilesets but water doesn't flow back and forth. I want them to flow in one direction in a 3-frame animation. So I found this in rpg_core.js Tilemap.prototype._drawAutotile = function(bitmap, tileId, dx, dy) { ... ...
  6. Anchovy

    Different Region Access for Different NPCs

    Is it possible to create rules that restrict and allow different NPCs to pass through different regions? For example, if everyone's movement is random... Grass = Region 10 Water = Region 20 Event 1, 2, 3 = Cats Event 4, 5, 6 = Ducks Event 7, 8, 9 = Fish I want to bind Events 1-3 to Region...
  7. Maja McCloud

    RMMV Muriel's Quest (Demo 2.0.)

  8. ddblue

    Can I add the default animated auto-tiles for water to my parallax map somehow?

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to use the standard animated water tiles in conjunction with my parallax map. Currently I can put those tiles on top of my parallax map, but not under it. Ultimately, I'd love to cut out all the "still" water in my parallax map and instead just have...
  9. Lakaroth

    Water distortion Pixi.JS

    Hello there, i have found this on codepen https://codepen.io/pierrinho/pen/wrEaEV Is based on Pixi.js there's a way to use it on a picture or background in RMMV?
  10. Moving Water effect

    Hi everyone. I'm here to request something I've been waiting for since RMXP came out. It is a water moving effect, similar to a lot of SNES games. I've seen screen filters and all of that be done, so I was thinking to myself "Why can't one tile have an effect?" What I am talking about is like...
  11. WeirdoSheep

    Designating Block types (animated/water tiles)

    Hello, I am very new to RPG Maker (just bought it like a month ago) and was wondering if there's a way to assign different "types" to blocks in animated tilesets. For example, the first block is the animated water, while the block below it is for "deep" water that can be drawn on the surface...
  12. dawnhunter

    multi-directional animated water(MV)

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted here... I'm working on recreating a Zelda map so that I can teach myself some mechanics and - mostly - for fun. However I ran into a snag that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm recreating the Link's Awakening map and - unless I'm seeing this wrong - in the...
  13. Vengenous

    Walking on Water issue

    Hey guys, still new to the RPG Maker VX Ace. I was in the process of making my game which I ran a million times perfectly- but all of a sudden I’m NOW able to walk on water tiles in the world map???!!! How to I stop this? There’s no event, not even a tileset to change passage restrictions. Not...
  14. Parallax Panda

    [RMMV] Looking for (any) fire or water type "boss" battlers.

    Okay, so first of let me say that I'm looking for royalty free resources that can be used even in a commercial game. Hence I don't expect anyone to make me anything from scratch. In fact, that's not why I'm here. I'm just looking for help looking around for what's already available (free stuff...
  15. Kostekaro

    Help request MV. Creating on water moving events like enemy ships and sea monsters.

    Hi everyone. I try to make some "on water events" in my game and i have problem with it movement. I make a video to show u how it look like and i explain my problem. I didn't found any solution to it. In RMVX Ace forum i found somthing similar but i dont know how i can do it on MV. Link to...
  16. Ellie Jane

    Handling deep water

    I want to let the player explore my world, which involves finding new routes to places, hidden dungeons, etc. One of the means of doing this will be to let them explore water. Shallow water is easy to resolve. Footstep sounds with splashing, some animation to show them sloshing about. Bit...
  17. Josue Castillo

    RMV Autotiles (A1) Animated Tiles

    Hello, I was making some research to find some water or waterfall autotiles for RpgMakerMV but couldn't find any, besides the custom ones. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks!
  18. Making static ships to walk on at city docks??

    So I'm designing a set of docks for my game's major city and to bring that area to life more I want to make it so that there are some large ships docked, loading/unloading goods, etc. These ships would be set pieces and never move so to be clear I'm not trying to make a large ship I can move...
  19. How to stop water animation?

    Is there a simple (or any) way to stop the animation of water for a short period of time? A character in my game stops time but the water is still animated so it looks weird.
  20. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Water D beach with Water E water

    Resource type: Tile edits Maker format: MV Art style: MV RTP Description: I want a water tiles where the water is the "Water E (Port)" water, but it has the land is from "Water D (Sand)" It has to be able to transition seamlessly into the Water E tiles. (p.s. also it needs to be animated. :P)...

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