1. Browser version doesnt save (newgrounds)

    The game works ok on dektop, I tried uploading it newgrounds for fun but, there were issues with loading time and saving. I used the web option when deploying. Zipped it up and uploaded to Newgrounds. The game works but there's two issues. 1. You cant save. You can open the menu and click save...
  2. atoms

    Missing some stuff from Dark Fantasy Resource Pack

    Hello I purchased the Dark Fantasy Resource Pack in the bundle on New RMW Store (US Degica Shop). It says it comes with "Tileset: 15 files" and "Windowskin x 1" and "SV animated battlers". I think I'm missing these. There is no tileset folder, nor any sv_actors folder and there is a sample...
  3. ovate

    Screenfly – Test Your Website at Different Resolutions

    https://bluetree.ai/screenfly/ Perhaps this could be helpful to see how MV web exported games looks like through variety of device screen resolutions. I'm not involved with BlueTree. I wanted to share a resourceful website about trying different screen resolutions. Edit: There was Resizer- an...
  4. RPG XP in Browser! (Experimental)

    So I decided to really push the limits, and try to port mkxp to WebAssembly/asm.js. The result? https://pulsejet.github.io/mkxp-mruby-emscripten-demo Note: DON'T click "Continue" since it quits for now. Got this working in subsequent builds Managed to get the stock project working (just using...
  5. vfxblender

    Deployment without using Web API on andriod

    (First thread wasn't sure how to select deployment thread, Shaz don't get on to me.) So currently I was able to port my game over to an .apk file using this program https://websitetoapk.com/ (select local html and output and source file settings and add full screen option- To anybody who is...
  6. Harken_W

    Safer save files in Web deployment

    It's to my understanding that when a rpg maker mv game is played in the browser online, it's save files are kept in a temporary folder of sorts. When the user clears their cache, the save files will be lost. I have no experience with this so I assume there's a good reason for it? I know it's...
  7. Online deployment stopped working - Stuck on loading screen

    Hi everyone, I've had my game online for a couple weeks now with no issues, but I made some updates to the game and it's now gets stuck on the loading screen, although "loading" doesn't flash. The game works locally either from the .exe file or from running the index.html file through Firefox...
  8. Velare92

    Deployment to webbrowsers and mac fails

    Hello there, since a few days, after starting to deploy my games to Mac and Webbrowsers, I'm encounting some problems. First of all, the Mac Version: If I'm trying to deploy the Mac version and send it to someone to test it, I always fails to start the game. "The application "Game" can't be...
  9. Fumetsujo

    Multiplayer and MMO Server (quasi real-time)

    Hi peeps, I've worked on a way to make Rpgmaker MV work in multiplayer. This with built-in chat & seeing other players.  You are allowed to do with it whatever you want, but if it's a commercial project do mention my name "Fumetsujo" please.  Info:  Fumetsujo multiplayer/MMO Server...
  10. tsnyder0928

    Retrieving data from web JSON

    Hi all, I am trying to get input from a web server to fill a variable in my game. What I am doing is setting the current weather in my game to the current local weather of the user. I am using openweathermap.org and the data is returned as JSON formatted data. How can I get the game...
  11. JRibbons

    Web Deployment Bug

    When deployed for web and played through game sites such as Newgrounds or Kongregate, I get this error message: fail to load: img/overlays/pars/par11.png This image is definitely in the folder I uploaded, so does anyone have any idea what is happening? Is the folder structure too deep? I'm...
  12. Hitzuki Key

    Hitzuki Key's Doodads-list! (New: Indrah's Nature & Dungeon Doodads!)

    Good day fellow makers and friends! Welcome to my Doodads' Collectibles! Feel free to browse to your heart's content! If you want to stay updated to new doodads from my part, make sure to follow my profile! ♥ The name of this great armored person is unknown, but he likes to be called the...
  13. GoodSelf

    Learning Together discount?

    60% off on the RPG Maker web store? Is this a dream? This discount is absolutely insane. I'm about to go on a crazy shopping spree!
  14. JRibbons

    Uploading Game to Kongregate

    Hi lovely people I've asked this question on Kongregate, but have so far had no response.  I've deployed my RMMV game for Web, then attempted to upload it to Kongregate. I uploaded the index.html file, then zipped the remaining 'www' folder and uploaded that zip file as separate files...
  15. Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 hosting Suggestion

    Hi, I'm looking for a good asp.net hosting provider with the following details:   $5-$14 budget Location is in US Great support since I'm not totally a pro but can understand things easily. up to 10 domains  50,000 to 100,00 visits PS: I'm considering the following...
  16. takashi1kun

    WebBrowser InGame

    Hello, first sorry for my bad english, this more than a plugin is a implementation of this: https://github.com/Irrelon/html-to-canvas to rpg maker, sience it have a free licence to modify distribute etc... im going to adapt it to rpg maker mv Why im going to put html in my game? for example you...
  17. Val

    Game don't load on Web Help? Lauching game on Web

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to follow the video I saw here on youtube to put your project on the web with the help of Google Drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjcRf0hwdH0 In theory is quite simple, but when I upload my project and try it online here the adresse...
  18. cellicom

    Exporting to Web - Error. Script Error.

    Hi to all, i have some error when i try to export my testgame for the web: Here the link with the error:  http://www.cellicomsoft.com/rpgmakermv/ i followed the guide: - i uploaded the project to my web server.   i missed something to do or it is just a bug? Thanks in advice cellicom
  19. How i can export my project for public on a website like in the demo prepaid of rpgmakerweb?

    How i can public my project on a website? I see the demo in the prepaid rpgmakerweb and I want learn to make the same. I only see 3 options for export my project, desktop, mac, android/IOS but not website. Thanks
  20. Alyon93

    Spider Web Animation

    Hi guys, Here i am again, Anyone having a spider web animation that I can use to create the proper animation for standard battle system? I already searched throughout the forum and the web itself. If you have one, can you suggest me a way or two on how to create a good animation? I'm not...

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