1. Broken_squirrel

    Weapon Skills and Skill equip wont unequip

    Hello everyone! I have just realized my project has a big problem. First, a little explanation of the plugins and systems involved. I am using Yanfly's equip battle skills plugin. It limits the total amount of skills an actor can learn and adds a menu that allows the player to chose what...
  2. Side View Guns + Gun Tiles [PMusket]

    Not satisfied with the default MV guns I decided to make my own. You are free to edit the sprites as you wish and repost them(no need to credit me). Most of the weapons have a real and an airsoft version with sprites for the left and right side plus tiles with every skin and attachment.The tiles...
  3. mugen808

    SOLVED - Integrate a variable in weapon Note to be used in skill damage formula

    Hello, I would like to have weapons in RMMV that modify the damage formula of skills. Like ultimate weapons in FF VII, Cloud’s sword damage formula is different depending on his current hp condition. I am not sure if what I need is just a proper syntax to type in my formula or really a...
  4. Triforce Mario

    Give a State to a Weapon?

    So, this is most likely very obvious, but, how to you give a state to a weapon? Like, for example: You get a sword that does a bunch of damage, but if you equip it, you get poison instantly, and it can't be removed or something like that. Basically, I need to know how to add status effects to...
  5. Llareian

    Weapon/Armor Type "None" useless?

    Hi everyone. I want to verify that what I think I'm experiencing is true. If an armor's "Armor Type" or a weapon's "Weapon Type" is set to "None", does that mean it cannot be equipped by anyone? I had expected type of "None" to mean it could be equipped by everyone. It seems instead that if...
  6. Jenovation

    Weapons Unremovable but Armor is not?

    I have a question about how RPGMaker MV handles equipment of Weapons and Armor by default. If your Actor in its blank state has nothing equipped and then equips a weapon, the weapon cannot be removed by default. (the 'Remove' option is not there) This is not true for Armor, once an Armor is...
  7. Drexanz Xikam

    [Yanfly Equip Requirements] Automatically Removing Weapon

    I need my game to automatically remove the user's weapon when they no longer meet the requirement specified. Right now, if they have a specific armor equipped, they can equip the corresponding weapon. However, if they remove that armor, it doesn't remove the weapon as well. It's not that...
  8. KayZaman

    Attack enemy with right weapon

    Dear RPG crew and members, I wanna make enemy battlers where can be affect by certain weapon just like in the spoiler above.  Where enemy are not receive any damage from melee weapons (sword, dagger, spear, ect.) except projectile/missile weapons (guns, arrow, slingshot, etc.) or vice...
  9. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Making a Weapon that Hits Multiple Foes

    As the title says, we have a couple of special weapons in our game that when fired, are intended to hit all the enemies on screen. Other than having some crazy skill swapping going on, does anyone have a suggestion for how to make this work? Thanks!
  10. Kes

    Change from single weapon to dual wield

    I have a character who, if a quest is completed, I would like to change from using a single weapon to being dual wield.  I really don't want to go down the route of using a concealed change of class unless I have absolutely no other choice, as it will add a number of significant difficulties to...
  11. M.I.A.

    SV Weapon: Syringe

    Hey RPG Maker'er's. Below is a SV Weapon of a Syringe. It's just an edit from @Yanfly's Icon Sheet turned sideways. Use "Thrust" configuration (as though it were a Spear). Perfect for Yanfly's Tips & Tricks: Collect and Inject Ailments. Credit would be cool, but not necessary. Free...
  12. Blair Pendragon

    Dual Wield 2handed weapon event

    MV, just like Ace, Has the issue where dual wielding allows for the use of larger 2 hand weapons to be in each hand. (Since Shield slot becomes a Weapon slot, instead of just being treated as Right and Left hands.) I used a "Semi" fix to the issue. I have a common event that constantly...
  13. Fullereno

    Fullereno's Weapon & Armor Stuff

    Hi people :) I intend this thread to be mostly about weapons, but eventually it may content armor and other stuff. Feel free to ask for them. My intention is to make more weapons, maybe take some requests, but I do this as hobby, so I can't ensure delivery dates for requests, but I'll try to...
  14. MiniBeast2002

    Plugin Request: Weapon Specific Skills

    Right now there is only a way to have skills specific to weapon types. I would like a way for there to be a way to make some skills only available if a certain weapon is equipped. Example: Once "Rainbow Sword" is equipped, the character equipped will learn "Rainbow Slash". As soon as...
  15. Select weapon before attacking / Fire Emblem-like weapon plugin.

    Hey there, I would like some help with a plugin that will certainly help a lot of people. The plugin would be based on Fire Emblem, but more so on Final Fantasy Legend I, II and III. Basically, you can equip several weapons, let's say, an actor has 8 slots. In those 8 slots, he can...
  16. Val

    Items Weapons Armor Sort Plugin Would be really useful!

    Hello everyone, I want to know if someone could work on a script to help sorting all the weapons, armor, item, key items we can have in our games? Right now the listing follow the order you have created your stuff in your game and this becoming a little a garbage over time with your project...
  17. Consumable Ammo with use of Firing Weapon

    So I have looked around and can't find anything concrete on this. Is there a way to create a consumable type of ammo to use with a weapon, such as a Bow in one hand and an arrow where the Shield would be. Anyone know a way I could do this so that when I have any arrows left it lets me fire it...

    Syringe Weapon for RMMV?

    Hey guys!  I am making a character in a game that is supposed to be a type of doctor character who's primary weapon is a syringe.  Unsurprisingly, this does not exist in RPG Maker MV.  I also could not find anything online.  What I would like is a syringe that would appear to be stabbing the...
  19. astergilgamesh

    Custom Battler Sheet Size / Display Idle Weapon Stance

    First of all, my goal is to display the generated characters with their weapon held out while standing in battle, not just when they attack. It's true that old Final Fantasy games did not display their weapons while idle, and that's fine.  But we should be able to do that now if we can force a...
  20. Quite.Toxick

    Save the glove weapons! Plugin to selectively change weapon sprite priority

    Hi to all the scripters out there!  :) There is an aesthetic issue in MV I'd love to solve, but as I cannot script for the life of me, I have to rely on you guys. The problem:  Weapon sprites in MV always appear behind the battler sprite. This is fine for most occasions. If you want to...

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