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    Update (10/21/18): All of my battlers will have their full health image and half health/beaten pose for those who might want to use them with Yanfly's Weak Enemy Pose Plugin. All my battlers are sized for RPGMaker MV but one day, in the FAR future, I may find a way to size them for ACE, or...

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Setup a system to cull enemies that are too far from the player to matter, and to spawn new ones just outside of view. Take that lag! :LZSexcite:
That trope is alive more than ever, not so much elemental Crystal's but gathering magical objects or doing "task" to unlock this oddly specific thing is everywhere, I saw it saw it in the IT 2 remake, avengers and every season of supernatural
It's raining...in winter :")
I was stunned-STUNNED-to find that I have been working on my current project since November. It feels like so much less time than that.
Stream will be live shortly with some art! Going to do a recolor, then start on a new monster! Feel free to drop by!

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