windows 10

  1. EncryptedKnight

    Windows 10 Update 2-11 Black Screen on Test Start RMMV Remedy

    After installing Windows Updates (see screenshot below) on February 11, 2022 I got a black screen that wouldn't go away while trying to test my project in RMMV (non-steam version). After uninstalling these three updates I was able to launch my project without a black screen. I am not entirely...
  2. Yumi

    Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it? Do 2k games run on Win 10? EULA?

    Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it?: RPG Maker 2000 is really cheap now and I was wondering if it really worth, I already own 2k3 so, do something really change between them two? I'm also looking for VX(not VX Ace) but, I guess 2k would really worth more for me because the retro style. Do the...
  3. Deliberately Bringing Up the Windows UAC Dialog ("Do you trust this program?")

    I want to be able to run a script and have Windows' "Allow this program to make changes?" thing pop up. Like this: My findings thus far: * It's called "UAC," or "User Account Control." It's triggered by a program wanting to run as administrator — so that's what I need to make happen. * Ruby...
  4. ramza

    [BUG?] RMMZ Sound output and windows 10

    Good evening. I've been messing a bit with RMMZ over the past few days, and I found an interesting bug. Well, at least part of it is a bug. I'm not sure if one part is actually intended or not, so here goes. The feature?: In windows 10, with the default sound output of my computer set to my...
  5. FleshToDust

    MV won't open...

    It was working fine on Friday but I tried today and I get the loading screen and then it just stops. I click again in steam and the same thing happens. I tried switching to other versions(1.6.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.1) and the same thing happens. I tried rebooting and doing it again but to no avail. Is it...
  6. YumiStar

    I can't save anything on RpG Maker XP. I can't even make a new project!

    No matter what I do, I can't get RpG Maker XP to save anything. Every time I try, this window keeps popping up, "Do you want to save changes?" when I try to test run, close the program or even open another project I have. And when I try to make a new project, there is an error message that says...
  7. Cryborg

    [SOLVED] Some function keys do not work anymore

    Hi there, I'm currently facing a very strange behaviour with my RMMV. While F4 and F5 keys work, F8 and F9 do not. With a new project there is no problem, this only happens in my game. Here is what I tried, and nothing worked : disable all plugins reinstall RMMV (I removed all keys from the...
  8. tammie

    Hidden File Explorer for Windows 10!

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you something I discovered if you're using windows 10 - a secret file explorer! Press the windows key + R, then in the dialogue box, copy and paste in this... explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App The app will open! Right...
  9. Gaming PC was hacked

    My younger bro downloaded some malware on my computer and it was hacked I think. The computer restarted automatically after installation. The weird thing is that the login account is none of mine. Totally a new user name and the other accounts were removed. How to rescue the device?
  10. Llareian

    Looking for a good DVD player app

    Are there any decent DVD player apps out there for Windows 10? Preferably free, but cheap is also an option... Hubby needs something to play movies on his laptop. He's heard VLC Player is good, but he's not sure if the source was reputable. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  11. Schlangan

    RPG Maker MV - Major framerate drops since last Windows 10 Update

    Hello, Since the last big Windows 10 update, while playtesting my project on RPG Maker MV, I encounter massive framerate drops that didn't occur before that update. I wanted to know if any of you had the same problem, and if there was a way to solve this issue ? Thanks.
  12. Geyblade

    Won't Install 64 Bit Windows 10: VX Ace Game

    I even redid the installer after installing VX Ace into my WIndows 10 64 system. Anyone else come across this? Install the game made, and it is extracting files but nothing is installed. Oddly enough had this happen to me with Party Hard 2 Alphas (in this case they are installed just don't start...
  13. Plugin Help

    Could someone please give me an oversimplified, step by step process for how to make plugins work? I know I'm not very technologically gifted, but I've watched tutorials and done everything I know to do and they just won't work no matter what I try.
  14. thenerdmansion

    Need tutorial for deploying to windows store

    Hello beloved friends. If anyone could build a good tutorial for deploying to the windows store I would be very appreciated. I have tried UWP to package for Windows apps but plugins seem to stop working when compiled with files in UTF-8 format. Any tutorial is greatly appreciated.
  15. thenerdmansion

    Rpg maker mv visual studios utf 8 problem

    Hello there, I would desperate request the help of my community. Soo.... now that my game is 100% finished I deployed my game in HTML5. I have imported the HTML5 game into visual studios so I can deploy the game as a windwos 10 application that will be accepted by the windwos store. Here lies my...
  16. Memory Leak(?) In New Game Project

    Not a memory leak per se, there seems to be a problem with garbage collection in windows 10 and rpgmaker mv.  This is the project I used to test this. (It's a completely new game project with nothing added or changed except removing some images to reduce size of project after deployment)...
  17. Every game I play that was made using RPG Maker is offscreen to the left

    I recently got a new computer, with Windows 10, and I decided to set it up today, On my old computer (also with Windows 10) I dragged some games made by using RPG Maker that I like into Dropbox and took them out on my new computer. Before every game was done loading into Dropbox on my new...
  18. Windows 10

    Hello :) , Is Rpg Maker VX Ace working for Windows 10?
  19. Nirwanda

    To Windows 10 or not to Windows 10?

    Soo...after having to replace my old faulty processor for a brand new one, I decided to upgrade to windows 7...and of course now I'm getting the offers of upgrading to windows 10. So, for those of you running it, I have some questions: Is it worth it? Is it more system intensive than 7? Have...
  20. SakiPai

    Windows 10--Failed to Create Project Error

    I normally use VX Ace on my old Windows 7 computer, but recently, all the projects have been lagging, so I moved to Windows 10. One thing you should know is that my Windows 10 is running through bootcamp--it's dual-installed along with the El Capitan OS in my macbook. I'm not sure if that...

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