1. Crosszeria

    Re-Sizing Tile Menu & Tiles Cut Off

    Hi every1. I could just be retarded... But I can't seem to find a way to re-size the tile window. (If at all possible) And by tile window I mean on the left side of your "map" where all the tiles are. I've also downloaded some tiles online and when I upload it, it's all fine... However, when...
  2. Milena

    Add Command or Drawing Commands

    Before I draw out my problem, I have to point out that this was taken from my past request: which was solved by Engr. Shana. The thing I am wondering now that i can access the modules was if there is a way to draw...
  3. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Item Name Generator v2.0.0.0

    Overview Well, basically it comes up with random item names from the chosen list. Features: -Easy to use -Items can have prefixes and suffixes -Create and use your own list -Generate a single item name or a whole list of items How to install: Just extract the files from the .zip...
  4. Tsukihime

    Window Animation Designer

    This script provides animation properties that allow you to easily design window animations. Rather than writing how the animation should be performed, you simply write what you expect it to do, and this designer handles the animation for you!   There are two types of animations opening...
  5. Sel Feena

    [Ace] Display images in Windows?

    EDIT: Scratch the original question, I've played around a bit and have got windows/scenes up and running (though I'm not using event handlers right now, just looking at the update method). My question now is the proper way to display images inside windows?
  6. blackraisondetre

    Resizing/Changing Skill or Item windows

    Okay. So. I don't really find the default skill and item windows (in the battle window) to be aesthetically pleasing. Also, probably due to some compatibility issues, the skill window and item window don't even fit the 640*416 screen. I was trying to find a way to adjust this in the...
  7. Tsukihime

    [RGSS3] Creating your own window handlers

    This tutorial describes how you can create your own window handlers for any windows that you use for your scene. Some other environments call them "event listeners". For more information you can read the wiki article on the general concept. Handlers allow the window to communicate with the...
  8. Fomar0153

    Anatomy of Windows

    Also viewable: So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and today I finally got nudged into doing this so let’s jump right into the anatomy of windows! Firstly there are a lot of windows in RPG Maker Ace by default and if you’re scripting at some point you’re...
  9. Ksi

    Liberty's Edits~ (Update: November)

    NOTE: Categories are sorted chronologically. Newest stuff is shown at the top. Newest:   PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE ON OTHER SITES UNLESS YOU ASK AND RECIEVE MY PERMISSION FIRST. I DON'T APPRECIATE CHECKING OUT A RESOURCE SITE AND FINDING MY STUFF ON THERE.                        ...

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