1. ShinySlowqueen

    Tweaking Weather Effects

    It's a minor thing, but I'd like the screen to not get QUITE so dark when it's snowing.   I found this snippet within Spriteset_Weather: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Dimness...
  2. mogwai

    Lets talk about the weather.

    I'm in the plains in late January so it's pretty cold. My grandpa had a saying "The days get longer; winter gets stronger." This last week we had a few nice days. It got up to about 50ºF in the afternoon and I went for a walk in the first time for a while. It's around 40°F right now so not...
  3. Ancientspark74

    Weather control in autorun events or a better way?

    So I have a switch called GotShovel and if that is on,  I want my rain to clear up..  outdoors only of course..  so I had this working as a conditional branch with else.. if gotshovel = on then    weather event is off Else    weather even on then set self switch a on next...
  4. Gregaur

    Stop the Weather Inside - Outside

    Hi everyone. I have a question avout the weather system with MV.  On a village Map, I would like the snow to turn off when I enter an house. So I did it like it. Outside - There is a parallele event turning the weather to snow (60 sec ? is it important ?) When you Open a door I...
  5. Complete Climate, Weather and Time System plugin

    Hello i search for time system which includes weather effects in it, I mean if someone would be able to migrate old rpg maker xp script to mv engine i would be happy :). By old script I mean  time system CCTS with advanced weather system(both made by the same person zer0?), which is probably the...
  6. KillerGin

    MV Battle weather plugin background issue (Hime)

    Hello Hime! Ever since the update to 1.3.3 the battle weather plugin has a small glitch. The battle background does not fully cover the screen. There is about a 60 pixel gap at the bottom of the screen horizontally. Just seems the placement is off by -60 pixels Y. When I disable the plugin...
  7. How to make an attack that triggers a weather event in battle to last x turns?

    So, there's an attack I have in mind where swords fall from the sky for 3 turns. However, after the character uses this sword skill, he can freely use other skills or moves while this effect is in place. This isn't Jump from FF, or Solarbeam from pokemon, or an attack that the character repeats...
  8. Battle Weather Effect

    I've been working on a game in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I recently came across Dekita's battle weather effects script -- very cool! The script works exactly as it says it should; if I have some weather set on a map and then begin a battle, the weather effect continues in the battle. However, I was...
  9. MicahMonferno

    Better Weather?

    In the Animal Crossing Fan game I'm making, the seasons change, and I was wondering, is there a way to make Spring tree petals fall from the sky, like in animal crossing?
  10. PhoenixX92

    How To Make Weather Effects Last (somewhat) Forever?

    Alright, I'm sure there's threads on here about making it rain forever on a map or something, but I can't find one through the search feature. I'm trying to make it rain somewhat forever in my project, and I cannot figure out how to make it exceed 600 frames without setting a "wait" command...
  11. TheVektorKnight

    Vektor Weather System

    Vektor Weather System v1.0 TheVektorKnight/Derek de la Peza Introduction This is an enhanced weather system that I recently developed for a project I am involved in as the lead programmer. Realizing it might be useful to other developers, I decided to release it to the public. This system...
  12. thefusense

    Permanent weather on a map?

    I would like to have a snowstorm always on a specific map. Its supposed to start always when the player gets on the map. How can I realize this?
  13. thefusense

    How to set weather on a map?

    I would like to have a snowstorm always on a specific map. Its supposed to start always when the player gets on the map. How can I realize this?
  14. Zephro

    Instantly stop weather effects in action?

    So I have a complex parallel common event for weather which randomly chooses weather and how long it lasts, ect. but my issue is turning off weather inside. I have a switch for inside that sets weather effect to none in 1 frame, which works unless the weather had just recently changed. This is...
  15. Rinobi

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System [Alpha]

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System By: Rinobi Version History 0.7 Alpha Release [12/24/2015] Introduction This script adds a totally customization calendar system complete with day/night cycles, seasonal weather patterns and tilesets. The goal is to give the developer complete control over...
  16. Zephro

    Better weather?

    While the MV weather and intensity options are nice, I feel like it could be improved. I think the max intensity isn't intense enough, and could go further a few more notches. The snow max intensity is the worst. It still looks like just light snowy weather. Also, to make things more...
  17. Milena

    Question about Weather Class

    I have a question about weather. So I copied the weather class and made a new one. I also made all the same implementations, such as when to create, update, etc. However I don't know what exactly happens how to call it. So my questions is: In the normal weather, how do you manually set a...
  18. HalcyonDaze

    Randomize Weather EX

    Since Moghunter's Weather EX is the only overworld weather plug-in we have right now, how would I go about setting it up to display weather randomly? Like say, sometimes it would rain, and sometimes it would be clear, and sometimes it would thunderstorm. From what I can tell, you have to change...
  19. Nik0405

    Nik0405's Events | ***NEWEST: Day/Night/Weather-Event V1.5.0***

    Nik0405's Events by Nik0405 This is an collection of all my Events/Tutorials for the "RPG Maker MV". Please report bugs or things that could be improved, ask me for other Events/Tutorials I should do and feel free to ask if you don't understand something. Also feedback is very...
  20. RouletteBunnie

    Need Help with Weather Looping

    Good Afternoon, I am currently having problems with my weather looping. I have it all set and frames are correct, the only issue that I am having is that the weather looping transfers to other maps that are connected to the map ( like sub maps created under a certain map ). Is there a way to...

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