windows 8.1

  1. RPG Maker MV Playtest error on Windows 8.1

    Hello, I need help on RPG Maker MV. If i want to open the game.exe, run the Play test or the Battle test, then the Window opens, but the screen is white all the time. I searched in the internert, but can`t found a solution for the error. also my english is not the best, maybe that`s why i can`t...
  2. Unable to open RPG Maker VX Ace on Windows 8.1

    Hello, I just purchased RPG Maker VX Ace from ShinyLoot, and after downloading and installing it I am unable to open the program. It will come up to the screen that says "Loading" but will just quit and I get a notification from Soluto saying that RPG Maker VX Ace has crashed. I uninstalled and...
  3. The Dragon God

    RM VX Ace compatible on Windows 8.1?

      One of my fans downloaded and installed a demo of mine from RM VX Ace. Is it compatible on Windows 8.1? Does he and/or anyone who wants to play my games need the RTP as well?

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