weapon animation

  1. Change default normal attack animation

    How do I change normal attack animation ? Example : When using sword type, instead of using slash physical, I want to use slash fire
  2. Weapon Image Animation

    So, I just downloaded some weapon animations from Amy's MV Stuff, and am trying to use it. What I'm asking is that: 1.) Do you have to merge custom-made Weapon Images with the original one that comes with RPG Maker MV? 2.) If not, how can I go about using the separate sheet? Is there a plugin...
  3. Obipandawan

    Weapon Art

    Hello!, Here are a few swords / animations i have made for MV, i have a pretty huge library my plan is to make large bundles to sell of ITCH. But a lot of people on the forums have provided a lot of free assets that have made my dev process soooo much better so i wanted to give away some of my...
  4. MayHeim

    Weapon Animations not displaying correctly

    Hello! I am having trouble with the attack animations now showing properly. Displayed below is my problem. I have turned off all my plugins and the issue persists. I've created a new game and the issue is fixed. I'm not sure what it is that is causing this. I've tried replacing the weapons...
  5. LunaCyclone

    How do I use new weapon sheets?

    I've come across some amazing weapon sheets that I want to use for sv battles. I have yanfly's weapon animation plugin, but the files need to be separate and not on sheets. How does one go about making use of them? I can't seem to figure it out.
  6. CapitalAkito

    Crossbow Weapons

    There are a ton of sword, axe, bow, etc. weapon sprites floating around for MV, but I've noticed a lack of crossbow sprites. I've found a few, but unfortunately since one of the main characters uses a crossbow, I would need way more. For my project, I need about 20 crossbow sprites of different...
  7. residntevl

    Knife Weapon Animations

    It's hard to find resources for knives and I love knives, so I made some of my own for my game, but I thought that'd I would share. Terms Credit required, credit Resi or Residntevl Free for non-commercial use Message me if you'd like to use them for commercial use. Icons Weapon Animation...
  8. Accatosh

    [solved] Change Weapon Animation

    Hello! I'm using RMMV. My characters in my game have guns. But I want them to use a knife when they use a skill called Stab. The problem is the weapon animation. Which plugin do I need to do this? How do I do it with the plugin? I searched my best, but haven't find an answer. These are the...
  9. Yep Weapon Animation Default weapons

    Hello,I'm new to using the Yep Weapon Animation plugin. I've searched online for a solution to the problem I'm having but can't seem to find one anywhere. I followed the video that Yanfly provides to show how to use the plug in to change the looks of your weapons...
  10. GenoGold

    Animated Side View enemy weapons

    So I have the yanfly plugin working fine for the animated enemies, but the video doesn't explain clearly how to give them a weapon other than the base weapan sprites. i know in the plugin there is 5 custom weapon slots, but none of them have a way to choose what weapon to use.
  11. Zealraid

    Zealraid's MV Resources (System Weapon and Tall Battler)

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my resource thread! I still new from making resource, I will update this thread everytime i make a new thing. I hope I can spend a lot of time to create a resource because this is a fun thing :hwink: 1. Dagger 2. Bow I realy like Vibrato's beautiful battler...
  12. Kaimi

    Kaimi's Weapon Forge

    So I recently created a few weapon motions for the sideview mode and decided to share them here. Information All images are edits of RPG Maker MV's RTP, unless stated otherwise, so please credit Kadokawa. Crediting me is optional, but will be appreciated. Free for use in both non-commercial...
  13. Crimson10910

    Weapon animation [MV]

    Hello everybody. At the moment I'm working on the game. This is my first graphic work, then I'll add more. I think this animation can be useful to you. Terms of use: Free Credit: it's not important Carolingian sword or Viking sword Roky's sword (old work) Just dark sword. Fire sword...
  14. Requst for Orhan's Sword

    If anyone could help me out that would be amazing! Resource Type: SV Battler Weapon Animation Maker Format: MV Art Style: RPG Maker Cover Art Description: I have been looking everywhere for King Orhan's sword.. All the other character's weapons from the cover art are included in the DLC except...
  15. Can't get SumRndmDde's Skillshot plugin to work with Yanfly's ( or ANY other plugin) to get the resu

    I've got 5 different abilities where I've tested all sorts of things, as you can see in the editor of the skills. Plugins used: http://imgur.com/a/UVqPd I think I've been pretty thorough in this post, but here is the example project download so you can test it yourself...
  16. Studio Blue

    Default Animation Always Playing

    In the database, I have each character's unique weapon associated with a specific battle animation (please see screenshot below). However, whenever I run a test play, the only animation that shows when any weapon attacks is the default "001 Hit Physical" animation. I'm not sure if it's something...
  17. swagloco

    Help with Yanfly Weapon Animation plugin. Weapon icon not showing up as in battle weapon when equipp

    (sorry for long title. I want to make this searchable for others having this issue! :D ) I have a problem. If someone can help me resolve it, I will make a video on it. Hopefully it's just a stupid oversight on my part, but this is really starting to get the best of me. 1. Goal To use the...
  18. Skill Alters Weapon Image

    Hello and thanks to any who might happen to glance at this. I'm trying to set up a skill that changes the users weapon animation for a single attack. Example: Hero has a sword equipped. They have a skill called Shoot Gun. Using that skill and some action sequence scripting the character...
  19. Yanflys Animation Augment Icon help Please

    In the proper order, i have both weapon animation and attachable augment plugins as per the animated augments video. As you can see in yanflys sample script, he has icons at 1093 and 1109.  I have in both my img/weapons and img/system folder the weapon1.png icon sheet. The animated weapon.png...
  20. GolvaeGames

    use weapon animation on skill

    Question is same as title, I've been trying to figure out how to make the sv actors use their weapon animations like with the skill:1 attack, on other skills. The best i have done is a spell activation motion with the weapon sprite, but they should be using the regular attack motion. I've been...

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