1. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Combat and spell skill related mechanics, as well weather mechanics any thoughts?

    Hi, so i am pretty new here, designing a game, thought there are some mechanics that i would like to use, not sure if anyone has tried them b4, so here we go ^^- spell & skills all spell and skills will be on a skill tree, possibly, a spell skill tree, would like to have it that you can...
  2. Anyone

    Adding Weathereffects to Moghunter's Weather EX

    Okay, so I've got an issue I need help with. Warning, I'm an absolute beginner who, for the most part, has no idea what he's doing. The issue is with Moghunter's RMV - Weather EX. I don't know the rules for posting someone else's scripts for support purposes, but just to be safe, I'll only...
  3. JohnDoeNews

    Clock & Calendar Workshop (Steam)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOT DOWNLOAD LINK HOW DO I USE THIS TO LEARN? (!)Explaining is done in MV, in the (common) events, NOT in the game. The game just shows you some funny examples. WHO MADE WHAT?
  4. Hahasea

    Galv Simple Crops water with rain

    Hey guys, I've got a farming system set up with Galv's Simple Crops, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to set it to water all the plants when it rains. The plugin has this script call which seems like the key: I tried replacing the bottom line of this script (which is for...
  5. Yougotsomechocolate

    Question on weather graphics

    So, I've come up with a problem, where are the weather assets located in your game files? I would like to change the graphics of the weather, not add new weather effects (Although that might come up later) so if anyone can help, that would be great. I'm using Version 1.6.2 of MV as of posting...
  6. dragonx777

    RMMV Breath of the Wild Weather System

    Yes, I know there are a lot of weather plugins. I am using Mog's Weather-EX and Ocrum Weather EX to get the effects I want, and I know you can event them, but I'm looking for an easier way. I have more weather conditions in my game aside from Rain, Snow and Storm and that's a lot of conditional...
  7. Ztron5

    Weather effect title screen

    I don't truly know if this is the right place to post this, but... I'm looking for a way to make it snow in the title screen. Can you guys help me with it?
  8. JohnDoeNews

    AutoSave+ (Also for weather, day/night, skillgrid etc)

    ======================================== ABOUT THIS PLUGIN - JDN_AutoSavePlus.js ======================================== This plugin: Runs common event of your choice - when you switch maps - when you lvl up Saves or loads the game at a plugin command This is useful for: - Autosave - Weather...
  9. OcRam

    OcRam - Weather_EX plugin [v2.06 updated 2020/02/23]

    Introduction Weather Extensions to default RMMV weather system. And with a little configuring you can add fully customized and automated weather system! This is what this plugin does: Weather can be inherited to battle scene Storm, blizzard and rain may have BGS (volume varied by power)...
  10. Is it possible to have a Weather script based on irl

    Is there a script for vx ace that can either retrieve data from a website for a variable or gather local information for weather? I know there scripts for real time but that's all I know.
  11. gregbaby

    (VX ACE) Help with Selchars HM Calender Script + Khas Awesome Light Effects.

    Hello everyone! I hope there is somebody here who can help me. I'm currently trying to get these two scripts to play nice. #Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System #Author: Selchar #Version 2.1 LINK TO THIS SCRIPT and # * [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects # * By Khas...
  12. Hollow 1977

    Dangerous Weather

    We all know about tornadoes and hurricanes as well as typhoons but there is another smaller type of storm that is more deadly and can occur within minutes with no warning. It will look as if the sky has fallen down and it's true as this storm pulls the cold air down to the ground and spreads it...
  13. Weather

    Hey, how do you make weather work in MV? I have a folder in my images called "Weather" but can't seem to make it work. Anyone got any ideas? Do I need plugins? Though should I mention what game it is first?
  14. Rinobi

    Yet Another Time System

    Yet Another Time System by Rinobi Yet another time system script! There's many to choose from already, and here's another one. It's super easy to use with lots of customization options to fiddle around with.
  15. ShinySlowqueen

    Tweaking Weather Effects

    It's a minor thing, but I'd like the screen to not get QUITE so dark when it's snowing.   I found this snippet within Spriteset_Weather: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Dimness...
  16. mogwai

    Lets talk about the weather.

    I'm in the plains in late January so it's pretty cold. My grandpa had a saying "The days get longer; winter gets stronger." This last week we had a few nice days. It got up to about 50ºF in the afternoon and I went for a walk in the first time for a while. It's around 40°F right now so not...
  17. Ancientspark74

    Weather control in autorun events or a better way?

    So I have a switch called GotShovel and if that is on,  I want my rain to clear up..  outdoors only of course..  so I had this working as a conditional branch with else.. if gotshovel = on then    weather event is off Else    weather even on then set self switch a on next...
  18. Stop the Weather Inside - Outside

    Hi everyone. I have a question avout the weather system with MV.  On a village Map, I would like the snow to turn off when I enter an house. So I did it like it. Outside - There is a parallele event turning the weather to snow (60 sec ? is it important ?) When you Open a door I...
  19. Complete Climate, Weather and Time System plugin

    Hello i search for time system which includes weather effects in it, I mean if someone would be able to migrate old rpg maker xp script to mv engine i would be happy :). By old script I mean  time system CCTS with advanced weather system(both made by the same person zer0?), which is probably the...
  20. KillerGin

    MV Battle weather plugin background issue (Hime)

    Hello Hime! Ever since the update to 1.3.3 the battle weather plugin has a small glitch. The battle background does not fully cover the screen. There is about a 60 pixel gap at the bottom of the screen horizontally. Just seems the placement is off by -60 pixels Y. When I disable the plugin...

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