1. 16bitking

    RM2k/3 Where the Moon Goes at Night (Demo available)

    For roughly the past two years, I've been working on a game called "Where the Moon Goes at Night". Inspired by the RPGMaker classic Space Funeral, the Japan exclusive Giftpia, and the cult classic Earthbound (MOTHER 2), I set out to create a unique approach to the RPG genre: stat growth is...
  2. Odd Request, but TXT Variables?

    ok so i'm new to this website, so expect to see problems in this post. context on this: i'm making a game that's a bit of a hybrid, i sorta combined a VX Ace Project with MUGEN to make a weird hybrid game, and something i noticed was the "log.txt" file. so i figured "hey maybe i could find a...
  3. Mooshry

    Some Weird Music Tracks

    I made a bunch of weird music tracks i'd like to share! Here they are!
  4. Milk Bar Prophet

    RMMV A Girl Who Wore (The) Moon [IGMC 2017 entry]

    A Girl Who Wore (The) Moon a story-driven adventure by Milk Bar Prophet DOWNLOAD: A girl awakes in a chest on board of a weird train. She has no ticket, but for some reason she has the moon in her hair. She’s surrounded by strange...
  5. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Strangest game you have ever played?

    Here's a question for you all, what is the most strange game you have ever played? personally for me it's Ticket by Magicdeweedo.
  6. Maximus32

    RMVXA Sacchariine

    “Why does everyone make mama work so hard? Sometimes, I wish everyone else would just go away! At least, for a little while…” As she utters these words, the bright light abruptly falls to dimness, followed by a rising din of light laughter “That is an interesting request,” an eavesdropping...
  7. Samu

    RMXP Mothlight

    The unwanted are kicked into the black sea... ... where they would melt and harden into a pure metal. The metal was then harvested and put to good use by the common man. From the most handsome developer ever... Samu presents you with a new RPG experience that will Blow. Your. Mind...
  8. leenat40

    RMMV Ulfar: Dreams

    THIS WAS MOVED TO "COMPLETED PROJECTS" AND THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED! Still in the alpha stages! The demo is just to get the general idea, of where the story is heading. World The Story The Game The Screenshots
  9. palinskyjoe

    Joe P's Weird Warehouse *Updated 2/28/17!*

    I'm a super amateur pixel dabbler and I'm looking to grow my abilities. I make these resources for the community to share whatever I concoct, though I admit they pale in comparison to some of the gorgeous work available on these boards. Though I don't have a workshop page (yet...), I am more...
  10. Random Kanji (presumed) Entries in Database

    I tried looking elsewhere for an answer to this one, but for some reason, found no other references to it anywhere either on these forums or on Google. It appears that nobody else has ever had this problem, ever. Or just didn't care. I find that hard to believe, but given the weirdness, I am...
  11. Karbonic

    Weird Event Page Glitch

    So I loaded up my project, and I noticed something. All of the old events from before I saved now look like in the picture. Even the events with no event related things, they show the very first switch/variable in the list. When I make a new event, this doesn't happen, but when I select...
  12. Lonewulf123

    VX Ace Spriteset Request

    Type of resource: Spriteset Style: VX ACE, VX  Hello, I have kind of an odd sprite set request. I'm looking to have a sprite set made of the "Eye of Providence". It's the triangle with an eye that's on the American money. It's an odd request I know, but it fits in with a game that I'm...
  13. 162

    Marina~ Horror with Pop Music, Paranoia, and Pink

    Adventure/Tactical with a horror flavor. My first commercial project ever (eep). In addition for testing the waters for people who might want to sign onto the project, I wanted to see people's reaction to this idea and see if it's worth madly devoting time to. Marina Marx is the biggest pop...
  14. Saltwater Croc

    How do you pronounce your colorful usernames?

    You know who I'm talking to.  You cats and chicks with the strange usernames, or those names almost nobody knows how to pronounce.   And if your pronunciation is completely against what any tongue would pronounce.... why do you pronounce your username as such? If you don't have a colorful...
  15. Zalerinian

    [SOLVED][VXACE]Changing a map sprite's bitmap makes it disappear?

    When trying to set an event's sprite through a custom script call, I have a bitmap loaded and prepared based on what the arguments for the method are. However, even though I know the bitmap is good, setting it as a pre-existing Sprite's bitmap causes it to disappear. The bitmap works perfectly...
  16. weired question

    Hello I am lil bit confusing with my some of questions can some one answer it as yes or no and why 1-Does someone buy resource pack for me and tranfer it in my account? 2-Does someone give money(instead of my work)that can i store in this site without having no crdit card or paypal account...
  17. corruptedninja

    ABS with no HUD

    This might sound weird But i am looking for a ABS without a HUD (cause I already have one and i am comfortable using the one i already have).Can anyone show me an Event Based ABS or script ABS without me using any HUD,and also i would like to know how to allow game overs on the map while i am...

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