1. tale

    Game Recorder

    Torigoya_GameRecorder - 2018/06/06 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) [ru_shalm] Overview Game screen recording system(β), output: webm Note - This plugin works with RPG Maker MV version 1.6 or above - If you record for a long time, the game will stop working. The recorded file is saved next to...
  2. NovetNovA

    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello! im using the latest beta branch version and videos aren't looping correctly. There's a clearly visible blinking that randomly ocurrs between loops. That's the only bug i've encountered so far, but i think it's a problematic one. Looping videos are a constant resourse on my proyect. (it's...
  3. skodone

    [BUG] Video keeps freezing randomly at begin of MapLoad

    User: Skodone/Ben Bug: Video keeps freezing randomly at begin of MapLoad How to Replicate the Bug: When one puts an event with a videocall (WEBM) at the beginning of a map, so it is triggered as soon as possible via player touch, the video is very likely to freeze after a small amount of frames...
  4. _Shadow_

    Video formats, codecs, rights of use in commercial games (webm, h.264 mp4)

    I was wondering, does Degica or Enterbrain grants us the right to use codecs like h.264 mp4 as developers? I mean this can be an issue when it comes to commercial products, especially on a cross platform game, right? So what is the case here? Can we freely use h.264 mp4 or shall we stick with...

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Welp, ended up at the hospital with the oldest so mebbe might make the game jam's deadline. Maybe not. Regardless, really digging MZ.
I had lots of fun! Kids loved me, and some took pictures. Unfortunately, the videos didn't send... but you'll see Chica in action when I do a trailer for Fandom Scouts!
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Thanks for your review.
I was checking the trailer for details and as the woman shut the door at the exact moment the song I was hearing said "you slim the door" and I couldn't resist to add it there. :D And I used this idea one more time on another scene.

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