white screen bug

  1. White Screen Issue (SOLVED!)

    So I tried looking around for an answer to this problem but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask. Recently my game wasn't being able to be read. At first it was just the game.rpgproject thing, which I fixed, but then none of my other files were working. I fixed this by going into a...
  2. MegaBlack

    White Screen Gene Scene Builder RPG Maker MV

    Just like the title say's, I bought the Gene Scene Builder for the MV on steam and after it got installed and opened it.White screen. Just a plain white sreen, when I try to close it a little message pops up which I suppose its supposed to be the "Are you sure you want to exit? Click yes or no"...
  3. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Recently, I've encountered what I think is a bug. I've plugged a couple hours into a project and while playtesting it one day, it just displayed a white screen. No title, no graphics, no nothing. Every time I try to test battles or anything else, it always does this. Everything in my folders are...
  4. RPGMMV White Screen Playtest But Browser Works Fine

    Hello people, I'am new to this software, upon installing the software, I tried to play around the features of RPG Maker MV, but whenever I clicked playtest, the playtest screen just turns white. I did look out for the fixes, nothing works.  This is what I did. - try the famous opengl.dll...

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