1. Weapon Sprite Position

    You know the weapon that appears when your character attacks in side view? well Im using taller sprites and I still want to use that. Is there a way to change the X and Y of that sprite to fit the taller sprites?
  2. RMMV Show all equipment in equip menu

    Hello, When for example, an actor cannot equip weapon type 1, then this type of weapons won't be displayed in equip menu at all. Is it possible to change that, so all weapons will be displayed there, even if an actor cannot equip it at the moment?
  3. lunarrosecrow

    Request For Camera Weapons

    RPG Maker MV Weapons So I'm making a game about paranormal investigators with one class being a photographer similar to Fatal Frame's protagonist I've already found one canera weapon by another artist i was wo dering if anyone knew where i can find more something like the examples below...
  4. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    How to fix skills

    I made a skill,but it doesnt work. How to fix this?
  5. Manthra

    Prevent closing equip scene if no weapon's equipped? [XP]

    Hi, could anyone tell me what do with this? I wanted to add an " if " to prevent closing the equip menu in case no weapon is equipped. I guess I should insert some kind of "if no weapon is equipped..." before the $scene = Scene_Menu.new(2) in scene equip, after the Input.trigger?(Input::b)...
  6. Bernkastelwitch

    [RMMZ] Sideview Weapon request?

    I know I won't get all of these weapons but I have a few weapons I kind of need for my game. Mainly a Rapier, a Bo Staff, a Magical Orb, and an Assault Rifle. Just for some references here: (Sidenote, every single Soul Calibur image that was small kept breaking and this was the only Viola...
  7. (closed)

    Hello Everyone I need help can you share your feedback about weapon category traits? I gave each weapon category some traits, I want to know what do you think of them. related to this, also for 'their' venture trial seperate, giving them category and traits. Weapon 3 type: Cut, Blow, Pierce...
  8. FG7

    FG7 - Easy Weapon Upgrade

    Easy Weapon Upgrade By: FamilyGamer7 Introduction Features Screenshots Demo Script How to Use Terms of Use
  9. KeenanAxolotl

    Multiple weapon/armour types per class?

    I am quite new to RPG Maker and I'm wondering if there is a way to get a specific class to be able to equip multiple weapon types. For example, if I have a class called "Fighter" and I have two weapon types called "Sword" and "Gun", is there a way to make a character with the Fighter class to be...
  10. kyonides

    KSwap XP

    KSwap XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever want to swap actors' skills or enemies' actions? Or perhaps you failed to swap actor's weapons or enemies' atk attribute on you own. If so, you would also need to be able to nullify such skills, don't you think? Then you will be glad...
  11. T3sCoconuts

    RMMV Battler SV weapon fix?

    Hi all, sorry if i have the wrong forum page, i have been looking though i cant seem to find anything that fits this "request" or rather information request so using rpgmv, making custom sprites, though having a small issue with the weapon, there small, and still in the same place as for the...
  12. Issue with weapon's state property affecting skills

    I have an issue with weapons - when I give a weapon property to give the target a state, it doesn't only for regular attacks but also for skills, unlike elemental properties that affect only physical attack. Is there any script or code to make a weapon's state property work only for physical...
  13. RMMV ABS Alpha - Weapon dmg

    Hello guys, i want to put some weapons in my game with different dmg. But i cant change the dmg of the weapon only the attack speed. I was searching on the internet all night i didnt found anything. So i can change my auto attack dmg with the first skill thats okay. But how can i add different...
  14. Broliant112

    How Do I Make "Overworld Weapons?" In RMVXA

    Sort of like the weapons in the trailer/game https://www.zombiebonsai.com/play-the-game, I'm wondering if there is an actual way to achieve this in RMVXA.
  15. LordNPC

    Multiple Attack Options

    I'm making a game where the characters can be equipped with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, similar to a handful of games in the Megami Tensei series; Devil Summoner, Strange Journey, and Shin Megami Tensei IV to name a few. I want each party member to have two generic attack options, a...
  16. totalwarANGEL

    RMMZ Random Treasures (Version 1.0)

    Hello there! :ehappy: After lurking around here, I've decided to post something. I am working on a game for quit some time and maybe never finish it *lol*. While developing I wrote some plugins for myself. This one here is the first I thought maybe someone else could need that. I searched the...
  17. Journey_Sticks

    Animations: Skill, Bug Net, Summon, Modern Military, Ranged Weapons

    Credit for Summon Ifrit: hiddenone, Kadokawa, & Avery https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/ Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use but let hiddenone know & send Avery a free copy Must own a valid copy of RPG MAKER MV Credit to...
  18. ovate

    Metsss MV materials

    Terms of Use- Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: OK Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV If you want to give credit, please include the url: https://metsss0221.tumblr.com/ credit: Metsss Source...
  19. Animals sprites, sewer tileset and battle animations

    Hello guys...I am just starting with sprite work and some animations using gimp...they look kinda cartoony...but I hope somebody appreceate them....feel free to use them and edit them anyway you like...giving credit would be nice (credit me as Diego Binder)...I don't take request as I am very...
  20. Robert Trent

    MP Absorb Attack for Weapon Type

    Hi there everyone. I was trying to make certain types of weapon able to absorb/gain MP everytime their physical attack successfully hit the target, pretty much in the same fashion of Dragon Quest XI, where mage weapons can absorb MP in the same way. I was wondering if you got any idea or...

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