white screen

  1. White Screen Issue (SOLVED!)

    So I tried looking around for an answer to this problem but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask. Recently my game wasn't being able to be read. At first it was just the game.rpgproject thing, which I fixed, but then none of my other files were working. I fixed this by going into a...
  2. Castspeller

    White screen "of death" after splash logo - RPMMV v1.4.0-present

    Greetings, I am sorry if this post is posted in the wrong place. I just installed RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 in a separate location from a prior version of RPG Maker MV v1.3.3. Upon startup of RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 I have a white screen after the splash logo. Upon searching the forums I found a post...
  3. White screen Deployment Problem

    As stated before somewhere, I'm making a game, and I have a Demo of sorts I want to show to some friends. However, when I try to open the Deployed project ( at least on mac ), I get a pure white screen. Can Anyone help? Thanks in advance! :D This is what it looks like.
  4. Sharr_Zeor

    Playtest/Deployment white screen

    -Before I begin, I should mention that I have read and searched through other white screen/playtest issues and mine does not seem to match any that i have found- My game was running fine, it's very bare-bones at the moment, but it was working as intended. I'm only using two plugins...
  5. MegaBlack

    White Screen Gene Scene Builder RPG Maker MV

    Just like the title say's, I bought the Gene Scene Builder for the MV on steam and after it got installed and opened it.White screen. Just a plain white sreen, when I try to close it a little message pops up which I suppose its supposed to be the "Are you sure you want to exit? Click yes or no"...
  6. Matseb2611

    Trying to play MV games - white screen, won't start

    I've come across an issue when trying to play any game made in MV which I download from this site or another. I don't have any problem (at the moment) running MV or playtesting my own project, but whenever I try to launch someone else's game, the window just opens and hangs in a white screen. I...
  7. MegaBlack

    [Resolved] The screen is WHITE.

    [Resolved] I bought the RPG Maker in steam so I could use it more easily,then when I open it,the screen is totally WHITE just white emptiness; I move the mouse around and in the top left it appears the menu to start new project,so it works,it simply don't show it.How do I fix this? I can't...
  8. RPG Maker MV Playtest error on Windows 8.1

    Hello, I need help on RPG Maker MV. If i want to open the game.exe, run the Play test or the Battle test, then the Window opens, but the screen is white all the time. I searched in the internert, but can`t found a solution for the error. also my english is not the best, maybe that`s why i can`t...
  9. Seriel

    White Screen Fix (Driver Update)

    If you load MV and you get a white screen, open the start menu and type System Information (Or type msinfo32 into a Run dialog). Go to Components -> Display. Where it says name, what does it say? If it says "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" or "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", then this fix is...

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