1. lawlietorochi

    Itens weakness, any idea?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be straight up I want a specific enemy and only he has weakness to a battle consumable item. For example: I want when I use the salt item on the "slug" enemy it dies immediately, but the "rat" enemy totally ignores it. Any idea? I tried to do it by status by creating the...
  2. Black Pagan

    Weakness Mechanics - Discussion

    I would like to hear your unique ideas about Weakness Mechanics in Battles. I know the most common things that come to your mind when anyone says "Weakness" would be Elemental Weakness. But this is not what I'm talking about. What i mean is something different. Here is an idea I have - A...
  3. void_of_the_mind

    Weakness/Critical Hit Boosts for the attacker.

    Hello all, I have a question about arranging a global passive using Yanfly's Auto-Passives plugin. http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Auto_Passive_States_(YEP) I have used this plugin successfully in the past but I am having some trouble writing a particular code. In wholeness; I wish to reward both...
  4. Pooky

    Change Actor Weakness and resistance mid-game

    Hello everyone. So in my game you are able to decide one elemental weakness and one element you are resistant against for your character. What would I have to do to give your character these elemental weaknesses and strengths mid-game?
  5. Rhaeami

    Elemental weakness/resistance without popups.

    Edited. I'm using Yanfly Battle Engine, which does pop-ups for strong or weak hits. However, pop-ups are not feasible for my project. I would like to take those messages and push them to the Battle Log instead, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. I can't figure out how Yanfly...
  6. DrakeLovesNekos

    Super Effective/Not Very Effective Pop Up

    In RPG Maker VX Ace I remember how a popup will happen saying "WEAKNESS" or something along those lines telling you that "ooh hey, this element works on this dude." but for some reason, I'm not getting that on MV. Help?
  7. Raijinn

    Elemental Weaknesses Give States

    I am currently in the middle of making a game, and I thought of everything, from battle systems to the story. Now, there's something I want to have in battle. Kinda dumb but..... I want elemental weaknesses to gives states. An example of this is from the Persona series, when the enemy is hit...
  8. KingKraken

    Adding a state to targets with elemental weaknesses?

    Hey guys, I have something that seems fairly simple but I can't quite figure out how to get it to work right. Basically as the title says, I want to be able to add chance to cause a stun state, to targets when they are hit with an attack element they are weak against. I've searched the forums...
  9. Nirwanda

    Victor's element stregthen+ Yanfly battle engine problem

    I'm using Victor's element strengthen alongside Yanfly's ace battle engine and while they both work ok, I've run into a problem that might be hard or impossible to solve: Yanfly's battle indicates whenever you hit a weakpoint with a special message and apparently, Victor's script strengthens...
  10. DungeonCrawler

    Weakness Buffs

    I'm trying to make a system in my game where if you hit an enemy's weakness, the actor that dealt the damage receives a certain state that gives them buffs for the next turn. So basically I'm looking for a plugin that gives the actor a certain state if they target an enemy's weakness...
  11. laaghisce

    Damage Alterations : Resistances and Weaknesses

    Hello! This topic is about damage multipliers and reductions, specifically from the enemy's attributions. The question is : Should the damage bonus or reduction from the enemy's weakness/resistance always be the same with every enemy or should it vary? Before I use my example, I will be...
  12. wrigty12

    Request: Adding to "EnemyBook" Plugin-Element/Buff Resistances and Weaknesses

    While the Enemy Book is very nice and useful, it is missing what I consider very important information about Enemies: What weakness and resistances they have to elements and buffs. It seems like this should be an easy addition, but I am not the one to try and add it in.
  13. Uzuki

    Multi-Weakness State

    Hey everyone, I want to make a state that effects various weaknesses on different enemies. So basically I want to do something this: Let's say Giant Frog's weakness to ice is 120%. When the player uses a skill to inflict the status, Giant Frog's weakness to ice increases to 150%. Now let's say...
  14. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] RPG VX Ace Monsterbook

    Hello dear RPG Maker VX Ace Community, I have been looking for a Monster Book-script for RPG Maker VX Ace, but all the Monster Book-scripts I can find for Ace only give the following information: But those things seem somewhat uninteresting for a player, since the stats don't matter as long as...
  15. Dr. Madd

    First Person-like Combat

    Good Day Scripters, I've got a rather complicated battle system to propose to you all. It's a bit of a challenge though. Here's how it goes: My game is set on the modern era, the main character can choose from a wide variety of jobs like an infantry, demolitionist, melee fighter, sniper and...

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