1. Miseryfactory77

    This may already exist but I need one besides victors

    I was basically just looking for a plugin that would allow me to display the actors sv battler sprite in all the menu screens instead of the face. Pretty much just like victors only it hase compatibility issues and I prefer mog and yanflys scripts. I am no coder and I am not sure if its hard to...
  2. MRD256

    Cyber Window Skin

    Can someone make me a Cyber looking Window Skin for MV? What I mean by Cyber is something that looks like this: I can't use this image though because it's for VXAce, but this is the kind of look I'm going for. I'm not looking for an MV Conversion of this skin however, I want it to be...
  3. KinoCornell

    Additional Menu Windows

    I'm attempting to set up a menu using a flipped layout plugin from a very helpful YouTube tutorial video. The layout I'm using is in this very simple script here (I didn't create it): What I'm needing to do here is add a new window below the Command Window and above the Gold Window. That...
  4. jjbones123

    Help with text box backgrounds and font please?

    I tried searching the forums to see if anyone has similar problems and while I couldn't find anything, that maybe cause i'm not entirely sure how to word my question. It's also been awhile since i've posted a question on the RPG maker forums and it seems to have changed somewhat. So please...


    Hi, guys. I'm looking for a super-simple plugin that shows the window messages scrolling after pressing action button. If you have played Cave Story or Earthbound, you probably know what I mean.
  6. Rink27

    Adding a Picture Window to Custom Menu

    Hello. I'm trying to design my own custom menu and I'm not finding success in displaying a picture. Partial code below: var _Scene_Menu_create = Scene_Menu.prototype.create; Scene_Menu.prototype.create = function() {; this.createMapWindow()...
  7. Rink27

    Custom Item Selection Scene

    Hello. I am trying to create a custom window/scene (via a custom plugin) similar to the window used for the event command [Select Item]. I would like this scene to show the item selection window and an additional window next to it (above/below) that gives relevant info depending on the...
  8. kamekache

    How to change the position of a command

    Hi, I need to know if exist a posibility of change the position of commands. I creating a scene that have gems, and when you find the gem item in the game, this appear in the scene. But when I create the command window, this is create in the default way. So I need to change the position of...
  9. King Galaxian

    A Windowskin

    Hey all! I posted a thread in the resource requests section months ago asking for a celtic lattice border for my windowskin for my rpg, The Lost Memoirs. One person offered to help if no one else did, but I have yet to hear back from them months later. So, I took it upon myself to make one...
  10. Badweather4cast

    Save/Load Window Transparency

    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to alter the opacity and/or completely transparentize the windows in the Save and Load scenes? This includes the windows for the save/load files and the message window asking you which one you would like to select. I'm assuming there is a way, as I was able...
  11. Demi_Fiend

    Battler HUD Windowskin

    Hi. I've been using Luna Engine for a while, but there's still something I'm trying to figure out. I need a way to set the Battler HUD as a Window instead of a picture. I'm pretty sure it's possible, I just haven't found a way to accomplish it.
  12. rizunx

    How to Change Text Box To White

    So I've been trying to mess with the window color settings the normal way in the system tab, but I can't seem to ever get it to go to white, just a gray color when I turn all the sliders up. On the other hand, there's no problem turning the window to black or any other color other than white. ...
  13. kovak

    Kovak's Window skins & edits

    Those skins are free to be used on any way you want, no credits needed :v I've decided to make a separated topic for this cuz this may get crowded fast. Anyway, my 1st upload is a modification of my project "The Last Princess" windowskin. It took me months working on this piece and now i made...
  14. Dreadshadow

    Window resize and position placement on desktop.

    Okay I was reading another thread and thought that would be cool to have on MV. Is it possible to resize and/or change location of the game application window in MV? I mean things like moving the application window around the screen, maybe also disable full screen mode... Is there a...
  15. Benja

    Is there any way to actually MOVE the game window?

    Alright, so I am creating a horror game in rpg maker that breaks the fourth wall to spook you I have already found a way to resize the window, but I am looking for a way to actually MOVE it. For example let's say the screen was in the center of the desktop, then something spooky happened and...
  16. ChrAndGow

    ChrAndGow's Hall of Ressources Reworked Icons

    Hello Rpg Makers. 24.04.2017 After a break i decided to get rid of the black outlines on the Iconset and reworked eveything, additionaly i added some weapon skill and guard icons. I welcome you to my ressource thread where I upload my ressources that I made so far. I am working on everything at...
  17. How to get rid of the window border without causing issues?

    Okay so for starters, I'm looking to eliminate the border that surrounds every window in the game, from the title screen to a basic text message. How can this be done, and will it cause the text message background to bleed everywhere? I'm using yanfly's ace message system if that matters...
  18. jjbones123

    How to set specific resolutions for window size?

    Okay so, i'm not entirely sure how to word this, but i'm try: I'm using the Fullscreen++ script. It allows you to fullscreen games made in RPG Maker by pressing F5 and you're able to choose from 3 different resolutions using F6. For the game I am currently making, I have a very specific...
  19. Blocker

    Change window skin

    *Someone knows how to change the window in-game just in one part of the game?
  20. Gabu

    Custom Windowskin tutorial?

    I was wondering, has someone made a tutorial on how to make a custom windowskin for MV or if there is an in depth explanation for what everything in the Window.png does?

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