1. Zinnia

    i need some help with windowskins

    forgive me, i'm a bit of a noob, haha. i was trying to use the cloudy day skin from here per their terms, i can't link the image of the skin here in the preview provided, it's supposed to look like this: but when i tried to insert it, it looked like this: everything else is working, but...
  2. Need an fantasy elven based windowskin

    I'm going to make an elven based game...if i ever get a good name on what to call the project  and I would like a fancy elven windowskin please  :wub:
  3. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Hello everyone. I'm a composer and graphic designer. I've decided to start taking free requests because I have a few skills I need to get some more practice with, and making stuff for other people is a good way to branch out.  Terms of use: For graphics, my main specialty is graphics for...
  4. Gui

    A free windowskin

    I created this windowskin for my own project but finally decided that it didn't quite fit my game, so instead of trashing it I thought that it may be of use for other makers here. Here it is : And this is how it looks in game : You may use this windowskin for any project, commercial or not...
  5. Tsukihime

    Windowskin Changer

    By default, RPG Maker uses the file called "Window" stored in the Graphics/System folder, and only supports one windowskin throughout the game. This script allows you to change window skins dynamically during the game using script calls. For example, you can change window skins depending on the...
  6. Landys

    Need help changing a custom window skin

    Is there some script or way to change the window skin? But I mean, not everything, just the one with conversations.  I want to use this window; But I can't find the way to do it, so... any suggestions, please? Thanks.
  7. Alkorri

    Window Skin problems

    Hi there. I've got two questions. Question #1 Long story short, I accidentally deleted my default Window Skin in the RTP folder, reinstalled another copy of the RTP, copied the missing default skin, pasted it into the RTP System folder, then uninstalled that copy of the RTP. Weird thing is...
  8. shiori4me

    [ACE] Make window graphics at full 255 opacity (like in VX)?

    I don't like how you've got the background part to windows but they're all transparent and don't show the full effect of designs. How might I change that? I tried making this adjustment class Window_Base < Window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #...
  9. Alkorri

    Changing windowskin mid-game

    Hello there, lovely peoples. I was wondering if there's a way for the game to switch to another windowskin mid-game, to match a particular atmosphere you want to create. For instance you reach a certain chapter/milestone, then switch windowskin. Is that possible? 
  10. Kes

    Background opacity for windowskin

    I know that this issue has been addressed before, but this is a new query, as the suggested solution(s) do not work for me.  The following was tested in a new project, with no added scripts, so I know that it is not being caused by a custom script overwriting anything. The usual problem: the...
  11. Ninjaroy

    Oh Dangit. Where can I get the default RPGMVXA windowskin?

    I accidentally saved my custom windowskin as the windowskin in the rtp folder. If there is any way to retrieve it or download the default Vx Ace one, PLEASE TELL ME!
  12. Jarrad

    How do I change my windowskin?

    I edited a windowskin I found online to match it with my game. It is in the correct format. I placed it into the resource folder > system, where the default one is located. I just dont know how to designate which one my game should use. this is as far as I get.

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