1. Djajapena

    Yanfly's Item Synth.- Ingredients Window Display

    I need help about Yanfly's Item Synthesis plugin. In this plugin's window, the ingredients window only show up to the 5th ingredient. The 6th ingredient onwards didn't show correctly. My game is in default 816*624 Px resolution. It's intended to be played on windowed mode side-by-side with...
  2. omarproductions

    [HELP] How display a variable in a text window using scripts.

    Hey guys, I wanna know how do I have a variable show in a text window using scripts?
  3. C.W. Plainview

    How to remove the party command window

    Okay, so I've been wanting to remove the party command window from my project. Yanfly's Battle Engine Core has the ability to skip it, but some of us want it removed outright. I've tried finding plug-ins to no avail. As I've discovered, thankfully, you don't need a plug-in. All you need to do...
  4. Warped_Tales

    Trying to display an image behind a scene (help needed)

    Hi, I'm trying desperately to display an image behind a scene. The scene is a simple one that shows game data to the player but I really want a custom background. I've tried rooting around in the game files and other menu scripts but I'm truly flumoxed! Any help would be super appreciated...
  5. Benja

    RPG Maker shoving all windows into top left corner?

    Hi. it is a harmless bug, but it is incredibly annoying to me. RPG maker is shoving every game window I open into the top left corner of the program (Database, script editor, any events, etc.) It started doing this literally 30 minutes ago, out of nowhere, it just decided to start doing it...
  6. Narch

    How to disable YEP_ItemCore "Info Window"? (Picture in post)

    Hi everybody. I love everything of the ItemCore, but have no use for the Info Window on the right. Is there anyway way to disable it? Also, after disabling it, is there a way to get 2 columns back? Thanks for your time.
  7. Xuwboss

    software window messed up

    i don't know what i did but the window to my RPG Maker MV is disproportionated . the toolbar is not where it should be and when hover directly above a key it does not register it unless i put my mouse either to the side or under it. i attached screenshots to show what it looks like
  8. Xuwboss

    Window messed up

    i don't know what i did but the window to my RPG Maker MV is disproportionated . the toolbar is not where it should be and when hover directly above a key it does not register it unless i put my mouse either to the side or under it.
  9. gregbaby

    Falcao Pearl ABS Scenes Window help!

    Hello everybody! I was wondering if anybody with a brain for scripting could help me. I'm trying to override the traditional (naff) Equipment Screen (Optimize, Change Equipment etc etc) with the Pearl ABS selection screen and then I'll be able to switch off the button (N Key) that toggles the...
  10. Making window with Scrollable Text

    I'm trying to make my Quest System and it goes well, but I wonder if there's some way to make window with scrollable text (Quest Description). I want text to be scrollable only if long enough, by using mouse scroll (and if it's possible, by touch/mouse dragging)
  11. Sythian Bard

    Custom Input Number Window and Functionality

    Hi, thank you for your time. I want to replace this... ...with something that looks more appealing, is more user-friendly, and has a some customize-able limitations. For example: Being able to move the arrows and check mark to a specific location as well as the number window itself...
  12. tale

    Option Window Cursor

    Option Window Cursor 2015/05/13 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction A script that displays a cursor inside an option window. Features - Cursor display - You can add your own by placing a cursor image file under Graphics\System folder, filename: "WindowCursor" - If the cursor file doesn't...
  13. Michael Primo

    (RMMV) How to put line breaks in a variable string?

    Hello guys, My problem is this: I want to use a plugin called RS_InputDialog by Biud436 for writing a 160 character string and show in a message. The problem is this: the 160 character string is too huge for the window and I can't disable wordwrapping on variables! What must I do? Thanks...
  14. Bahamut20

    Changing the number of columns of the item menu in battle

    I would like my game (which is already finished) to be played vertically on a phone. The issue I am having is, it is very hard to read the names of the items on the list when you are using an item on battle. Can I change the two column layout to a one column layout somehow?
  15. wariolandgoldpiramid

    Choices Positon: Snapping to the side of the message window

    I'm using Yanfly's Message Core and Message Ext Pack to create custom messages, appearing above an event. However, this is incompatible with the default Show Choices window. I would like a plugin that would allow me to make the Choices window appear to any side of the message window, snapping to...
  16. batmanda0

    [Resolved] Event causes number input dialogue

    I made a box of gold that's protected by a ghost. When you click on the box of gold it empties and engages the player in a battle. When the battle is won, the box fills back up with gold. This event works on one of my maps. However, on a duplicate map, upon exiting the battle, a dialogue box...
  17. iNumPad

    Change Window (content) height on Call Script

    Ahoy folks, I did a custom window based on some tutorial and now I'm trying to improve. function Window_Hint() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); } Window_Hint.prototype = Object.create(Window_Base.prototype); Window_Hint.prototype.constructor = Window_Hint...
  18. DetBlueMask

    Skipping Window_MenuActor

    Hi everyone! I've been making a game in which only one actor does the fighting (the others are there for removing natural obstacles, just like in for example Evoland 2 for those who have played that). As such, I have no need for Window_MenuActor, a menu which let's players choose on which actor...
  19. KevinFrost

    Mobile Name Input

    I'm making a game that will be heavily directed at mobile platform. The vanilla name input process is close to what I need, but is missing a few things. For starters, there is no back or delete button in the window. So players will not be able to delete any typed characters. Also, the current...
  20. Roszhelhia

    How to REMOVE "Save" from Menu screen completely?

    :kaocry: I am aware that there is a change save access option, but I want that the save option is not seen on the menu screen. In RPG VX ace I used to just comment out the add save from the Window menu command. How do I do this for RPG MV?

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