window skin

  1. Kitten2021

    Borderless and Faded Black Background Window Skin

    After reviewing Jennavieve's window skin that was borderless (, I really had hoped to find a window skin that also had the black background faded out. After looking around for a while, asking on a couple of different...
  2. MechPen

    Window Skin Fixes

    Window skin fixes. ver 1.0 by me, MechPen This plug-in is intended to fix rendering issues with window skins, especally with thin, opaque, or retro styled windows. It only fixes one minor bug at the moment but might be expanded in the future. If you have any concerns about how windows...
  3. remainderstudios

    change opacity message box and choices

    Hi everyone. I am using a script that allows to change the opacity of the message boxes so it doesn't look dark when player is on a dark map that uses shadows and highlights. example: I use Khas Awesome Light Effects. Script to change opacity of message box (window skin)...
  4. RaynRayn

    What are the formats for custom assets?

    Hello all, my team and I have encountered a slight roadblock that's been hindering production as of late. You see, we are capable of making our game 100% custom assets (that includes tilesets, icons, sprites, menus, and windowskins, etc), but where we're stuck on is how exactly to compile them...
  5. Oscar92player

    [Help] SRD 'Window Skin Option' memory leak problem

    Hi! Recently, I was trying to figure out how to solve a little problem with SumRndmDde plugin 'Window Skin Option', since it seems to have memory leak problems. When you are selecting your windows skins, if you are doing it repeatedly or even with small pauses between the selection, later you...
  6. MRD256

    Cyber Window Skin

    Can someone make me a Cyber looking Window Skin for MV? What I mean by Cyber is something that looks like this: I can't use this image though because it's for VXAce, but this is the kind of look I'm going for. I'm not looking for an MV Conversion of this skin however, I want it to be...
  7. DBee

    Change Font Colour of Selection (Example Images Included)

    I've been searching for this but unfortunately I can't find anything on the subject. I think it's such a small detail that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's never been done. By RPG Maker's default, when you select something as a choice (or in menus) a selection border appears around...
  8. Mykhayl

    Window skin generator

    Hello! maybe somebody know if there is a window generator skin that i can use for free? like i can make my own window skin with the generator and using the window skin without paying? i'm making a free game but i don't know if there is something like that, that i can use without paying...
  9. dragoonwys

    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Guild Reception booths]

    I make stuff from time to time, sometimes for myself sometimes as requests. Feel free to use anything here according to the rules~ Terms of Use/ Credit -You must have MV to use these. -You can also use these on MZ if you have MV since they share the same tile size Credit: 'dragoonwys' or 'Won...
  10. spacedev

    Non transparent window skins?

    Is it possible to make a solid background window skin in RMMV? If so, how? Thanks.
  11. Window skin?

    I'm struggling to find any kind of window skin that is like this. I don't know how to make one, but something like this would fit the game I am making perfectly. Anyone know how I can get something like this? (It's from the game 'The Crooked Man' btw, full...
  12. byBibo

    byBibo's special packs [1. Christmas Pack update 1]

    Hello everyone! I decided to create some resources with the theme of Christmas/Winter! I hope you'll like it! :) I think I will regularly create themed packs, with different content inside. Might be a battler, a window skin... Tell me your suggestions and expectations for the next packs! :)...
  13. DraynaRue Games

    RMXP White Transparent Window Skin

    Introducing my first ever resource release, The White Transparent Window Skin (Patent Pending, lol). This Modern-ish Window Skin is sleek and transparent, perfect for any kind of RPG whether it be Sci-Fi or Fantasy. You can see it in action in the spoiler tag below, note screenshots are taken...
  14. Sir levée

    Help with window skins

    I've been editing the graphics I know what the gradient does and the borders and arrows and the bottom left part that's transparent. What does the colour things and small white transparent square do??
  15. Alkorri

    Window Skin problems

    Hi there. I've got two questions. Question #1 Long story short, I accidentally deleted my default Window Skin in the RTP folder, reinstalled another copy of the RTP, copied the missing default skin, pasted it into the RTP System folder, then uninstalled that copy of the RTP. Weird thing is...
  16. Teivel

    Change all window skins in game.

    Anyone know how to do the above or if there are any scripts to help? I'm currently making a game and I want to have an option in the menu at any time that allows you to change window skins from multiple choices. Sorry if this has already been posted and solved but I have searched for around...
  17. Napoleon

    Window Skin (Frame)

    My help file for the Window Skin gives me a 404. After googling it I found this post but it's still not clear to me how the frame-part of the window skin works. - It's a 64x64 section. - The corners are cut...

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