1. Celestrium

    Materials to be used for Weapons in Fantasy Games

    Hello, I just wanted to get some input from the community. I am just looking for examples of materials used to craft weapons and armor for a fantasy game. Example: Copper Brass Bronze Silver Iron Gold Platinum Mithril Orichalcum Elm Oak Dragon Bone Etc... Just thought a group brainstorming...
  2. Telemindred

    How do I clear inventory?

    I'm trying to set up the game so that instead of "game over" when they die, they return to the beginning again, losing their skills, level ups, but also all their inventory items, weapons and armors. I tried to set up a common event where it removes every item but the problem is there are so...
  3. RMMZ (Plugin Request) Weapon Slots for Enhancements

    I have been searching for a plugin that adds “slots” to weapons, but have not been able to find one for MZ. I made a few posts on here asking for help finding one and did lots of Googling, but to no avail. I also attempted to “event” the slots for weapons, but either it cannot be done in...
  4. lunarrosecrow

    Request For Camera Weapons

    RPG Maker MV Weapons So I'm making a game about paranormal investigators with one class being a photographer similar to Fatal Frame's protagonist I've already found one canera weapon by another artist i was wo dering if anyone knew where i can find more something like the examples below...
  5. [HELP]Armors & Weapons option don't appear on the menu

    This is really frustrating, because every time i search this on google it shows the opposite of what i'm looking for. Tittle says it all, here are some screenshots. And here is my plugin list PS: NO, "remove annoyance" is not the problem, i already removed it and tested it and the problem...
  6. Restrict Item to Class

    Hi, i recently stumbled across this thread https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/items-class-restriction.31546/ where it explains how to restrict items based on the class they can be used on. But i can't quite make it work. I follow this step by step but it seems like nothing is...
  7. JardsonJean

    Daggers, Spears and Axes - Iconset and Side View Animations

    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://ladyluck.itch.io/simple-iconset-weapons This is a simple compilation of icons for general use. The size is 64x64, which is much bigger than what RPG Maker requires, but since I make them using vector graphics, I wanted to upload them bigger, so people can resize them...
  8. Devildimos

    Giving each Weapon a unique ability/state/advantage/disadvantage

    Whats up everyone!? Today I have been looking at many weapon designs and though to go here asking "What would you give that weapon?" So what do I mean with "weapons with unique ability/state/advantage/disadvantage"? Now I am not talking about magical, spacial weapons. I am talking about simple...
  9. Gabriel-Chi

    Cutting, Blunt and Piercing (dmgs?)

    So i was making a game that has cutting,blunt and piercing as elements I made those to make so ''melee" and physical characters feel better to play with, and that going both aways, hitting monsters that have weakness(es?) to one or more of these elements, or when the characters equip armor that...
  10. coucassi

    Amount of Weapons & Armors

    How do you decide how many weapons & armors to include in your game? I’m not talking about weapon types but about the amount of say different swords the player can find throughout the game. I’m really struggling with this lately. Since I decided to complete the database as much as possible...
  11. mr_ringtales_workshop

    Weapon Slot Locking: Dual Wielding

    Hello All! I hope this is in the right place. But I have hit a bit of a snag in my game development. I know how to lock an equipment slot. However, I have a unique circumstance. I have a character that can DUAL WIELD. And I simply want one hand to be locked. So one weapon remains equipped for...
  12. ovate

    How to remove Weapons for custom sideview actors

    If you're using com-sho's Japanese-style battlers, numakara (沼から現れた) sideview battlers, or your own graphics. You probably don't want Weapons to show during sv-battle when you already have a weapon on sideview actors. Note: if you're not using your own graphics, please follow terms of use...
  13. goldrat1

    RMMV Weapons not appearing with YEP Animated SV Enemies

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to make one of my enemies use a hammer with some of its attacks. I'm using YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies to do this, but it's not working quite correctly. I've put the following tags into the enemy description: <Sideview Battler: HAMMERNEMY> <Sideview Weapon: 24>...
  14. M3TALL1CA

    How would I create my own weapon designs and add them to MV?

    I'm literally brand new to making games as I bought MV only two days ago. I'm making a small game to start off with all defaults just so I can get used to the system. I just want to know how to do this for future reference! Thanks in advance for answering!
  15. NeoShima

    Bleeding effect when attack by a knife

    I have added a knife to my game. And also I have added a "bleeding" statement. I know how to add effect to skill, but I don't know how to make this with weapons. Can you help me?
  16. RoseRainblood

    Is there a way to have an image layer (e.g. a weapon) above side-view battlers?

    Hello! I'm currently adding weapons to each frame for my side-view battlers in their spritesheets. I think it'll look really cool to actually see them holding their weapon in battle! However, my dilemma is that I have 100's of possible versions of my "hero" character, because there is a custom...
  17. Tech

    Alt-Fire for Shooter-Like game

    One project I'm working on is a game that takes after shooters. One of the influences is Doom 2016/Eternal. To that end, most of the weapons are guns, with a secondary fire mode in place of spells (although those exist too). I'm just kind of at a loss as to what alt-fire the pistol, minigun, and...
  18. dreamfall887

    Looking for weapon generator parts (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find sword/staff/shield/bow and arrow generator parts for RPG Maker VX ACE? They make it look like the sprite has their weapon sheathed or carrying their weapon? I remember finding some weapon generator parts awhile ago but I cannot remember who made...
  19. Uzuki

    How to change item cost depending on weapon type equipped?

    Hey y'all, so I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cost Item plugin to create gun weapons that use bullets for ammo. Now the problem comes when making the skills for these guns and not wanting to make 4 or 5 versions of the same skill that use different item costs. The plugin allows you to change the item...
  20. BloodSoakedPuppeteer98

    Creating weapons with custom properties (SOLVED)

    I'm trying to make weapons and armour with custom properties that cannot be defined just by the engine's database, so of course, I'm going to be using scripts. The script is going to read a .txt file and therefore come up with properties such as this: [0] name="Bronze Sword" might=10 acc=100...

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