window size

  1. Almightypebble

    Choices window shrinks if text box has appeared?

    Heyyy again everyone, So when I show choices at the start of my event, if I use all 6 choices they show up on the screen together, without needing to scroll down or up to see the cut off choices. BUT If I show text before the choices, then the choice window seems to resize itself even if the...
  2. BrokenT

    Help needed with battle of resized RPG Maker window (solved)

    So, I've been using the resized window of 960*640 for a while now. Recently I started trying the battle system and found out this problem. Basically the limitation for the enemy picture and the displacement of troops are still meant for the original window size. So how do I change these to go...
  3. Bosiphas

    Altering Windows

    RPGM MV Is there any way (or plugin) to change the size of the message window, where it is placed (not just bottom, middle, or top), and the window skin itself (not an option for the player but for me to change at my discretion during the game).
  4. Whip

    Issues with changing the game window size

    Hi, this is my first day using the RMVM and I'm a total newb. I wanted to change the size of the window from a square to a more standard wide format so after poking around I found this: Graphics.width = 1920; Graphics.height = 1080; I then added it as an event > Parallel Trigger > Script and...
  5. Window size

    Hi! Just recently picked up RPGMVXA and I have questions: Can you change window size? If so, how?
  6. Jomy10

    Resize Game Window

    I'm currently working on a game and I'd like to make the player choose what window size they want. Instead of the rather square window we have now, I'd like a more wider one with doesn't have black borders in full screen. But not all monitors have the same aspect ratio, so I would like to have...
  7. Tyrael79

    Simple RPG Maker MV Question: How do you resize windows?

    Hey, These are really simple noob questions that I haven't been able to figure out. I've been able to live with not knowing but now its just getting super fustrating and annoying. How do you resize the Plugin Manager Window? (it's really frustrating not being able to make it longer and...
  8. orzlab

    Fitting (stretching) game to browser window size (web embed)

    I'm enjoying MV so far and I especially love how many deployment options there are. However, when I'm embedding my game as part of a web site, I noticed that the game window/viewer doesn't scale to fit the window size.  I know the preview player/'application' that is used to play the game via...
  9. Kes

    Re-size Moghunter's weather effects window

    In game it is clear that the weather effects generated by Moghunter's script are for the default 544 x 416 sized screen, whereas I'm using 640 x 480.  I've gone through his script as carefully as I can (I'm no scripter) and I can't see where he defines window size, so I can't alter it. Can...
  10. JetKidd

    Screen Size/Resolution

    WonderPup where do you find "Graphics.resize_screen" at?

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