1. vico

    Use RMXP windowskins on MV (plus change windowskin via events)

    I was searching for RGSS scripts and found this one who lets the maker use RMXP-like windowskins in VXAce, so i begin to wonder if could be possible to make an equivalent plugin for MV. Another thing is make a way to replace the windowskin ingame (perharps using a equivalent of Call Script from...
  2. MushroomCake28

    MUSH Plugins: Option System Plus

    MushroomCake28's Option System Plus - version 1.01 by MushroomCake28 Introduction: One of the things I like the most when I start a new game is to jump in the option menu and setting everything to my liking. A RPG Maker game should be no different, and this plugin makes that experience...
  3. DBee

    Change Font Colour of Selection (Example Images Included)

    I've been searching for this but unfortunately I can't find anything on the subject. I think it's such a small detail that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's never been done. By RPG Maker's default, when you select something as a choice (or in menus) a selection border appears around...
  4. King Galaxian

    A Windowskin

    Hey all! I posted a thread in the resource requests section months ago asking for a celtic lattice border for my windowskin for my rpg, The Lost Memoirs. One person offered to help if no one else did, but I have yet to hear back from them months later. So, I took it upon myself to make one...
  5. kovak

    Kovak's Window skins & edits

    Those skins are free to be used on any way you want, no credits needed :v I've decided to make a separated topic for this cuz this may get crowded fast. Anyway, my 1st upload is a modification of my project "The Last Princess" windowskin. It took me months working on this piece and now i made...
  6. NeoFantasy

    Horror window skin

    Hey guys, I recently started work on a horror fan game, but I am in need of a horror window skin. I've tried looking online but only found a very limited amount and none seemed to fit what I was looking for. I'm looking for something like this. I'm using Vx Ace Thank you in advanced  :D
  7. King Galaxian

    Celtic Lattice Border for Windowskin MV

    I need an edit done of the attached windowskin that I edited by mixing together multiple windowskins. What I need changed is the border in the upper right side of the windowskin. I need a border made that resembles Celtic Lattice. Like in this picture: But I need it in a sort of white...
  8. Leanne

    Custom Window Skin (RMMV)

    Heyaaa~!:kaohi: Here's some custom window skin.:kaopride: I know I'm not good at it, yet, but practice makes perfect~! I hope it could be of use to anyone here.:kaojoy: If you got tips for me to improve, suggestions, etc, please, do tell me~! I would love to hear and learn from it.:kaoluv...
  9. Hero_Claive

    [Ace] How to remove the window behind the battle status?

    I've been at this for the past couple hours editing various parts in Window_BattleStatus, and I cannot find any solution to this. Essentially, I want to remove the background window on the battle status screen, leaving the gauges intact. I'm using a custom Battle HUD too, but frustratingly...
  10. Gabu

    Custom Windowskin tutorial?

    I was wondering, has someone made a tutorial on how to make a custom windowskin for MV or if there is an in depth explanation for what everything in the Window.png does?
  11. Ally

    Windowskin don't change?

    Hello guys, I have a problem in my project, and I can not fix the error... I insert the new Windowskin in the system folder, and renamed it the right way... Then I changed the name in the command line Window_Base: self.windowskin = Cache.system("Window_Lost_Within") The problem...
  12. maarten

    Pokemon Essentials Windowskin script.

    Hi everyone. My Windowskin is too big. And Pokemon essentials have an script to make that better. It is an script with the name. PF_Scene Field But I starting Pokemon essentials and I can't finding this script. So is how my Windowskin looks. Its for my Megaman Game. Windowskin...
  13. Zero2505

    Custom Windowskins

    So I decided to make my own windowskin for my project and figure I would share them with you guys. This is my first time ever making one, so they are not the best, but I did try my hardest when making them. Terms of Use: Feel free to use them in both non-commercial and commercial games and...
  14. kovak

    Disable active cursor from flashing

    I want that the active cursor box from the windowskin to be static instead of flashing when selecting something. Is is possible to disable the flash animation to play?
  15. Josuec

    Windowskin Picture and Parallax Picture Issue

    Hi there! I have an issue here. I'm working on my game with parallax mapping and I have a script called "Fix Picture to Map" from Modern Algebra. That script locks/fix the parallax picture to the map and prevent it from moving. Now, in my game instead of using a normal windowskin for text, I...
  16. Tsukihime

    Window Background Colors

    By default, RPG Maker’s window colors are determined by two things 1. The windowskin file called “Window” in the img/system folder 2. A standard background opacity defined in the code So for example, the default windows are dark colored with a semi-transparent opacity. However, what if...
  17. BloodletterQ

    Frames For AltMenuScreen2 At 1152 x 718 Resolution

    Wondering if anybody could come up with frames for my menu commands: Resolution at 1152 x 718 Four columns Three rows Use this window skin's frames Just the frame. Not the background. That's already covered for. I intend for this to be a commercial use. Let me know of any conditions required...
  18. Vox Novus

    Vox Novus-MV Stuff

    Resources I've made with MV in mind. Parallax background/Image Message-back (For show picture or with a script that replaces the default windowskin) Windowskin
  19. Window Skin Request

    I need a window skin, that has grass as its border, and the dragon icon (Index: 9) in the 4 corners, the middle is blue. Please I need it :)
  20. Vox Novus

    Vox Novus-Cartoon-Battlers and etc...

    Battlers (All can be used Commercially): All Sets: Latest Set: What Lies Within Battlers Screenshot: Windowskins: (Made from Ace windowskin base and...

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