weather ex

  1. CalebW

    Working Weather Events

    If you want to add weather to your game, the plugin needed for this will be MOG hunters Weather_Ex plug-in. Additionally you will need the pre-built “weather folder from the download moved over into your game folder where img, js, audio, etc are. These will be the images you call. The 3rd page...
  2. OcRam

    OcRam - Weather_EX plugin [v2.05 updated 2020/02/22]

    Introduction Weather Extensions to default RMMV weather system. And with a little configuring you can add fully customized and automated weather system! This is what this plugin does: Weather can be inherited to battle scene Storm, blizzard and rain may have BGS (volume varied by power)...
  3. Iliketea

    Problem with Moghunter's Weather EX

    Hi everyone,  I hope you can help me with a problem I have. I want to use Moghunters amazing weather plugin : However I have a really annoying problem with it! I made a event like this: I made sure that the plugin call is 100% right and it works just like it should, a really light leaf...

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