1. Random WebGL Error

    Version Info: PixiJS 4.5.4 - WebGL RPG Maker MV 1.6.3 - (Steam Version) Computer - MacOS 11.1 w/ - Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB - Memory: 32 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X - Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Randomly when I test my build or actually deploy it it get this error...
  2. ovate

    360 Panorama

    MSPanorama - 2019/09/17 (1.0.1) Creator name: moriya shige Introduction Adds a 360-degree panoramic distant view. This plugin uses Three.js, a library for creating 3D content with WebGL, but does not work with something that don't support WebGL. Features - Parameters to store variable in X or...
  3. Al-Farizi

    RMMZ Problem with webgl help me please

    Hi there i have some problem with rpg maker mz to be precise in the webgl problem written there that my browser does not support wbgl but when i test it on google with my browser, it say that my browser is support webgl can someone help me? my default browser is chrome and it's suport webgl...
  4. what is webGL?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well, I have a question, which is webGL, I am installing a plugin that improves the graphics of rpg maker mv, but in the instructions it tells me that webGl is required, and I have looked for it to be but not e found nothing or at least not found something...
  5. ramza

    Large battler sprites activated mid-battle

    Good evening I'm having a really strange problem, and I haven't been able to trace down a way to fix it. I have several skills in my project that transform the user's battler sprite into a different file. The several skills that I have that have this feature work as expected, and the actor will...
  6. Val

    Performance issue WebGL over Canvas mdoe?

    Hello everyone, I want to know if there is a way to for the game to be played in Canvas mode instead of WebGL?  Because I run a lot of test and I see some frame rate really drop in battle or outside while in WebGL running the game. and when I play in Canvas Mode everything run good...
  7. Jonforum

    New graphic card = rmmv are in Canvas Mode ?? BUG ?

    Hi guys and tanks for help,  is it a bug or i missing something. I just change my graphic card, and now to play test in the soft run in Canvas Mode , very very laggy !. Is a gtx 1070 Befor my old 10 Year graphic card ( Quadro 1800 FX)  run in WEBGL very fast !. What the solution ...
  8. Kimimant

    Parallax Mapping: Crashes because of pixi.js

    Hello makers, I have a problem with game crashes when my game loads the pictures I need for my "parallaxmaps".   A week ago I started to use this technique for my maps and it looked beautiful so I began to rework all my maps. I use these following plugins for my maps: TDDP_PreloadManager (by...

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