1. RMMV Changing the Message Window Animation?

    Hi! Newbie and first time poster here, have been using RPGMaker MV for a while now, and I have been stumped on finding a functioning plugin for MV that will let me do the following. (I will be providing some visual aid as I want to make my point as clear as possible...) I want to change the...
  2. jasoncollege24

    Set game to full screen on first launch, for other computers

    I'm working on making my first game, but running into a bit of a snag. I have it set that when I play test, my game runs in a window. If I compress it out, then decompress, and run from that, it also runs in a window. Problem is that when I give the demo to someone else, it launches in full...
  3. ovate

    Alternate PlayTime Window - With Time text

    NYA_PlayTimeWindow2 - 2.2.0 (2018/09/25) Creator name: Nyatama Overview Adds a playtime window to the menu screen. Note: May conflict with other menu plugins, place this below them Features - Parameters for x, y coordinates and also - Display text, alignment, opacity, text color Preview...
  4. ovate

    Minimalist Name Input

    Minimalist Name Input v1.1 - October 10, 2014 Creator name: jetpackgone Overview To provide a simpler interface for inputting actor names and passwords. Feature Removes many unnecessary characters from the current interface Preview There are two scripts - minimalist-name-input (v1.1) =...
  5. Distancio

    RMMZ [SOLVED] How to load a picture inside a window?

    I've read through this from the thead (How to display an image in a window?): Window_Base.prototype.drawPicture = function(filename, x, y) { var bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture(filename); this.contents.blt(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap._canvas.width, bitmap._canvas.height, x, y); }; but can't...
  6. RMMV How do I change the opacity of the battle log window at the start of the battle?

    So I wanted my battle log to look more like a window so I looked around and found a "half solution" I guess which basically makes the window appear once something is written in it by going into the rpg_windows.js file and changing the opacity to 255. What I want is the window to appear...
  7. Lonewulf123

    Help Editing Battle Status Window

    Hello, I'm trying to make some slight edits to the Default Battle Status Window in RPG Maker VX Ace. What I'm trying to do is basically make the Status window, and only the Battle Status Window, one character long instead of 4. It would look something like this: The problem Im running into...
  8. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Shop Menu Core - Show Equip Status?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in a bit of a pickle trying to find a way to modify one tiny window of the YEP Shop Menu Core scene. Currently, when purchasing Items the menu looks like this... It shows the amount party has in their current Inventory on the right hand-side. Perfect! Except...
  9. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Item Core - Change Textbox Display

    Hello everyone! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this >< I'm still new to this forum and haven't posted too much. I'm using Yanfly's Item Core, and want to remove some of the windows that are obsolete to me. There are no items in my game that restore a set percentage of HP or...
  10. RMMV this.drawCharacter does not draw character graphic

    Hi all, I have an issue with the Window_Base this.drawCharacter() method. For some reason when I call this method in the initialize function of my custom window, it doesn't draw the character graphic. For context, this is basically a fresh project. The this.drawText(), this.drawTextEx() and...
  11. RMMZ Creating Window_Selectable immediately executes "ok"

    Hello, I hope this is the correct section for my question. If not, I am sorry. At first I'm quite new to the maker "game". But I have some experience in scripting and programming. Thats why I'm trying to create my own plugin very soon. For my plugin, I first perform a character selection...
  12. RMMZ Renaming Game, In Game

    How do you rename the window while playing the game, by that I mean the text displayed at the top right of the window with the rpgmaker icon.
  13. Hide window during battle

    Hello guys! I added a video file as one of the enemy attacks. Made the skill and linked it to a common event. It works well but i want to make the window disappear during the video. Is it possible somehow? Thanks for the answers! :) Im talking about this window:
  14. Battle Window Opacity

    Hello, all! Thank you in advance for your help, I've tried searching forums for a similar topic but I admit I'm not even sure what terms I would be looking for (as searching for "window opacity" on it's own warrants hundreds of results). I'm wanting all the windows in my game to have no...
  15. Eliaquim

    Eli Change Window Skin - Set them individually, per scene or for all windows in game!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • Sometimes you will need to use a different window skin for windows. It can be a different menu, or even when changing the party leader. This plugin is for you! You can change the window skin for all windows or individual ones. Features ● Set different...
  16. rpgmaker VXA window select cursor opacity

    Hello, I am not good at English, so I had to use a translator. Please excuse me. I want to change the selection bar (cursor) that appears in the window pane to opaque (no blink) in the rpgmaker vxa program. I searched for four days for related scripts in Korean, Japanese, and English to turn the...
  17. RMMZ Displaying Item and Item Amount using Window_ItemList

    Hello, I know this question is really specific but it has honestly been a pain in my back for a while. I've made a Window to display Items that the player can interact with, the details aren't that important, these items should have values, similar to the Player's Inventory, which the player...
  18. RMMZ Adding a pointer on Selectable Window.

    Could someone please help me with making a custom pointer, similar to the game Omori's title screen and menus. I have managed to space the buttons out and have been able to find where the overlay for the buttons is created which is under Window_Selectable.prototype._refreshCursor = function()...
  19. ovate

    Replace a Window with an Image/ Windowskin

    WindowBackImage - Version 1.5.1 (2021/01/30) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Replace windowskin with an image Note: Image file has to be inside img/pictures folder. Features - Replaces the window with an image of your choice. - The original window frame will be hidden. - Parameters...
  20. DawnStar

    RMMV How to get what Scene or Window is currently shown

    Topic, I need a way to check which windows are being shown on screen, using javascript, ideally with a function that returns a boolean value, or maybe an array with the scene stack, so I can use this on some conditions for a custom HUD. Something like: // NOT actual code...

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