1. Low

    Low's Animated Sprites

    I tried doing one of these long ago. Let's see if I can keep this going for a while! Lately I have been creating a lot of enemy sprites and have put together a small collection so far. I'll hopefully be adding a new one weekly! Fully animated sprite sheets for now. I may package up a static...
  2. Requesting Help with Detective/werewolf main character

    Resource Type: Character and battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: regular rpg mv style/ anime Description: Hoping to have a detective as my main character. he would have a brown trench coat, white button up shirt, black tie, brown pants, black dress shoes. his hair I would like to be black...
  3. JtheDuelist

    J's MV Resources (Updated 4/19/19- New song added!)

    I decided to try to make my own resources, you know- just to try and I feel it came out well. (I'll update this post if I make more). Feedback is appreciated. SV Battlers Tilesets Generator Parts Music Sound Effects Parallax Backgrounds Terms of Use Unless otherwise stated on...
  4. Werewolf ally sprites for MV?

    I'm really wanting a humanoid werewolf as a party member in my game, but creating this from scratch myself is basically impossible. I found a "walking" werewolf set for sprites (permission allowed by the creator) and managed to create a Face portrait myself, but I'm stuck with the in-battle...
  5. Gabrelik

    Makapri's Werewolf Portrait

    Hello,  This was completed as a request and I thought I would share. These portraits were done to match Makapri's Werewolf sprites, so please add Makapri to your credits when using. Otherwise, enjoy! :)
  6. Werewolf face

    Resource Type: Faceset Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description:  I need face graphics for this werewolf characters created by makapri. I need it just for the second werewolf, the brown one. Also a bust image would be nice too, but I can live without it if its hard to make :-)...
  7. Gabrelik

    Werewolf Bust (Portrait) and Sprite

    I'm was tinkering around with a werewolf bust for the project and came up with this. I'm still learning how to edit, but maybe it will be useful to some of you. Perhaps somebody could clean it up and make it pretty. :D   There are pieces in here from VX Ace as well as MV, so you'll need to...
  8. RavenBlackbird

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    I didn't like how the art style of enemies didn't match the art style of player characters. So I decided to make actor sprites based from them. I'm including a reference Sprite for each battler just so it'll be easier to reposition the battlers in the troop tab. Also, this would need an animated...
  9. Archeia

    RPG Maker Werewolf Game

    What is Werewolf? Werewolf is a popular party game. It's also similar to other party games such as Mafia, Assassin, Witch Hunt, and Pirates. The rules are the same, but the roles and narration are different.  There is a night and day cycle. At night, the wolves pick whom to kill, while...
  10. Jefries

    RMMV RTP Werewolf Sprite

    I'm on that point were you plan on having the player fight a monster and you were expecting to show a character sprite to the monster. However, when you are about to search for the graphic for the monster you don't find it. In my case it's this werewolf. So I'm asking for a character sprite for...
  11. Nanaki_Fan

    [Tutorial] Werewolf transform - No scripts!

    WEREWOLF TRANSFORM TUTORIAL - NO SCRIPTS Hello everyone, Some of you may know me but most will not. I am fairly "new" to RPG maker and these forums having been here for just less than a year. In that time I have gone through these forums with a fine comb, soaking up as much knowledge as...
  12. Red Wight

    Looking for a Werewolf sprite that's free for commercial use~!

    Heya! I've been working on a (likely to be) commercial project, and I've been looking all over the place for a werewolf charset that I could use without needing to worry about being sued xP So far, I've found 'Hokija's monster' sprite set...
  13. Zevia

    Werewolf Sprite

    I spent some time browsing around for a werewolf sprite, but I couldn't quite find what I was after (the closest I found was some anthro/furry stuff). I took the wolf heads from the flying wolfset by Strawberrycat24 (found in this thread here), then created a nude (except gray shorts), bald...

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