1. Centipede

    Weapon customisation or Accessories?

    Along with the usual armourers and weapons dealers, I've thought about an artificer shop who can mod your gear. But I'm stuck about which way to go. I've got two options:  1) He takes your weapon and turns it into something more powerful. The menu might look a bit like this: Customise > Sword...
  2. King Galaxian

    Special Ammo Script

    Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I'm currently using Asagi's Gun License as an ammo script for vx ace. The big problem I have is that It makes it so the character using ammo can't use any weapon without ammo. What I need is a new script that's simple to use and that still let's...
  3. lemons

    Limited usage of a weapon

    I was wondering how one would go about making it so that a weapon could only be used in battle a couple of times? For example, you aquire the weapon, you use it as many times as you wish during one battle, then a second battle, and then a third- but after the third, the weapon disappears, as if...
  4. TheDrifter

    Penalties for not wielding weapon with 2 hands

    Greetings, In my project, I'd like to add more realism to weapon wielding. I'd like to use tags in the noteboxes of weapons and shields to give bonuses and penalties for wielding equipment with only one or two hands, depending on each item. For example, John likes swords. Wielding a Longsword...
  5. richter_h

    Smithing -- Simply Upgrade Your Weapon

    Smithing -- Simply Upgrade Your Weapon version 1.0 by richter_h (a.k.a. Richter II) Introduction Ever played Suikoden? That game has some blacksmithes that provide weapon upgrades and (maybe later) some enchantments, making your fights would be easier than using a simple stick to the brawl. And...

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