1. PersuaderGames

    RMMV Detective Trapu Episode 1 - Suicide Downtown v0.9

    PersuaderGames present Introduction Paris, present time. After a tough night roaming the streets of Paris, our hero gets a call. A suicide in the city center, fancy area. Business as usual. But is it really just a suicide? Dive into the city of lights, find the clues and solve the case...
  2. Kino

    Concept of Windows

    Introduction The Window's in RMMV are rather interesting. Today we go into the depth of the Window class. First, let's discuss what the window class truly is. Windows As Sprites Sprites are containers as we mentioned in a previous post. Since the sprites are containers for bitmaps, the concept...
  3. Poupouille

    [MV] Windows tilesets

    Hello ! I am looking for windows tilesets, especially large windows for the needs of a manor map (quite luxurious). Do you have some tileset like this? Free or paid tiles, everything you can find. Preferably, for MV. :) Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Chocodile

    Excluding characters from choice window size calculation?

    Hey all, I'd like to use Ace Message System's color effect to highlight certain quest-related options in a Choice menu. The problem is that the code for the color effect inflates the size of the Choice window by about 10 characters, as RPG Maker counts the number of characters before the text...
  5. Jonforum

    See thumbail of all file in Windows

    Developing a game sometimes requires the use of professional software like photoshop illustrator. The problem is that under windows, the thumbnail of external software .extention to windows are not processed to build a thumbs. I share this small utility very used to navigate your photoshop...
  6. Arisete™

    [SSP] GoldSymbolExtension

    [SSP] GoldSymbolExtension by: Hiek Introduction This allows you to set your Gold Name/Symbol to the left of your currency or keep it on the right side of your currency. This plugin also adds your gold name/symbol to the Shop's Buy List instead of showing only the price. Examples of what this...
  7. Riku_Masamune

    Quitting Funtion from End Game.scene *fixed*

    So, like with VX Ace (maybe prior to those too) in the Game End window there was a quit to windows. So I took the liberty of adding it in. It works! But the wording doesn't show up, but if anyone would like to help edit the files to where 'Quit' shows up, that'd be appreciated. RPG_Scenes...
  8. Eilwyn

    Alter size and location of: Window_BattleSkill, Window_BattleEnemy & Window_BattleItem ?

    Hi all, I'm working on a battle system for my game and have managed to successfully change the size and locations of the windows: Window_PartyCommand Window_ActorCommand Window_BattleStatus Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a plugin that will allow me to alter windows: Window_BattleSkill...
  9. How do you have multiple windows open at once and overlap them?

    I have a HUD in my game that I am working on and I am an amateur at javascript (I really don't know what I'm doing). I have made a decent and functional HUD. The way that I made my HUD is such that there is a window on which I draw the contents of my HUD and then I hide the window skin...
  10. Steam version of RPG Maker MV fails to install, disk write error on unicode-jumble named file

    I tried to install RPG Maker MV, but I got a disk write error. I have multiple dozen gigabytes of free space on the filesystem in question, and the filename steam flagged as unwritable was in such a weird format the filename's characters didn't even render properly, and I suspect it was in...
  11. Fugama

    Turning an array into a list of selectable items?

    I'm making an equippable passives plugin for my friend but I'm new to making windows. I've gotten past a lot, but how would I go about taking an array of objects (skills) I've made, and converting that into a list of selectable items? 
  12. CallMeKerrigan

    Customize Choice box?

    Is it possible to customize the message box? By either making it a picture or erasing the background of the message box so I can get it to match various prompts?
  13. noablo

    Horizontal Window opening?

    Hello. I was wondering if someone could whip up a probably simple script. You know how when windows animate, they open vertically, from the middle. I was wondering if anyone could make them animate from the middle, but not only vertically, also horizontally.  Also, if anyone would do it...
  14. Lantiz

    Failing to deploy

    Hi there. I'm trying to deploy my game to Windows and it's the only platform that won't do it. Mac, Android and Web works nicelly but not Windows... It gives that familiar error about failing to create the package. I checked a lot of topics, and also checked the special characters...
  15. lithkast

    Gap on the right side of windows

    so I'm using a custom window.png file, though this has occurred with the regular window.png.  On the right side of the window it creates a 1px gap that I can't get rid of.  I did not modify the dimensions of the file, simply recolored it.  All parts of the window are within its borders though...
  16. Heirukichi

    Door popup windows

    Hello community, I am writing this tutorial fundamentally because I did something very similar while answering a post and I thought that my answer could be transformed into a tutorial with ease. In this tutorial I am going to explain how to create popup windows. I will focus on how to create...
  17. Koder

    Missing files when using "Exclude unused files"

    Affected version: 1.3.3 (steam) When creating windows deployment with "Exclude unused files" option, I end up with output with files missing. Specificly: img/animations/Hit1.png. Re-adding it by hand fixes the problem, but this undermines whole idea of excluding unused files - I end up with...
  18. wrigty12

    Windows System Restore - Deleted .js files

    This isn't so much a question as it is a piece of advice to anyone that this may happen to. I recently did a Windows 7 System Restore back a week due to some issues an update caused to my computer. Idiotically, I did not backup my WIP game data. Once I got back on the computer after the...
  19. Volty

    Need music

    So i was wondering if there was any way i could make music or get music. Any answer would be helpful! :)
  20. Plugin Request - Simple Progress Bar

    Hey all! Yesterday i decided to buy the RGMMV (on sale on Steam!) and already converted my VXA to a MV project. Unfortunately one of my most important script doesn't work anymore: My progress bar. I couldn't find a simple progress bar so here is my request. Before i forget: You can find the...

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