window adjustment

  1. Pudding's Box

    RMMV plugin that can/or how to stop window select from stretching?

    Hello! So I'm making a game just for my friends and I to play but I am very fussy on customizing how it looks I'm having an issue with how something looks in my window select and I'm not very sure how to change it nor can I find a plugin that directly changes it. The window select image...
  2. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Updating a window via another window

    So I'm using Blizzard's Stat Distribution script (Link), and it's divided into 4 different windows. I'm trying to get Window_DistributionStatus to refresh when Window_Distribution refreshes. I'm close to figuring it out, but now I'm stuck. What I figured out so far: To recall a window, I can...
  3. Choice Message Box

    Hey I am using yanfly core for my game and I change the game the screen width into 1136, then in message core I change the default width into 816. The problem is the choice width. When I leave it alone, it will look like the 1st image. When I change the width into 840 in rpg_windows.js, it's...
  4. Lonewulf123

    Help Editing Battle Status Window

    Hello, I'm trying to make some slight edits to the Default Battle Status Window in RPG Maker VX Ace. What I'm trying to do is basically make the Status window, and only the Battle Status Window, one character long instead of 4. It would look something like this: The problem Im running into...
  5. RMMV Change window position

    Hello, I am trying to change battle status window position, specifically value of x. When I change y, width or height it works as intended, however when I change value of x, window always returns to the same position as shown in gif. Here is the code I changed, its located in rpg_scenes.js (In...
  6. Wojownik

    Remove face in skill window Yanfly Battle Core

    How can I make the skill window fill the whole width of the screen without showing the character face and stats at the right side? Thanks in advance!
  7. RMMV Change choice window's width via script call

    Here'she code for changing window's heigth: Window_Base.prototype.lineHeight = function() { if ($gameSwitches.value(19, true)) { return 26; } else { return 36; } }; Seems simple enough, but it doesn't work for the width, so "Window_Base.prototype.lineWidth" won't do...
  8. aestheticfreak

    my window doesnt work

    This is how the windows looks ingame and this is the windows i made. What's wrong?
  9. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Letters with tails are getting cut off, regardless of text padding increase

    I apologize in advance, I honestly don't know where to post this issue and I'm not entirely sure if it's just restricted to MV or Yanfly's plugins in general, or maybe I'm just bad at making fonts too. I have no other plugins installed that are effecting fonts. I made a custom font and any...
  10. Tagumon

    RMMV Arranging the Window Screen Layout

    I am currently trying to arrange the Window and Screen Layouts, but I cannot figure out how exactly to do so. "Current.png" is what I currently have... and "Want.png" is what I am hoping to achieve... Can anyone help me with this problem?
  11. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Hide and Show Window During Battles

    Is there a plugin or some sort of function that lets me hide the battle window when I have an event to show a picture? As you can see here, if I do the show picture event, it overlaps with the battle window so is there any way to completely hide the window during battles?
  12. Mewgles

    RMMZ Menu Engine/something

    I've recently started to port my VXA Menu Editor to MZ and things quickly got out of hand since I haven't touched the original in years and I've got quite a few ideas on how to enhance it. Though I'm not too sure on how useful these features are which is why I'm posting here. The following...
  13. Character Names and Classes Overlap

    Hey-de-hi. To get right on down to the point, I have this issue where the name of my character and their class overlap in the pause menu window if the character's name is long enough. How would I move the area where the character's class is displayed to the right so it's not in the way of the...
  14. Kokonaugt

    Help with menu elements position

    Hello! I'm using a somewhat small resolution for my MV project (768*720, a NES resolution with 3 times enlarged pixels) and I'm having some trouble setting up the menus. Overall it's starting to work ok, but I want to move some elements around : Here the names of the characters don't properly...
  15. AloneForLong

    Small Script: Extended Graphics.resize_screen

    So, you know (if you ever use this anyway) that Graphics.resize_screen has an upper limit of 640 x 480. I was wondering if anyone knew how to modify it so that you can resize the screen however you want. Of course, Graphics is a hidden class, so I don't know how to access the Graphics class so...
  16. Obipandawan

    Question about windows

    So i have not been able to figure out how to change this, but i don't want the bar behind the weapon / item information to be blue anymore and i seem to be missing where to change it. i attached a SS of what i am talking about and my current window layout.
  17. nintendowii111

    Simple plugin to edit Equipslot Window height?

    My game is 960x720 for iPhone and when trying to equip a weapon, you cannot select any due to the selection window not being large enough. Please see this -->Image<--! If someone could make me a plugin that ONLY modifies the select equipment window, that would be amazing! (Or if you could remove...
  18. Question about window assets

    Some context: In "window.png" (which is the image in the system image folder that makes up text windows and the like) there's this section of the image dedicated to the "highlighter" that appears whenever something like an item or an option is selected. This "highlighter" has its opacity...
  19. Kurochan

    Dynamic game resolution sizing

    I'm using Yanfly's Core Engine plugin and i was wondering if there was a way to dynamically set the game's resolution (the height and width values of the game content) to stretch to the max dimensions of the game window instead of setting it as static values like 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720? I'd...
  20. CapitalAkito

    Custom Menu Windows

    To start out, the project I'm working on in MV has a resolution of 1920x1080, so naturally the menu and message windows stretch across the screen and don't look very appealing at all. SRD's Super Tools Engine seemed to do the trick for a while until I began to add other plugins to the list. I...

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