window skins

  1. JRand

    Different skins for text windows and menu?

    It's possible to modify the default battle HUD fairly significantly, and obviously you can change the window skin in system to change how the menus outside of battles appear and text boxes used for chat, but is it possible to change the menu skins and the text box skins used with events...
  2. SumRndmDde

    Window Skin Option

    Window Skin Option by SumRndmDde Version 1.00   What This Plugin Does: By default, an RPG Maker MV game can only have one Window Skin assigned to it. However, using this Plugin, the Player can select the Window Skin for their own within the Options Menu. How...
  3. SumRndmDde

    Window Frame Anti-Stretch

    Window Frame Anti-Stretch by SumRndmDde Version 1.00     What This Plugin Does: By default, in RPG Maker MV, the frames of the windows are stretched. This means that if you have a simple pattern on your game's window skin, that pattern will be stretched out...
  4. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Bon Bon's MV Resources - New 1-19-16 Two New Titles for School based games

    Here you can download a zip file [bonBonsMVResources1a] that includes the following files: Icons - 1,966 The MV Icons backgrounds edited so you can layer Ace RTP icons or other Ace icons like Avery's on top: You can find a good example here The these are the...

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