1. eat beans

    Make Text Box Opaque

    Is there any way to make the text box completely opaque, as in not see through. Thanks.
  2. Pine Towers

    Where each Window.png color is used?

    Hi there! I'm making a custom window.png and got a few problems. I must follow the color code already made there else the game messes up the colors (like, red for health, blue for magic, green for TP...). But the way the colors in window.png are placed look like random! Is there written...
  3. dragonpc

    Gen Piece (Cyborg,Hood),Custom (Icons*, Windows, Merchant Buttons) *Update 12/05/15

    Icons, Windows, Merchant Buttons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colaboration: DragonPC / Yanfly Older Version: My Windows and Merchant Buttons. A couple more Windows. (kinda sci-fi) A Set of windows in 18 colors...
  4. dragonpc

    For Those of you that don't know about Window.png

    OK, so I was looking for info on this. And since I found only tidbits of what I was looking for I experimented with this file and after which I decided to post so others could find it all in one place. To start, the Window.png file is what determines the look of your game interface (what you...

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