1. The Murdered Tower (DEMO) - PC & Android

    The Murdered Tower (DEMO). Authors: BrainStorming Team. Version: 0.1.2. Genre: Detective, Adventure. Game Engine: Rpg Maker MV. Release date: 11.08.2018 Description The Murdered Tower is a cyberpunk detective with elements of noir, the action of which unfolds in 2056 in the city of Dream...
  2. [BETA] [RMMV] [Windows] MIDI Playable Plugin / Engine Test

    Beta version of plugin / engine which plays MIDI like past series of RPG Maker. This version requires original game engine. So only supported for Windows. But this method can support encryption as normal application. (Including save files) Note: .mid files are not shown in RPG Maker MV editor...
  3. tale

    Anti-blink Cursor

    WindowBlinkStop - Version 1.0.0 (2017/12/09) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Stops window cursor from blinking/ animating. Features - Cursor will remain still like the images below. Preview Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use...
  4. tale

    Text Window Manager

    WindowManager - 2017/07/14 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Able to display multiple text windows at the same time. Features - Handled through script calls Format sample:, 10, 10,180, 80); //show(window#, x, y, width, height) Text output: WindowManager.drawText(0...
  5. Nightblade50

    Hidden File Explorer for Windows 10!

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you something I discovered if you're using windows 10 - a secret file explorer! Press the windows key + R, then in the dialogue box, copy and paste in this... explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App The app will open! Right...
  6. _Shadow_

    Question about deployment and size.

    I stripped my project from unneeded assets and tested a creation of a game for Windows. Main exe becomes nearly 45MB. Then I notice a file, pdf.dll, being 11MB itself and I am not sure if it is needed at all. I mean I can run the project without any problem. So, bottomline, here are a few...
  7. Akrib

    Skill list as item list

    Hello everyone, this is what I'd like to do: - have an equipment slot named "Skills" (no problem here) - display the skill-list when this slot is picked (instead of the item-list, from which you'd normally choose an item to equip). Is it possible, to modifiy the scenes.js file so that the...
  8. JtheDuelist

    Exporting RPG for Mac from a Windows Computer?

    I was wondering, I know I have to use Enigma Virtual Box to pack my game as a standalone .exe, but what about exporting for a Mac? Do I need to do anything special for it like the Windows version, or do I just leave the export as is when uploading? I am wanting my game to be available on itch...
  9. How to give impression of a window on a side wall?

    Recently I've been disigning the first few areas of my RPG on photoshop and I need to add some light sources to one of my areas specifically an apartment. I can't find anywhere to place my windows except on the side walls but I'm not sure how to do this on photoshop. I've marked with red arrows...
  10. Faherya

    Viewports on Scene_Battle

    Yeah, me again. And again I was editing the Scene_Battle windows when I came across it: It took me a while to figure out the existence of the Viewports and that I could not move the windows out of them. So, quick search (1, 2, 3). Great, now I know what they are, but there are some points that...
  11. Llareian

    [Minor Bug] Save changes alert with no project open [1.5.1, Windows 10]

    This is a seriously minor issue (I think), but it's a bug nonetheless, so I thought I'd report it in case it hasn't been caught for the next version. If you don't save changes to your project when you close it, you will get an alert prompt to save changes when you try to start a new project...
  12. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】How to pack Visual Novel Maker games using Enigma VB

    Tutorial topic: how to pack a game build for Windows (hence the title) Brief description Both "Build for > Windows" and "Create Game Package/Windows" commands generate a game folder, instead than a single ".exe", which can be pretty annoying. This tutorial explains how to pack your game folder...
  13. FoxySeta

    [SOLVED]Black screen when opening "Game.exe"

    The live preview works just fine, and I can also test my project with no problem. No error occured while building for Windows, according to the debug console. I also tried messing with the "save game data in" settings from the system database (after looking at this, which is about Mac OS...
  14. vico


    I was thinking about changing the default save location to RMXP game saves, and the only way to get the "Saved Games" folder (from WinVista+) is using this api. The docs are C++ oriented, but is there any way using Win32API to get the path from one of these GUIDs? Thanks in advance!
  15. Isabella Ava

    Refresh Game Screen?

    Hi guys, i don't know what is the proper way to call it by Refresh Game/ Clear cache? But things are, my MV game keep slowing down over time until it turning into very lag. But once i opened the Menu, after closed it the game FPS back to normal again? ( I am not sure what cause this, maybe due...
  16. MinisterJay

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Wispers

    LINK: This game was made with an artistic concept known as 'Tru 2D'. 'Tru 2D' images have no shading, shadowing, nor any representations of the 3rd dimension, depth. The game may be played with arrows or mouse, but arrows will often give better control...
  17. Window Displaying Tile Contents

    As part of the strategy engine I'm developing, I want to have a small window in the lower left corner that displays information on the tile the player's is currently standing on. I'd also like it to display soldier counts and a few other bits of relevant information when an event with the...
  18. afternoon700

    I can't encrypt my files.

    I used option 'Exclude unused files' encrypting both image and audio files. I left the encryption key blank(b/c I didn't know what to put in there), and when I deploy and try to play the game, the game won't work and pops up messages such as 'cannot find file(image, music, etc). Platform is...
  19. Sorting Menu Contents By Category (SOLVED)

    So, I've got a category window that's supposed to filter the items in the primary list based on their associated category. I've based my code off of what the game uses for the ItemCategory window. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything. I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, either -...
  20. Drawing new Window_Selectables in Scene (SOLVED)

    I'm trying to create a window that functions similarly to the Items list, but for a set of objects that provide notes on characters and locations. I've confirmed (to the best of my ability) that everything in the code is working as expected, right up until I actually try to open the new menu...

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