1. ts50

    Run RM Games on Linux with Wine

    [If you're wanting to run the actual RPG Maker on Linux, refer to this guide. The page you're on now tells you how to run the .exe of the game itself.] If you're wanting to run a game made with RPG Maker on Linux, this is the guide for you. MV and onward have a native Linux import version, but...
  2. [Linux]Windows Games From Most RPG Maker Versions Won't Work

    Preface: So according to wine's appdb the vast majority of rpgm clients are gold or platnum. Even though some rpgm engines have linux versions most games are only written for windows, thus (as far as I know) I have to use wine or some other workaround. So can any1 give me any pointers on making...
  3. Graphics loading off center? Running vx ace through wine

    I'm using Wine to run vx ace on my Mac. I used to do this years ago with a different Mac and never had this problem, but since I've redownloaded rpg maker the graphics have been loading off center. I'll attach a screen shot. I don't have a lot of computer knowledge and have no idea what the...
  4. Sagebrush

    Cannot playtest in RPGMMV--Ubuntu 16.04

    I'm running MV through a Wine interface in Ubuntu. It works like a charm, except for one fairly big issue; When I hit the playtest screen, I get a whited out dialogue box. I've heard this is an issue that is the result of having outdated drivers. But that would be for a Windows machine, not a...
  5. Steam version of RPG Maker MV fails to install, disk write error on unicode-jumble named file

    I tried to install RPG Maker MV, but I got a disk write error. I have multiple dozen gigabytes of free space on the filesystem in question, and the filename steam flagged as unwritable was in such a weird format the filename's characters didn't even render properly, and I suspect it was in...
  6. Tigersong

    RPGM won't acivate in Wine

    Hey. I've tried installing every version of RPG Maker I own over the last few days (MV seems to work if it's acquired through  Steam, but throws an error related to the QtWebEngine). When I tried inputting my product key, the same thing happened with both MV and VX: the clock icon appears and...
  7. Running RPG Maker MV in Linux (Fedora 22) using Wine

    Hey! I've used RPG Maker since the first time I touched computers around a decade and a half ago and it warms my heart to see its still kicking with a new version. Although a bit disappointed that there's still no linux official support im thrilled that running it under linux (in my case Fedora...
  8. Shin Kitsune

    RPG Maker on Linux - Any advice?

    Hello there! I am sure there must be already one or more threads, but just in case. If there are, sorry about the post! I have had my RPG Maker software running on my Windows installation for a while, but I recently have been focusing more on my neglected Ubuntu installation, and I happen to...
  9. Misty

    Linux: Game not running with Wine

    Hello everyone, After 2 days of non-stop testing and researching. I have come for help after not finding a solution to my problem. First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new...
  10. Evan Finkel

    Brewing/Distilling Guide

    I am working on a game where the player is a bar keeper, so I need some guide in brewing/distilling. Mostly for what ingredients needs to make alcoholic drinks. Thank you.

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